Coached swimming

We hold coached swimming on most Monday evenings. Due to Covid 19, we are operating under our Covid 19 Policy and operating a booking system for sessions. If you are not a member, please  contact us for more information.

This year, all swimmers will need to book and pay in advance. This is because we are limited in numbers due to covid. Sessions can be cancelled up to one hour ahead of the session and booked up to four weeks in advance.

Here is an outline of the sessions and the covid requirements

At least two lanes will concentrate on improving the technique and fitness of experienced swimmers. These lanes are coached by British Triathlon Federation level 1 and 2 coaches, following a development programme, designed by Simon Moore.At least one lane is devoted to swimmers who lack confidence and want to improve their technique. These swimmers have usually never taken part in triathlons or swum in open water, may have never mastered front crawl but want to start somewhere, often with a goal of swimming in open water for the first time or taking part in their first triathlon. This group is coached by our fantastic, qualified swimming teacher, Katie Read.

Due to COVID, there are restrictions and additional procedures in place.

• We must limit to 20 on a first come first served basis.
• Attendance must be pre-booked, you cannot attend on the night without a booking.
• Bookings open four weeks before each session.
• Cancellations are permitted up to one hour before the session.
• Each session still costs only £5

Arriving at the pool

• Swimmers must arrive ready to swim (swimwear under your clothes).
• Masks must be worn on entry and exit to the building, until changing at the poolside.
• Changing bags are stored poolside in clearly marked spaces.
• Showers are unavailable.
• Changing rooms are available after swimming (individual cubicles)
• Individuals must socially distance as much as practical.
• Toilet visits are subject to the use of hand sanitiser and upon arrival.

These instructions are supplementary to One Leisure, local and Government guidelines and restrictions.


Open Water swimming

BRJ Run & Tri has an agreement with Hinchingbrooke Country Park to use the sports lake for open water swimming on Friday evenings for members only. The session runs from 6pm to 7.30pm and swimmers can get in at any time during the session but must be out by 7.30. We have spotters on the lake side and a kayaker in the water for your safety. We meet by the canoe store on the lake side, just by the wooden bridge from Chestnut Avenue.

Please note swimming is not permitted at any other time.

Open water swimming is a fantastic experience but it does come with safety issues. Failure to abide by the code of conduct may result in having your membership revoked. There is always a non-swimming person checking you in and out of the lake every week and they have the overall say on when and where you can swim. Bad weather conditions may prevent the swim sessions from going ahead right up to and during the swim session.

For further information please contact the email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Please read the code of conduct below to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable swim

  • All swimmers MUST be able to swim 750m in a pool without stopping before swimming in the lake.
  • Please pay special attention to the briefing given by the safety representive before you enter the water.
  • Junior members are allowed to swim in open water provided they are accompanied at all times in the lake with their parent, guardian or coach who must be a competent swimmer as well as a member. All code of conduct rules apply to juniors. Juniors MUST wear a wetsuit if entering the water. Juniors who wish to paddle only can do so provided a parent or guardian is in the water with them. They too must wear a wetsuit and must not paddle further than waist deep. The watchers will NOT be responsible for paddlers as they will be monitoring swimmers further out on the lake. Full responsibility is therefore with the parent or guardian for junior paddlers.
  • You must sign in on arrival and hand in your membership card, please note NO CARD NO SWIM.
  • As soon as you exit the water you must sign out and collect your card so the person in charge knows you are out.
  • Wetsuits are compulsory, unless you can prove you are training for cross channel swimming, or the temperature is such that the safety representative permits skins swimming.
  • Bright coloured swim hats are a must (not black) again you can’t swim in lake without one.
  • For your own safety please swim in pairs or small groups.
  • Swim in a clockwise direction and keep the buoys to your right and try not to swim directly down the middle of the lake, this is to avoid people swimming into each other.
  • Please take time to look at the lake and take note of landmarks you can sight when swimming.
  • Keep a look out for other swimmers and stay alert at all times
  • When entering the water keep a look out for any object in the water that might cause harm.
  • Minor cuts and abrasions must be covered up with a plaster, if you have deep cuts do not swim.
  • Please do not swim if you are unwell.
  • If you become unwell after open water swimming please see your GP and state you have been swimming in open water.
  • Try not to ingest any water and after swimming it is good practice not to eat until you have washed your hands.
  • If at any point you get into trouble while swimming, roll onto you back, wave and shout for attention.

Note, we do not test for water quality.

For wetsuit hire contact. or

Thank you for taking time to read the code of conduct and hope you enjoy your swim. You will need to confirm that you have read this document before your first swim.