Latest Results 22/06/08 -Mike Gullis

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Parkrun Junior 2K
3 Junior BRJ’ers represented the Club at the aptly named Jubilee Park venue. There were no Club 2k PB’s set at this event.

Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Eglinton, Harrogate, March, Northampton & Soham Village College. There were no Club PB’s at these events. BRJ’ers made Club Debuts at Millom (Michelle Caspersz) & North Walsham (Alison & Richard Orrell).

At Huntingdon event #399, 3 BRJ’ers secured new Club 5K PB’s. They were Richard Braddick by 8 Secs (Run PB #3 of 2022), Jonathan Harding by 12 Secs (Running PB #5 of 2022 & current joint Senior Men’s competition leader with Ian Lasseter & Paul Mitton) & Heledd Marshall-Roberts by 24 Secs (PB #5 of 2022, current runner-up by 2 PB’s to Kerry Surkitt). Both Phillip Graham-Clare & Dianne Shutt completed Parkrun #100.

Jubilee Jamboree 10K

Felicity Baillie was 4th overall & 1st Female of the 27 finishers in this Hinchingbrooke Park based Multi-Terrain event. Felicity had also bettered her owns female 10K record for this course.

South Cambs 1/2 Marathon

Paul Treadwell finished this event in position 32 of the 57 finishers in 1:58:28.

Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon (Updated Club Result)

Stephen Rochford also completed this event finishing in position 4,333 in 1:58:49.


Box End (Bedford) Sprint Distance Triathlon
Fiona Russek was one of the 52 successful finishers in this event finishing in position 39 in a total time of 1:46:28.

Her stats were:-
Swim – 00:19:12
T1 – 00:03:22
Bike – 00:49:11
T2 – 00:01:12
Run – 00:33:29

Grafman Triathlon (Standard Distance)

Stuart Hathaway competed in wet & windy conditions alongside 154 other competitors. Stuart finished in position 43 in a time of 3:57:39. His stats were:-
SWIM        T1                BIKE          T2               RUN          INFO
00:43:36    00:03:39      1:32:47      00:01:46      1:35:48      3rd MV50-59

Grafman Triathlon (Athletes Choose Own Distance)

Marco Wassersleben competed against 11 other competitors in an unusual event where the athletes chose the race distance. Marco finished in 7th place in 3:14:20. His stats were:
SWIM        T1                BIKE           T2               RUN        INFO
00:47:14    00:05:02      00:40:16     00:03:17     1:38:20    2nd MV40-49

Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon (Updated Club Result)

Stephen Rochford also completed this event finishing in position 4,333 in 1:58:49.

Dorset Dirt Dash 50 50

Simon Moore took part in this off-road gravel bike packing event. The course was based around Dorset’s Isle of Purbeck covering a distance of 160KM (100 Miles) & 2,000 Mette ascent, split over 2 days, starting & finishing at the Red Lion PH, Swanage. Participants have to carry everything they require to sustain themselves over the 2 days such as food, water, tent & are also responsible for their own navigation. Simon said it was an amazing event, but as the events motto is “its not a race, don’t be a dick” there are no official results to report.