6th October

Junior Parkrun 2K
Christopher Scott was the sole BRJ Junior in action where he took 1st place at Jubilee Park.
Parkrun 5K
The weekend saw BRJ’ers return to venues at Irchester Country, March, Rushcliffe, Sloughbottom & Whittlesey. There were no Club 5K PB’s secured at any of these venues.
There were 3 BRJ Parkrun venue debuts at Ashford (Katherine Ireson), Centre Vale (Colin West) & Henlow Bridge Lakes (Mark Jackman, Pat & Peter Jackson & Phil Pearsons).  At Huntingdon, Felicity Baillie earned a 26 Sec Club PB  & Junior Matthew Ainscow, a 2 Sec PB.


London Marathon
The first London Marathon for 889 days saw the usual Mass & a for the 2nd year running a Virtual event. For the Mass event, the finishers experienced a number of new processes aimed at making the event COVID compliant, the main differences from previous years being the releasing of the competitors in waves of approx 1,000 people per wave at 3 minute intervals. Sadly, none of the BRJ’ers that had secured a coveted club ballot place (from the 2020 draw) were on the start line, as both Sue Ray & Ian Wilson sustained injuries in the latter phases of their training & Belinda Parker was allocated a place in the October 2022 event. Belinda did run in the Virtual event with Sue Yendley.


The 10 BRJ’ers that made it to the Mass start line enjoyed good weather conditions although the gusting winds created a strong “Wind Tunnel” effect around the Docklands area which is never welcomed. The conditions & the preparations of these individuals resulted in some fantastic individual performances namely 5 Club Marathon PB’s & 4 Debut Club Marathons.
The individual results & stats identified are detailed below. If you are not mentioned you are asked to make contact so this can be rectified.


MASS EVENT (35,833 Finishers)
Robert Farrant – Finish time of 2:46:21 in position 707 (Club PB by 2 Mins 33 Secs compared with London 2019. Rob remains as 4th Fastest BRJ Man over the Marathon distance)
Keelan Duffy – 2:56:27 in position 1,623 (Debut Club Marathon & placing him as 8th Fastest BRJ Man over the Marathon)
Marcela Gracova – 3:18:16 in Position 4,106 (Debut Club Marathon & placing her 3rd Fastest BRJ Woman over the Marathon)
William Dales – 3:17:12 in position 3,970 (Debut Club Marathon)
Alice Synge – 3:36:07 in position 7,041 (Club PB by 5 Mins 32 Secs compared with London 2019)
Nicki McMahon – 3:46:05 in position 9,067 (Club PB by 41 Mins 36 Secs compared with 2019 Ouse Valley Way Marathon)
Heledd Marshall-Roberts – 3:53:26 in position 10,751 (Debut Club Marathon)
Alice Edwards – 4:17:30 in position 16,409
Alexandra Smart – 4:59:07 in position 25,566 (Club PB by 2 Hrs 16 Mins 32 Secs compared with the 2020 VIRTUAL London Marathon)
Samantha Ahern – 7:01:46 in position 35,240 (Club PB by 50 Mins 59 Secs compared with the 2020 VIRTUAL London Marathon)


VIRTUAL EVENT (23,132 Finishers)
Belinda Parker – 5:06:20 in position 8,642
Sue Yendley – 5:08:24 in position 8,835


Chester Marathon

John Clark was the sole BRJ’er participating in this event. John finished in position 884 of the 1,711 finishers in a time of 4:17:26, just shy of is current club Marathon PB.


Ironman Barcelona
Frank Holmes was in action at a wild & windy Barcelona. The sea conditions on race day meant that the distance for the Swim phase had to be reduced to 950 metres from the usual 2.4 miles. The rough waves Frank experienced on exiting the water also caused him to lose his (expensive) Swim Goggles & during the marathon distance run phase he picked up a leg injury. Despite all of these challenges he finished in a time of 11 Hrs 39 Mins 37 Secs in position 1,031 of the 1,498 finishers, qualifying him as a “IRONMAN”. His stats were:-
Swim – 00:14:02
T1 –  00:06:14
Bike – 5:19:09
T2 –  00:06:40
Run  –  5:53:52

