BRJ Run and Tri is a friendly club of around 350 runners and triathletes based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Members range from aged 7 to over 70, across all abilities and beginner to experienced. Whilst most members take part in organised races, many join to find new routes, make friends, get fitter and for the sheer enjoyment of running, swimming or cycling.

Formed in 1988 as BRJ Roadrunners, we are affiliated to England Athletics and the British Triathlon Federation. In 2012 the club incorporated the triathlon section and became BRJ Run and Tri.

What BRJ offers

  • Weekly running, cycling and swimming training sessions
  • Junior section for 7 – 17 year olds, focusing on developing skills in an enjoyable environment
  • Open water swimming at Hinchingbrooke Country Park
  • Beginner running course every January
  • Active social schedule
  • Club Championships
  • Free entry into the Frostbite Friendly League, a winter local running league
  • A chosen charity of the year

We have club activities on most nights of the week, please see the senior training diary and junior training diary for information.

Club Committee 2021 to 2022

The club committee is elected at the AGM held in March. To see Committee Members please view the Official Section.

To contact any of the committee please use the contact form or click onto their names.

What does BRJ stand for?

The club used to be based and sponsored by the BRJ Working Men’s Club in Huntingdon, (now demolished). B, R and J are the initials of the three founding members of that club – Bastini, Rigden and Jaques.