23/06/12 Latest Results – Mike Gullis

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Parkrun Junior 2K
Hannah Lasseter & Alexandra Eason were in action at a sunny Jubilee Park. Hannah, in 7th place, secured a 2 Sec Club PB, which was #4 of 2023.

Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Edgbaston Reservoir, Irchester Country (5th place for Neil Whitaker), Jersey Farm, Loch Neaton, Milton Country, Queens Glasgow, Rothay Park, Seaton & Storey’s Field.

BRJ’ers made Club Venue Debuts at Ganger Farm (Tony Farrow), Mensola, Florence Italy (Anna & Clive Best).

BRJ tourists, Michelle Caspersz, Alice Edwards, Melanie Gearing, Peter Jackson, Alice Noyes, Phil Pearsons & Sue Yendley) made Club Venue Debuts at special Parkruns in Denmark (Damhusegen on 5 June) & Sweden (Vaxjosjon on 6 June) that celebrated these 2 Countries National Days.

At Huntingdon’s Summer Course, Junior Jack Hutchinson secured an 11 Sec Club PB, which was #3 of 2023 placing him joint leader alongside Oliver Carmody in the Boys PB competition. Helen Richardson achieved a Course PB, but just 6 Secs shy of her current Club 5K PB.

Richard Stevens completed Parkrun #150.

Flaming June 10K
Mark Sampson was the lead runner of the 175 finishers in a time of 00:35:02, just shy of his existing Club 10K PB that he achieved at May’s Eye 10K.

St Albans 1/2 Marathon
In very warm conditions, Claire Few & Kate Ruddock were amongst the 1,689 finishers. Both completed the distance in a time of 2:34:55 in positions 1,389 (Claire) & 1,390 (Kate).

Valley of the Owls 1/2 Marathon
Kerry Surkitt was 16th of the 90 finishers in this lap based 1/2 Marathon. Kerry completed the distance in a time of 2:12:13 & was 2nd Woman home.

Cambridgeshire AAA Track & Field (T&F) Open Meeting
2 BRJ’ers participated in 3 Running & 1 Field event at this local T&F Meeting.

Under 11 80 Metre Sprint – Iris Purser took the bronze medal position in a time of 00:13:30.

Under 11 150 Metre Sprint – Iris Purser took the Silver Medal position in 00:25:39. Iris also competed in the Long Jump.

Senior 5K (Race 2) – Mark Sampson finished in 5th position in 00:16:56, just shy of his existing Club 5K PB.

Otley Chevin Fell Race
In his Debut Fell Race, Keelan Duffy tackled this 2.9 Mile (900 feet of Ascent) over mixed terrain. Keelan finished in a time of 00:20:20 in position 10th from 129.


Eastbourne Triathlon Festival
3 Junior & 2 Senior BRJ’ers ventured to a hot & sunny Eastbourne to compete in a range of events. For Ada Skea, this was her Debut Tri. Their results were:-

TriStart – Ada Skea finished in 7th position (3rd in Age Category) in a time of 00:18:48.

TriStar 1 – Amelie Ward competed the event in 25th position in 00:37:44.

TriStar 2 – Ethan Ward finished in a time of 00:41:55 in 26th position.

Sprint – Nick Harris completed the event in a time of 1:34:52 in position 102 / 227 & 3rd in. his Age Category.

Standard – David Ward finished in position 179 / 416 in 2:38:58.