The ‘Magic’ Mile

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The final Track training session before lockdown was well attended on a dry but chilly evening, the Track stars in attendance attacked 800m reps with enthusiasm however the ‘highlight’ of the evening was a timed Magic Mile.  Setting off at 10 second intervals there were some mightily impressive times set, well done all!  Now to see if this can be repeated after lockdown, keep on running!


Link to the Raceclocker timings:





Name Finish Time
James Orrell 0:05:05
Keelan Duffy 0:05:08
Matt Robinson 0:05:36
Alex Mitton 0:05:51
Stu Hathaway 0:06:12
Ian Wibberley 0:06:42
Nicki McMahon 0:06:43
Heledd Marshall Roberts 0:07:01
Alison Orrell 0:07:12
Clive Best 0:07:12
Ant Richardson 0:07:19
Andrew Place 0:07:19
Claire Ashton 0:07:26
Alice Edwards 0:07:44
Bex Carmody 0:08:12
Juliette Aungier 0:08:15
Michelle Caspersz 0:08:38
Anna Best 0:09:03


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