BRJ Committee Post Job Descriptions

  1. Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Club Captain
  4. Treasurer
  5. Social Secretary
  6. Communications Officer (formerly press)
  7. Kit Officer
  8. Results Co-ordinator
  9. Frostbite Liaison Officer
  10. Membership Secretary
  11. Fundraising Officer
  12. Coaching Coordinator (Running)
  13. Triathlon Coordinator
  14. Welfare Officer
  15. Website Officer


1. Club Chair
To preside over all general meetings, including the annual general meeting and all committee meetings.To guide the activities of the club in accordance with the agreed club rules and constitution.Assist other volunteers in their roles.Actively promote and develop the club.

2. Club Secretary
Record and circulate minutes from all formal club meetings to the committee and wider membership.
Produce and circulate meeting agendas.
Liaise with governing body and local associations and to deal with any necessary correspondence with these groups.
Administration and general club related correspondence

3. Club Captain
The Club Captain is the link between the committee of the club and the athletes.It can be the role of the captain to represent the views of the athletes within the club, and contribute to the development of the club through providing advice and guidance from an athlete perspective.Duties of the club captain.

  • Be approachable, a person that all athletes can contact and talk to about any comments they may have.
  • Communicates with fellow team members, and provide support and advice where needed
  • Encourage and support club members to be involved in social and voluntary activities
  • Welcomes new members to the club
  • To have a knowledge of the club and athletes
  • Attends club activities, where possible
  • Liaise with and assist the social secretary in the organisation of social activities.

4. Treasurer
To record all of the clubs financial transactions and make this record available on request of the members and committee.Ensure the clubs finances are receiving the best return using the bank accounts available.Pay in cheques and cash received by the club.To make the club cheque book available for making payments and refunds to clubTo give updated reports on club finances to the committee and members at all meetings.To produce year end accounts and report on the clubs finances at the AGM to the members and recommend any financial changes.

5. Social Secretary
The social secretary is responsible for arranging entertainment within the club and to ensure that all events are run efficiently, break even and give club members value for money.
Specific events can be, depending on demand, arranged on an annual basis:

  • Christmas Party
  • Summer BBQ
  • Social runs

A number of other themed events are expected to be arranged during each year.For all events the social secretary, with support from the captain and wider committee, is responsible for all arrangements including planning, liaison, bookings, finance, tickets, posters, food, etc. The social secretary supports the fundraising officer to optimise fundraising opportunities at club activities and events. Additional tasks that the social secretary is also expected to carry out include transport bookings.

6. Communications Officer
The communications officer is responsible for managing club communications, for example through coordinating the weekly emails and sharing club and member achievements to the wider community, by providing articles to the press.

7. Kit Officer

  • To source club kit with approval from the club members.
  • To purchase approved club kit with the approval from the club’s committee.
  • To make kit available for purchase to all members.
  • To maintain stock records.
  • To maintain records of sales of kit and payments received.
  • To produce an end of year stock record including value of stock held, for the treasurer.

8. Race Results Coordinator
Provide an accurate race results logging & reporting service covering Road Running & Multi-Sports disciplines. Provide reports to the club members responsible for managing updates to the club  website & issue of the weekly communication to membership.
Information will, as required, also be provided to the managers of the Running & Multi-Sport Championships

9. Frostbite Liaison Officer

  • Focal Point for the effective liaison between the Frostbite Friendly League and the BRJ Committee.
  • Represent BRJ at the Frostbite AGM.
  • Responsible for the effective communication of Frostbite issues to the club membership – via the communications officer if appropriate.
  • Responsible as “Race Director” for the delivery of the BRJ hosted Frostbite event
  • Responsible for Club input into the Junior and Senior Frostbite Presentation Ceremonies.

10. Membership Secretary

  • Provide information to potential new members.
  • Maintain an accurate database of the membership.
  • Request renewals from existing members.
  • Collect fees and pay into bank, check payments against bank account; liaising with treasurer
  • Log members on the EA club portal and generate invoices.
  • Ensure members are added to email list – and removal of members on expiry
  • Approve requests to join private BRJ facebook page and removal on expiry
  • Provide other members of the committee with selected information as required and in line with the club’s privacy notice and member expectations of data sharing.
  • Be a point of contact for other queries from members (generally as they dont know who else to contact)

11. Fundraising Officer
To research and propose events and activities for consideration in raising finance for agreed club needs. To plan and co-ordinate the events and activities agreed by the club, with help when necessary from the social secretary and wider membership. To report the results of the fundraising to the club and present the finance raised to the club Treasurer.

12. Coaching Coordinator (Running)
Recruits volunteers  and supports their training to attain an England Athletics licence as Leaders in Running Fitness, Coach in Running Fitness and Coaching Assistant in order provide a range of opportunities to run and train safely with the club. This includes continuous recruitment, succession planning and ongoing development for current run leaders, coaches and assistants.Works with the triathlon coordinator to support the development of triathlon coaches. Produces and implements a coach development  plan for the whole club at a senior and junior level. The plan is based on the membership support of regular club runs, track and hill sessions and the development of other running and training opportunities. Advises the committee of the sustainability of any current or proposed activity in respect of the availability of licenced volunteers. Promotes and encourages participation in the club championship, Frostbite league and award scheme. Examines the opportunities for involvement in leagues, championships, team and relay races, and organising participation where agreed. Provides a point of contact for members to exchange ideas and become involved in the organisation of training and racing within the club. If required and to support the role of the coordinator, a sub-committee may be established.

13. Triathlon Coordinator

To oversee the smooth running of triathlon activities within the club. Encourage members to participate in triathlon activities as well as swimming, cycling (and running) activities. To promote triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon races to BRJ members. Ensure adequate triathlon coaching is available to members, and liaise with BRJ triathlon coaches to support them in developing/maintaining coaching activities. To be the first point of contact for British Triathlon Federation and Triathlon England. To keep BRJ website and social media up to date with relevant triathlon information. To make sure member’s triathlon races are promoted in local media by liaising with communications officer and results coordinator. To promote and develop our own triathlon/aquathlon/duathlon event.

14. Welfare Officer

  • To be responsible for the implementation of good practice and safeguarding policies within the club. In doing so, the welfare officer must consider.
  • How best to operate the club and all its activities in a safe manner.
  • How to protect all members during club activities and, in the event of an incident, to ensure members are supported .
  • How checks such as those required by the Disclosure and Barring Service are administered.
  • How to ensure all members are treated with respect, not discriminated against and not intimidated by other members. And where this happens, how best to support the member(s) involved.
  • The welfare officer will be the first person to contact members who become injured during club activities and, as appropriate need support following illness or operation. To offer and organise support for such members from the club.

15. Website officer

  • Manage ISP account/domain for website (yearly fee)
  • Design/manage/update website
  • Support relevant officers to enable them to update the website directly.
  • Manage all mailing lists
  • Collate relevant information for website