Every year, the club raises money for a charity proposed by a club member and voted for at the AGM. The proposer then supports the fundraising activities through the year.

2021 Charity:  The Cambridge Acorn Project
The Cambridge Acorn Project are a small charity working across Cambridgeshire to support young people and families facing mental health difficulties. The charity does therapeutic work in the areas of stress, trauma, attachment and social justice.

In Huntingdon, there is a current project in a nursery, working with a group of children that have been affected as a result of the covid pandemic. There is a further project working with children and young people together.

Matt Edge, COO and therapeutic practitioner for Cambridge Acorn Project said “Thank you so much for having us as your charity of the year – I cannot tell you how much this means to us. We are still fairly new, and small, and so this is actually the first time anyone has done anything like this to this degree for us”.

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