Latest Results 22/05/18 -Mike Gullis

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Junior Parkrun 2K
At Jubilee Park, Braiden Hinson & Mason Rogers both made their Club 2K Debuts.

Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Bury Field, Carlisle, Coldham’s Common, Doddington Hall (Course PB for Claire Pearce), Littleport, Rothay Park, Rutland Water, Sewerby, Whitstable & Whittlesey. No Club 5K PB’s were secured at these venues.

At Huntingdon, Nicki McMahon secured a 43 Sec Club 5K PB along with Junior Katie Lasseter who secured a 1 Min 3 Sec PB. New Member, Karen James, made her Club 5K debut with Kerry Surkett completing Parkrun #150.

Colchester Zoo Stampede 10K
Richard Braddick completed this inaugural 10K event that starts & finishes in the Zoo grounds. The course includes 3 climbs, with the hill at 8.9K being particularly challenging. Of the 1,689 participants Richard finished in position 234 in a time of 00:49:56. A 1/2 Marathon takes place at this venue on 2 October 2022.

Leeds 1/2 Marathon
Keelan Duffy secured 30th position of the 3,899 finishers in a time of 1:19: 19.

Mid-May Mayhem Marathon
Kerry Surkett completed yet another Marathon. Of the 23 finishers in this Brandon based event, Kerry finished as 3rd Lady in position 19 in a time of 5:42:31 (44.39% Age Grading Score).


St Neots Triathlon Series Race 1 (of 3)
BRJ’ers competed in a range of events.

Sprint – Stuart Hathaway completed the race in position 17 of the 85 finishers in 1:26:25. His stats were:-
Swim – 00:16:52
T1 – 00:01:30
Bike – 00:47:09
T2 – 00:00:41
Run – 00:20:11

Standard – John Clark, Tim Legge & David Ward all successfully completed the Standard distance event. Their individual stats from the 99 finishers were:-

NAME             TIME         POSITION      SWIM       T1              BIKE        T2               RUN
Tim Legge       2:37:00      20                  00:30:30    00:01:19   1:21:18     00:01:09     00:42:42
David Ward     2:43:10      26                  00:29:15    00:01:45    1:25:52    00:00:53     00:45:23
John Clark      2:55:26      57                   00:34:40    00:03:11    1:27:04    00:00:50     00:49:39

Standard Distance Relay
The BRJ Relay Team consisted of Swimmer (Sophie Etheridge), Biker (Rachel Miller) & Runner (Heledd Marshall-Roberts). The team finished in a overall time of 3:14:52. Their individual stats were:-
Swim – 00:38:37
T1 – 00:00:59
Bike – 1:47:43
T2 – 00:00:37
Run – 00:46:53

East Essex Junior Triathlon
Jack Reeve, happily recovered from a knee injury sustained at the previous weeks Eye 3K. was the sole BRJ representative in this Tristar 3 event, completing a 300M Swim, 4K Bike Ride & 2.4K Run in position 21 of the 48 finishers in a time of 00:31:31.

Restless Development Flight Centre Junior Triathlon
3 BRJ Junior athletes (Lianna Ellington, Lia McMahon & Dixie Swales) competing at Oundle as “Team Stukeley Tristars” in their Debut Tri, finished in position 35 of the 101 teams in a time of 00:33:53.

Their stats were:-
Swim – 00:03:52
Bike – 00:16:24
Run – 00:13:35