BRJ Festival of Running

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Full programme is now available! 

BRJ Run and Tri

Festival of Running

Saturday 26th June Hinchingbrooke Country Park


Sunday 27th June ST Ives Outdoor Centre

BRJ are delighted to host a celebration of everything running to celebrate the relaxation of restrictions to our sports over the last year. The Festival of Running is free to enter.

Saturday 27th June

On Saturday we welcome club members and everyone from the local community to have fun, get active, get advice, and be inspired.  This is a day for the whole family with a host of fun running games and challenges. A range of stalls and workshops will give lots of information and advice on how to get the most out of running, from Couch to 5K, to how to get faster, go further and avoid injury. Find out how to find running buddies in the local clubs and groups who will keep you going and keep you active. Discover more of how running can bring a sense of wellbeing, aiding your physical and mental health.

Not sure if running is for you? Come and chat to our coaches and leaders about how to make those first steps out of the door in your trainers. Want advice about what you could do to improve your running or avoid injury? There is help on hand at the festival. Do you have a goal in mind, a distance, or a race? Let us help with a training plan to get you there.

This is a festival of fun for all the family. There are lots of running games for children of all ages.

You will find us on the field at Hinchingbrooke Country Park and in the Countryside Centre. Everyone is welcome to join any activity. Just the workshops need pre-booking in order to comply with COVID rules.

Sunday 27th June: St Ives Outdoor Centre

Festival Track 12.00-3.30

On Sunday the festival moves to the running track at St Ives Outdoor Centre. The day will celebrate our club, providing an opportunity to get together and enjoy the programme of activities for all members and their families.

Full Programme is as follows

BRJ Run and Tri

Festival of Running

Hinchingbrooke Park

Saturday 26th June 2021

12.00pm-4.00pm Orienteering Event

Time Activities Workshop Stalls




Activities throughout the morning


Treasure Hunt

Collect instructions at Information Desk


Follow the clues around the park at your own pace



One Mile Time Trial

Event Opened by Nik Johnson

Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority






Start running- couch to 5k and beyond (BRJ)


Club running and Tri- what clubs offer (BRJ)










Cambridge Acorn Project


Cake Stall


Bruce’s Bikes



10.30 Strength and Conditioning

taster session (30m)

(Simon Moore)

Children and Family Games


Book with Games Leader


Ongoing series of games on the park central field



Running Bingo


1-2-10 and back again


One Minute Push

Tail running catch it if you can.


Obstacle Course






Wellbeing and Running.

Countryside Centre

Workshop 1 10.15-11.15

Future Proof Your Running

Judith Barrass

Click here to Pre-book a place (30 max)

Getting Started and Keeping going

Hydration and nutrition (with special requirements for women)

Avoiding injury

Slowing the ageing process


Workshop 2 11.30-12.30

Does the Shoe Fit?

Click here to Pre-book a place 30 max)

presenter:  Matt Jeffery Buyer Advance Performance


What is in a running shoe and how to find the best one for you.


The mechanics of running and how Gait Analysis works.

A guide to running kit to enhance your running and avoid injury.

11.30 Strength and Conditioning

taster session (30m)

(Simon Moore)



Activities Stall
13.00 Mini Marathon: Running Laps of the designated circuit on the field. How many laps can you run? Do a lap have a rest and go again.


Register at the start

Collect a sticker for each lap. Prizes for number of laps completed.

Orienteering event Children and Family Games continue



Social Space

Come and talk



Find your training plan

13.30 Walk and Talk

2.5 K walk in the park with BRJ

14.00 Running Drills
15.00 Running Drills



Sunday 27th June St Ives Outdoor Centre

13.00 On Track

Games and Challenges


5K race


5 legged race


Time trial challenge

(Distance run in 1 minute ,3 minutes, 5 minutes)


Ball relay Mixed teams over 80m.



Guestimate Charity 800m Juniors


Guestimate charity One Mile Seniors



In field

Games and Challenges


Obstacles warm up


Water relay Cup/ sponge



Dice S& C warm up


Snake Relay


Run and Throw Biathlon.



Social Space


Come and talk

Find your training plan

14.30-15.00 Drinks and Cake
Mini marathon Relay

Senior and Junior Teams


Indian File Relay

(teams of 6 mixed)


Elimination Race