11th October

Parkrun Junior 2K
Nil Reported
Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to East Grinstead, Ferry Meadows, Haverhill, Henlow Bridge Lakes, March (Course PB for Jules Farrow), Whittlesey & Woodhouse Moor. No Club 5K PB’s were secured at these venues although Keelan Duffy exactly matched his Course PB at Woodhouse Moor just 7 days after his speedy sub-3 Club debut at the London Marathon.
At Storeys Field, Chloe Wilson secured a 19 Sec Club 5k PB, her 6th of 2021.
At a foggy Huntingdon, Marcela Gracova, just 6 days after her fantastic 3 Hr 16 Min debut Club Marathon in London, secured a 22 Sec Club 5K PB, her 3rd PB of 2021. Marcela is also now the 2nd fastest BRJ Lady over the 5K distance overtaking Shelley Duffy. In-form Paul Treadwall secured himself a 1 Min 5 Sec Club PB, his 9th of 2021. Richard Stevens completed Parkrun #100 & duly supplied cake.
Silverstone 5K
Richard Orrell completed the race in a time of 00:25:30 in position 104 of the 591 finishers.
Salcey Forest 10K
Colin West was amongst the 156 competitors finishing this multi-terrain event in a time of 1:05:30 in position 115.
Silverstone 10K
All of the honours went to the Mitton’s (Alex & Paul) as they both secured themselves new Club 10K PB’s. Stats for the BRJ squad among the 1,746 finishers were:-
Alex Mitton  – Position 65 in 00:40:01 (PB by 2 Mins16 Secs since September 2021’s Northstowe10k)
Paul Mitton – Position 72 in 00:40:17 (PB by 9 Secs since October 2020’s Bedford Autodrome 10K)
Alison Orrell- Position 351 in 00:49:26
Thomas Brand – Position 544 in 00:53:17
London Royal Parks 1/2 Marathon
Alex Howard made a welcome club return to racing over the 1/2 Marathon distance. The race started in The Mall & followed a twisty route through St James’s Park, Hyde Park & Green Park finishing opposite the Albert Hall. In lovely conditions, Alex finished in a time of 1:46:24 which was just outside his 1:45 target, in position 1,096 of the 10,087 finishers.
Silverstone 1/2 Marathon
Just 1 week after the London Marathon Alice Edwards was the sole BRJ’er in this event. Alice finished in a time of 1:55:09 in position 699 / 1,483.
Boston (USA) Virtual Marathon
Pre-COVID, the Boston (USA) Marathon is usually staged in April of each year, but for 2021 it was delayed to 11th October. Sadly, non-US residents were, for the second year running, banned from competing in the Mass event thus having to settle for the Virtual option. Just 5 days after his spectacular 2 Hr 46 Min Club PB finish in the London Marathon, Rob Farrant successfully completed this Virtual solo run around the Fenland Hills in a finish time of 3 Hrs 16 Mins 33 Secs.
Colwick Park (Nottingham) 3K Swim
The event was organised by the British Long Distance Swim Association & so attracted a high calibre of open water swimmers.  The race consisted of 6 laps with a river water temperature of a chilly 13 degrees. Sophie’s Etheridge secured 1st place in a time of 1 Hr 15 Mins,

23rd October

Junior Parkrun 2K
3 BRJ’ers competed at Jubilee Park, but no PB’s were recorded.
Parkrun 5K
Last weekend saw BRJ returns to Brockenhurst, Chippenham, Colney Lane, Eastleigh, Sizewell, Stevenage, Storeys Field, Whittlesey, Woodhouse Moor & York. No PB’s were recorded at these venues.
There were BRJ venue debuts at Llanerchaeron (Pat & Peter Jackson) & Oaklands (Melanie Gearing).No PB’s were recorded at these venues.
At Huntingdon, there was lower than usual attendance with many racing on the Sunday. David Charman took advantage of the less crowded course to secure a 28 Sec Club 5k PB.
Cambridge Town & Gown 10K
The event saw a 6 person BRJ squad, 50% of which were from the cohort of members that joined the most recent BRJ Beginners Course. As ever, the event attracted a large field (955 finishers). The stats for our members were:-


Richard Stevens – Position 472 in 00:56:15
Jane Jenner – Position 497 in 00:56:37 (Debut Club 10K)
Nick Fleming – Position 885 in 1:14:32 (Debut Club 10K)
Claire Maneri – Position 887 in 1:14:36 (Debut Club 10K)
David Ward – Position 895 in 1:14:44
Emma Stevens – Position 910 in 1:16:13


