This award is voted for by the club membership. They vote for individuals,  who in their opinion, have distinguished themselves over the Frostbite season. The nomination could be for a number of reasons, including as an example, good attendance over the 6 events, being a consistent scorer or making significant improvements over the Frostbite season.



Year Men Ladies
2000/01 Alan Hannibal
2001/02 Sue Yendley
2002/03 David Smith
2003/04 Tony Cotton
2004/05 Samantha Brown
2005/06 Maureen Wickson
2006/07 John Wright
2007/08 Lee Brooks
2008/09 Keith Douglas
2009/10 Rachel Real
2010/11 John Wright Sarah Louise Hall
2011/12 Roger Holliday Paula Elliott
2012/13 Gilles Corby Paula Elliott
2013/14 Tony Hucklesby Rachel Real
2014/15 Cy Gearing Kate Ruddock &
Rachel Real
2015/16 Cy Gearing Sarah-Jane Gardner & Sue Yendley
2016/17 Daniel Mitton Anna Douglas
2017/18 David Hudson Shelley Duffy
2018/19 James Orrell Shelley Duffy
2019/20 Keelan Duffy Shelley Duffy
2020/21 not awarded not awarded
2021/22 Keelan Duffy Marcela Gracova



Year Boys Girls
2000/01 Dean Gilbert
2001/02 Giovanna Mead
2002/03 James Yendley
2003/04 Kristopher Bunnage-Smith,
Max Lines &
James Yendley
Lucie Lines &
Victoria Yates
2004/05 Martin Brown
2005/06 Martin Brown Alys Moore
2006/07 Heather Wickson
2007/08 Alys Moore
2008/09 Lucille Corby
2009/10 Adam Drylie
2010/11 Bob Bristow Lucille Corby
2011/12 Charlie Barlow Lauren Elliott &
Katie Lawrence
2012/13 Joe Pauffley Lauren Elliott
2013/14 Oliver Wood Kayla Helmkamp &
Emily Wake-Primett
2014/15 Daniel Mitton Alice Holmes
2015/16 Daniel Mitton Chloe Loosley
2016/17 William Dales Ellie Loosley
2017/18 James Orrell Lauren Elliott
2018/19 Jeff Newham Lauren Elliott
2019/20 Christopher Scott Amy Sutherland
2020/21 not awarded not awarded
2021/22 Henry Reeve Freya Harris
2022/23 Henry Reeve Katie Lasseter