Training for Junior Members

The junior section meets every Wednesday. We generally meet at Hinchingbrooke Country Park in summer and the St Ives Outdoor Centre running track in winter. We welcome young people, of all abilities, between the ages of 7 and 18 years.

The sessions are led by qualified coaches who are members of BRJ Run & Tri.


Junior Coaching Philosophy

We strongly believe that taking part in sport from an early age not only builds character & confidence but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. Our aim for the juniors is to facilitate their growth through a number of opportunities that we are fortunate to be able to provide. We aim to install an environment that encourages the juniors to learn & develop at all times. We will achieve our goals by delivering a structured coaching model that takes a holistic approach to the health & wellbeing of all our juniors.


The coaching model

A coaching model is a framework that gives you an underlying structure of what you want to use when you are coaching your athletes. It establishes a relationship that’s built on trust & helps your athletes achieve their goals. It helps to provide a purpose to the sessions by designing an outcome from the beginning. This helps the session stay on track & keeps the development moving forwards at all times.

Our model focuses on the long term athlete development (LTAD).

The ABCs (agility, balance, coordination) are developed & maintained regardless of age and ability of the juniors at all times.

Methods such as plyometric training for reactive strength and running economy are included.

The pose running technique is incorporated into the model for good form, injury prevention and running performance.

Strength & conditioning is also included to improve core strength, upper body strength as well as lower body strength which will enhance the juniors overall development.

We hope that our junior members will take away whatever they have learnt as members of BRJ run & tri and use it to achieve great things for the rest of their lives.


Our junior members are split into groups according to their age & ability. The distances our juniors run in a typical session are between 4k-10k.

The groups have colour names:

Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue


Code of Conduct for Junior BRJ Athletes

As a responsible athlete you will:

  • Respect the rights and worth of every athlete, coach or helper at training sessions
  • Cooperate fully with coaches and helpers and give them your full attention.
  • Be responsible for your own needs including being organised, having the appropriate equipment/running shoes for the session and being on time.
  • Inform your coach of any injuries you may have
  • Behave yourself and don’t mess around
  • Always show that you are willing to improve by doing what is asked of you
  • Not swear or use abusive language
  • Not eat or chew gum/sweets during training sessions
  • Leave athletics venues as you find them
  • Support your fellow athletes
  • Always remember to sign in when you arrive and sign out before you leave the training venue
  • Ensure that you wear Hi Vis clothing or reflective gear/flashing armband for evening runs
  • Notify a responsible adult if you have to go somewhere (why, where and when you will return)
  • Use safe transport or travel arrangements to and from the training sessions
  • Always thank the coaches and helpers at the end of the session
  • Enjoy yourself.


Code of Conduct for Parents of BRJ Athletes

As a responsible parent/person with parental responsibility you will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete, coach, technical official and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally
  • Cooperate fully with the coaches
  • Never place undue pressure on children to perform, participate or compete
  • Take an active interest in your child’s participation
  • Attend training or competitions whenever possible
  • Know exactly where your child will be and who they will be with at all times
  • Never make assumptions about your child’s safety
  • Ensure that your child does not take any unnecessary valuable items to training or competition
  • Inform your child’s coach or team manager of any illness or disability that needs to be taken into consideration for athletic performance
  • Provide any necessary medication that your child needs for the duration of the session
  • Assume responsibility for safe transportation to and from training and competition
  • Be aware that your attitude and behaviour directly affects the behaviour of your child and other young athletes
  • Not accompany your children on club runs unless invited to do so by the coach. (Must have a valid CRB)
  • Support and reinforce the athletes’ responsibilities.


Juniors on Senior club runs
Please read the policy below regarding Juniors (15-18) joining a senior club run.

Juniors on Senior club runs