Duxford Dash 5K & 10K
Mia Mucha was the sole BRJ entrant in the 5K race, finishing in position 30 of the 113 finishers in a time of 00:27:30. Mia took 3rd place in her Age Category.
In the 10K, Tom Brand finished in 00:51:40 in position 98 / 350.
Great South Run (10 Miles)
Mike Gullis was the sole participant amongst the 11,417 finishers. Mike finished in a time of 1:25.41 in position 2,852.
Cambridge 1/2 Marathon
As expected the event attracted a large turnout (9,400 finishers), which included 32 BRJ’ers, who in turn generated 9 new Club 1/2 Marathon PBs and 7 members making their Club Debut at the distance.
Nicki McMahon was the official pacer for those runners aiming for a 2 hour finish. To bring them home within 18 Secs of this time was  no mean feat. The stats for our members were:-
NAME                                     TIME          POSITION
Robert Farrant                        1:17:28       55 (Club PB)
Kevin Claypole                        1:26:02       299
Marcela Gracova                     1:26:43       324 (PB – Now 3rd fastest BRJ Woman at 1/2 Marathon)
Paul Mitton                               1:26:59      335 (PB)
Felicity Baillie                           1:30:18      568   (PB – Now 4th fastest BRJ Woman at 1/2 Marathon)
Alex Mitton                               1:33:05      757 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Alice Synge                              1:38:44      1,350 (PB)
John Clark                                1:42:12      1,829
Phillip Graham-Clare                1:44:16      2,168 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Paul Treadwell                          1:46:22      2,500 (PB)
Andrew Shutt                            1:46:26      2,514 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Heledd Marshall-Roberts          1:47:05      2,607
Stephen Rochford                     1:48:08      2,798 (PB)
Jessica Barrett-Drylie                1:50:27      3,214 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Gerry Pye                                   1:57:30     4,485 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Rosalind Dare                            1:57:46     4,531 (PB)
Louise Clinton                            1:57:50     4,545
Kevin Ryan                                 1:59:18     4,837
Nicki McMahon                           1:59:42     4,926
Karen Gilchrist                            2:01:07     5,151 (PB)
Lisa Shacklock                            2:04:19     5,661 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Alex Howard                               2:05:26      5,827
Phillip Burns                               2:08:54       6,299
Dan Ainscow                              2:12:14       6,734
Colin West                                  2:17:13       7,313
Joanna Watts                              2:19:45       7,577 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Rae Maynard                              2:21:19       7,717
Melanie Gearing                         2:25:00       8,024
Alexandra Smart                         2:30:01       8,381
Iain Drylie                                    2:38:48       8,819
Hon-Wai Pang                             2:42:50.      8,966
Jonathon Eason                          2:50:30       9,144
Oxford 1/2 Marathon
Ian Wilson, in his first outing since having to defer his London Marathon place due to injury, was amongst the 7,251 finishers. Ian crossed the line in position 2,175 in a time of 1:50:59. Chloe Wilson, in her debut Club 1/2 Marathon, finished in position 4,599 in 2:10:47.
New members, Amy & Nev Dixon made their Club Debuts at the distance in 2:33:14 / Position 6,397 & 2:34:16 / Position 6,438 respectively.
Chelmsford Marathon
Charles Sather, in his Debut Club Run, successfully completed the race, forming the 2021 Essex Marathon Champs, in a time of 4:19:23 in position 325 of the 536 finishers. Charles is yet another BRJ’er joining the”Marathon Club”
Yorkshire Marathon
The “BRJ 3”, Amanda Roland-Convey & Annette / David Newton represented the club at this event based around the city of York and its surounding hills that attracted 3,001 finishers. David was the lead BRJ’er finishing in position 586 in a fantastic time of 3:37:01 a new Club PB by 1 Min 23 Secs over the time he set at Edinburgh back in 2018. David also secured bronze medal place in the MV70+ Category.
Amanda, finishing in position 756 in 3:44:48, just shy of her current Club PB that was set back in 2013, but importantly smashed the Good for Age qualifying time for the 2022 London Marathon. Annette, 4:01:04 in position 1,187, took the Silver Medal Age Category place.