The Frostbite League started in 1988 and BRJ was a founder member of the league. In 1989 a junior competition was added.

The Frostbite Friendly League is a series of six running races for senior and junior runners from the 16 road-running clubs based around the Peterborough area. The races are staged at 4-5 week intervals on a Sunday morning during the winter months from October to March (hence Frostbite). Each of the 6 races is hosted by one of the participating clubs. The senior races are all between 5 and 6 miles and the junior races are about 1.5 miles. The venues vary from race to race but include parks and nature reserves. The races are very well attended and each race regularly attracts over 300 senior runners and 125 juniors.

Each club may enter as many runners as they want into each of the races. For the senior event, scoring is based on the finish position of each club’s first 10 runners, at least 3 of which must be male and 3 female. For junior teams the first 5 runners score, 2 of which must be boys and 2 girls. For both juniors and seniors the remaining qualifying places may be either sex. Trophies are awarded to the winning, 2nd and 3rd place teams at the end of the series. The definitive guide to the rules is published here.

This league is open only to senior and junior members of the participating clubs, and no guests are allowed.

The emphasis in these races is participation and enjoyment of all runners whatever their ability or sex, and friendly rivalry between clubs. Each year, each club can nominate someone as their “Runner of the Frostbite Season”.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Frostbite Friendly League

What is the Frostbite Friendly League?

The “Frostbite Friendly League” started in 1988 & BRJ was a founder member. A Junior competition was added in 1989. The league is a series of 6 “Closed” races for Juniors (Ages 9-16) and Senior (16+) athletes from local running clubs. The events are held monthly during the winter at various local venues around the Peterborough area.

When are the races held?

The Frostbite season starts in October and events are held on Sunday’s at monthly intervals, with the last being held in March. The dates, venue and all other information are circulated to members in advance, but can also be found on the Frostbite Friendly League website, which is –

What are the courses like?

The venues are generally local parks & the terrain at the majority of the venues consist of grass, pavement, roads and tracks and if you are very lucky, mud!

 How long are the events?

The race distance for each venue varies, but for senior events the distance is between 5-6 miles, whilst for juniors the distance is about 1.5 miles.

How many take part in these events?

On average, about 450-500 participate in each Senior event and about 125-150 in the separate Junior event.

Will I need special clothing and footwear?

The wearing of a BRJ club vest or “T Shirt” is the only essential part of the rules. What other gear you wear is entirely your decision. Training shoes are usually worn by most of the runners, but if you have them, trail shoes are sometimes the best choice if the course is particularly muddy.

To comply with England Athletics Health and Safety rules, the wearing of MP3, and all other headphone devices, is banned from ALL Frostbite events. Your finish position will be disallowed if you are spotted wearing any such devices.

How do I enter the races?

There is no paperwork involved. Just turn up, find the BRJ team (usually indicated by our flag) and let the BRJ Frostbite official know you are competing and they will note your name on the team sheet. Other than run, that is all you actually need to do!

How much does it cost to enter each event?

There is no cost for BRJ members as the entry fee to the Frostbite Friendly League is funded through your annual subscription.

Will I be issued with a Race Number prior to the race?

No, they are not required as you will be identified as running for BRJ by virtue that you will be wearing a club vest.  When you finish, you will be handed a plastic disc indicating your finish position number. Just after you exit the finish funnel you should locate the BRJ Finish Co-ordinator and hand over your plastic disc. The BRJ Finish Co-ordinator will simply note your name and finish position number on the team sheet.  Job done!

Are their drinks available on the courses?

The short distances do not warrant drink stations on the actual course. At most venues, Coffee, Tea & snacks (at extra cost) are available.

How does the scoring system work?

For Senior teams the first 10 runners from each club will score, 3 of which must be Male and 3 must be Female. The remaining 4 places may be either Male or Female.

For Junior teams, the first 5 BRJ runners score, 2 of which must be a Boy and 2 a Girl. The remaining place may be either a Boy or Girl.

I am not a fast runner, and will never be a “scorer” for the team. Is it even worth me coming?

YES absolutely!!!  The ethos behind the Frostbite Friendly League is that you are encouraged to participate irrespective of how fast you are. Indeed, placing is important right down to the very last finisher in each team.  For example, you may be the 400th runner to finish overall, but if the runner behind you is the last “scorer” for another club then that individual will score 401 points, pushing up that clubs overall score.

Therefore, the more BRJ members we have running in each event, the more chance we have of increasing the overall scores of other clubs thus improving our overall team finish position.

When will the results be available to view?

Once all of the BRJ runners have finished, our Finish Co-ordinator will calculate our team score and pass the envelope containing ALL of the discs to the Race Secretary. The overall team scores and positions will be announced, usually by that evening via the Frostbite Friendly League website.

And finally ………………………

The Frostbite Friendly League is designed for the benefit of ALL runners whether you are novice, experienced, fast, slow or intermediate.

The events are only intended to be competitive if you want them to be, but the real emphasis is on taking part, having fun and enjoying some team camaraderie. What better way of spending a Sunday morning!

We hope to see you at future Frostbite events!