Latest Results 23/07/20 – Mike Gullis

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Parkrun Junior 2k
BRJ Juniors were in action at Cambourne & Jubilee Park.

Cambourne – Jack Scott was runner-up in a Course PB.

Jubilee Park – Bailey Pendlebury secured a 58 Sec Club 2K PB which was #2 of 2023.

Parkrun 5K
The weekend saw BRJ returns to Barry Island (Wales), Bedford, Clermont Waterfront, Colchester Castle, Ferry Meadows (Parkrun #450 for Phil Pearsons), March, Mile End, Northampton (2nd place for Keelan Duffy), North Walsham, Oxford, Pocket, Storey’s Field & Thomas Mills.

Anna & Clive Best, enduring horizontal rain made a BRJ Debut at Kirkwall (Scotland).

At Huntingdon, Mica Covell secured PB #5 of 2023 by a 3 Sec margin, whilst Rachael Dent completed Parkrun #100 & Tony Foster #200.

Durham City 5K
A return visit to this event by Will Dales, although the course has been revised slightly since his last visit. This had a very congested start & in the rainy conditions very slippery cobbles. Of the 621 finishers, Will completed the course in position 20 in a time of 00:19:04.

Whitemoor (March) 5M
The sole BRJ’er among the 186 finishers was Michael Shaw in a time of 00:48:31 in position 11.

Peterborough Grand Prix 3K & 5K Series (Race 3 (of 5)
The conditions for this event, hosted by PANVAC, were warm but still a bit windy, but there was a great turnout by BRJ’ers. Race 4 takes place at Werrington Sports Centre on 26th July.

Junior 3K
This race was the “Nominated” event for July in the 2023 Junior Running Champs. Of the 7 BRJ athletes, new Club PB’s were secured by Iris Purser by 8 Secs since Eye (#8 of 2023) & Isaac Friswell by 12 Secs (#3 of 2023) compared to the time set at Stamford. Isaac Friswell, Katie Lasseter & Iris Purser all secured Age Category podium positions, Our unluckiest Juniors were Henry Reeve who missed out on a new Club PB by 2 Secs & Tom Sheldon by 3 Secs.

The next “Nominated” event in the Junior Running Champs is either the Huntingdon Parkrun 5K on 19th August OR the Jubilee Junior 2K on 20th August. The full suite of results are

Race: Peterborough Grand Prix Series 3K (Race 3 – Ferry Meadows)     Date: 12/07/23   Nos of Finishers: 50
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
11 Henry Reeve 00:11:28 N/A
23 Katie Lasseter 00:12:39 N/A
25 Isaac Friswell 00:12:46 N/A PB & 3rd FU13
26 Tom Sheldon 00:12:46 N/A 3rd MU13
28 Iris Purser 00:12:48 N/A PB & 2nd FU11
41 Jack Reeve 00:15:47 N/A
48 Dixie Swales 00:17:38 N/A


Senior 5K
18 Senior BRJ’ers were on parade, with Keelan Duffy in in 8th place leading the squad home. The conditions suited Nicola Sparkes & Andrew Stevenson as they both secured new Club PB’s by margins of 30 Secs & 1 Min 19 Secs respectively. Keelan Duffy & Annette Newton secured Age Category podium positions.

The next “Nominated” event in the Senior Running Champs takes place at the same venue on 9th August. The full suite of results are

Race: Peterborough Grand Prix Series 5K (Race 3 – Ferry Meadows – PANVAC)     Date: 12/07/23   Nos of Finishers: 371
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
8 Keelan Duffy 00:16:27 N/A 3rd MU20
65 Paul Mitton 00:19:38 N/A
112 Alex Mitton 00:20:53 N/A
115 Andrew Stevenson 00:20:56 N/A PB
§47 Nicola Sparkes 00:22:11 N/A PB
167 Richard Orrell 00:22:49 N/A
196 Gerry Pye 00:24:04 N/A
199 Melanie Wiffin 00:24:08 N/A
203 Alison Orrell 00:24:15 N/A 3rd FV55
212 Richard Braddick 00:24:35 N/A
217 Annette Newton 00:24:47 N/A 1st FV65
230 Alice Edwards 00:25:13 N/A
234 Mike Gullis 00:25:19 N/A
249 Chloe Wilson 00:25:58 N/A
264 Michael Shaw 00:26:33 N/A
322 Karen James 00:30:13 N/A
329 Juliet Aungier 00:31:01 N/A
363 Alice Noyes 00:36:30 N/A



Kidistri UK Duathlon
Jack Reeve ventured to Billingshurst (Kent) to compete in the Novice event n the Open Group.. Jack finished in 4th place in a time of 00:18:15.

Leighton Buzzard Discovery Tri
Another Tri in the bag for Henry Reeve in the Open Category. Of the 11 participants he finished in bronze medal position in a time of 00:37:49.

St Neots Triathlon Series Race 2 (of 3 ) 
BRJ Triathletes took part in 4 of the events being staged at a windy St Neots.
Super Sprint (18 Finishers) – Melanie Barrett-Drylie completed the race in 18th position in a time of 1:09:51 and was 3rd in Age Category.
Sprint (92 finishers) – 5 BRJ were represented in the Sprint. Their results were:-
Position Name                              Time        Info
33           Jesicca Barrett-Drylie    1:31:59   2nd F20-39
42           Bryn Jones                      1:36:30  3rd M55-59
43           Joanna Watts                   1:36:43  1st F45-49
70           Mia Mucha                        1:47:31
88           Sarah Horsfall                   2:12:30
Standard (70 Finishers)
41           Andrew Stevenson            3:03:37
64           Caroline Tiller                     3:38:27  3rd F45-49
Standard Aquabike (19 Finishers)
4             Simon Moore                      1:53:00  2nd M50-54