Club Committee 2020/21

The club committee is elected at the AGM held in March.

To contact any committee member please use the contact form

Chair – David Thomas
Deputy Chair – Karen Charman
Club Captain – Alan Hannibal
Treasurer – Ian Shipley
Secretary – Gilles Corby
Membership Secretary – Alice Noyes
Fundraising Officers – Mel Gearing
Welfare Officer – Emma Stevens
Club kit Officer – Anna Best
Tri Coordinator – Paulus Maukonen
Juniors Rep – Paul Mitton
Social Secretaries Kat Heath
Coach Development Coordinator – David Newton
Communications Officer- David Newton

Results/PB Coordinator – Mike Gullis
Training Coordinator (running)
Training Coordinator (cycling) – Andy Ellams
Training Coordinator (swimming)
Junior Tri Coordinator – TBC
Running Club Championship Coordinators
Seniors – Jane Roberts
Juniors – Alison Orrell

Frostbite Coordinator – Clare Few

Committee Meeting and AGM Minutes

2019 AGM Minutes – AGM 2019 Minutes
Committee Meeting Minutes April 2019 – Committee Minutes 1 April 2019
Committee Meeting Minutes June 2019 – Committee Minutes 2 June 2019
Committee Meeting Minutes Sep 2019 – Committee Minutes 3 Sep 2019
Committee Meeting Minutes Oct 2019 – Committee Minutes 4 Oct 2019
Committee Meeting Minutes Dec 2019 – Committee Minutes 5 Dec 2019
Committee Meeting Minutes Feb 2020 – Committee Minutes 6 Feb 2020

Club Rules

BRJ Run and Tri is governed by a set of rules defined in its constitution that define the rights and responsibilities of members. The constitution is a physical document signed by the chairperson and secretary. Read the BRJ Run and Tri Constitution. Members are further governed by the regulations of England Athletics, as stated in item 4.1. View these regulations here. The Club defines a set of rules concerning entry into the Club London Marathon Ballot, the rules of which are below.

BRJ London Marathon Club Ballot Rules

BRJ Run and Tri is usually awarded one or more London Marathon places as a result of our affiliation to England Athletics. We typically offer these places to our members via a ballot. To enter the ballot you must comply with the following rules:

  1. Members must have been full first-claim club members for the ballot year, full membership defined as having paid membership by the end of the April of that year. For example for London Marathon 2012 members must have paid fees by 30th April 2011. Members must also be registered with England Athletic for the year leading up to the marathon.
  2. Members must have been an active member in the previous membership year. For example for London Marathon 2019, members must have been active for the year April 2015 to April 2016.
  3. Members must inform the club captain, that they have entered the official ballot one week after the ballot closes. Once the captain has a list of those members who have entered the ballot, the committee will approve who is eligible for entry to the club ballot. This list will then be circulated to the club.
  4. On notification of success or failure in the London Marathon ballot, members must inform the captain of the result and if applicable, supply evidence of rejection, e.g. a rejection magazine address, or a screen shot of a failed online attempt.
  5. All club ballot entry is at the discretion of the committee, to be agreed at a committee meeting before the club ballot. The final list of members to enter the club ballot will then be approved and circulated by the committee.
  6. Any member objecting to the committee’s decision as to who to enter into the club ballot, should raise their concerns prior to the club ballot. All objections received after the ballot will not be valid.
  7. Any member who receives a marathon entry through the club ballot, and later wishes to defer, should notify the club captain prior to deferral, in case there is an option for another member to take that place.
  8. Any member who receives a marathon entry through the club ballot can enter the ballot in the next year but will go to the bottom of the list – i.e. will be a last reserve.