Running Sessions

We have regular running sessions on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays including track training, hill training and standard group runs with different distances and pace groups. Please check the calendar on the website for further details and contact us before attending.

Group Runs

Group runs are on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings, with a range of distances and paces on offer, with the option to shorten the suggested route by going ‘out and back’ and allow faster runners to ‘loop back’ to slower runners. These runs are informal – just come along, warm up and run!

Senior Track

BRJ offers senior track sessions on Wednesdays at the St Ives Outdoor Centre. Members can pay individually to join track sessions, or purchase a track pass covering a group of sessions or the whole membership year.

Track sessions provide an opportunity to introduce speed and intensity to your training. The sessions are devoted to short, repeated drills with periods of recovery.

What do track sessions have to offer?

  • The track is an even surface, providing an opportunity to concentrate on running without avoiding obstacles or traffic.
  • Track training helps develop judgement of pace. Running at different levels of intensity, and maintaining speed over specific periods of time, will build endurance.
  • Track sessions allow you to work on your running style and efficiency, with the coaches able to provide feedback for future development.
  • Interval sessions are usually set in duration, rather than distance, allowing a runners with a wide range of abilities to get a similar workout. The session intensities are based on the easy to understand RPE (rating of perceived exertion) scale which is usable by runners of all abilities.
  • The sessions include sufficient recovery time between hard efforts to make sure you are ready for the next one.
  • Each session begins with a thorough warm up and ends with a cool down to help avoid undue strain or injury.
  • Experienced coaches will guide you through the sessions and can provide help and advice.
  • Track sessions are fun! Mutual support from other club members is central to all BRJ training and this is certainly true of track sessions.

Hill Sessions

Training on hills improves muscle strength, quickens your stride, develops your cardiovascular system and enhances your running economy. Hill running can make you a stronger, faster and healthier runner.

For further information on running training contact running coach email hidden; JavaScript is required.