Latest Results 23/08/21 – Mike Gullis

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Parkrun Junior 2K
The Jubilee 2K Parkrun of 20th August was the “Nominated” event in the 2023 Junior Running Championships, but the lack of sufficient volunteers meant this event had to be cancelled. As a result, BRJ Juniors ventured to 3 other local Junior Parkrun venues, thus the results summarised below include the Age / Gender scores that will count towards the 2023 competition.

Cambourne #96 – Jack Scott secured the runners-up position in a time of 00:08:13 & scoring 75.80% towards the Club Running Champs.

Riverside #134 – Hannah Lasseter finished in 9th position in a time of 00:10:55 scoring 60.08%.

West End Junior #98 – Isaac Friswell, in his Debut Club 2K, finished in the runners-up position in 00:08:35 scoring 65.20%.

For your diaries, the next Junior Running Champs is the BRJ Track based 2K taking place on the 20th September.

Parkrun 5K
The weekend saw BRJ returns to Belvoir Castle, Holkham, Long Eaton, Lymington Woodside, Mole Valley, Pocket, Sheringham, Shorne Woods, Stockley Park & Storey’s Field.

BRJ Venue Debuts took place at Allerpark (Wolfsburg, Germany) by Marco Wassersleben in 2nd place & Toyen (Oslo, Norway) by Kate Ruddock. Lastly, Kerry Surkitt completed the inaugural Parkrun held at Wisbech.

The Huntingdon Parkrun of 19th August also featured as a Junior Running Champs “Nominated” event & 2 Junior’s competed thus securing Age / Gender Graded scores. The Junior finishers were Tom Sheldon in a time of 00:24:16 scoring 59.41% & Iris Purser, in her Club Debut 5K, in 00:25:11 scoring 69.03%.

3 BRJ,ers featured on the top 10 places (Keelan Duffy 2nd, William Dales 4th & Paul Mitton in 8th.

Both Jessica Barrett-Drylie & Mica Covell both secured Course PB’s & Paul Treadwell completed Parkrun #150.

Arkwright Series 5K (Race 4)
Race 4 saw Mark Sampson compete against 330 competitors at Kedington (nr Haverhill). Mark finished in 4th position in a time of 00:16:28 (1st MV35) in a time of 00:16:28.


Oundle Triathlon Series
A handful of BRJ Junior & Senior athletes participated in a number of the events on offer. These athletes were:-

Tristart – Ada Skea finished in 29th position from 38 in a time of 00:13:03.

Tristar 1 – Of the 75 finishers, Dixie Swales was 66th in 00:24:01 & Amelie Ward in 74th in 00:27:44.

Tristar 2 – Ethan Ward finished in 47th of 67 in a time of 00:32:26 & Iris Purser in 52nd in 00:33:04.

Youth – Henry Reeve finished in a time of 00:47:32 in position 19 / 36.

Sprint – .Sam Swales completed the distance in position 53 / 76 in 1:32:01 closely followed by Nina Gays in 57th in 1:33:38 (3rd in Age Group).

Dixie Swales