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Junior Parkrun 2K – Both Junior BRJ’ers participating at Jubilee Park secured new Club 2K PB’s. These were Amelie Ward by 1 Min 2 Secs & Ethan Ward by 1 Sec.

Parkrun 5K – There were BRJ returns to Amager Faelled (Copenhagen, Demmark), Belvoir Castle, Clare Castle, Monsal Trail, Whittlesey (Course PB for Mark Jackman), Wimpole & Woodhouse Moor.

At Storeys Field, in-form Paul Mitton secured Running PB #4 of 2022 by a 20 Sec margin. Son Alex, secured a Course PB.

Kerry Surkitt made a Club Parkrun debut at University Parks (Oxford), whilst at Huntingdon, Tim Legge secured a new Club 5K PB by 12 Secs.

Eye Junior 3K & Senior 10K– The sun shone for those BRJ Junior & Seniors competing in the 3K or 10K distances. Both races were “Nominated” events in the 2022 Junior & Senior Running Championships. A great day, topped off by a 3 circuit flypast by a Hurricane & Spitfire of the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The next “Nominated” events for June 2022 in the Running Champs are BRJ’s Hinchingbrooke Park 3K on 15th June (Junior) & Peterborough Mid-Summer 10K on 26 June (Senior).

Junior 3K- 6 PB’ers, all making a Club 3K Debut, were amongst the 129 finishers. Braiden Hinson secured a Gold Age Category podium place. Unluckiest BRJ’er was Henry Reeve who, having been in 11th place, suffered a knee injury thus losing ground over the last kilometre. Get well soon Henry! The individual finishers stats, that include the Age Graded scores counting towards the 2022 Junior Running Champs competition are:-

Race: Eye Junior 3K       Date: 8/05/22   Nos of Finishers: 129
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
19 Katie Lasseter 00;12;31 75.07% Debut Club 3K
22 Braiden Hinson 00:12:43 68.37% Debut Club 3K & 1st Boy 10-11
23 Tom Sheldon 00:12:44 70.48% Debut Club 3K
41 Jack Reeve 00:14:21 62.54% Debut Club 3K
47 Henry Reeve 00:14:51 54.32% Debut Club 3K
68 Amy Lasseter 00:16:57 53.21% Debut Club 3K


Senior 10K – 17 Seniors & 1 Junior (Sam Hathaway) were amongst the 337 finishers. The squad was led home by Marcela Gracova, who despite having the after affects of her recent run in the Boston Marathon finished as 3rd Lady. Our lead Man, missing a new Club PB by 4 Secs, was Stuart Hathaway. Both Sam Hathaway & Richard Braddick made Club 10K debuts. Sam’s performance was particularly notable as he is still a Junior Club member. A total of 6 BRJ’ers secured Age Category Podium positions.

The individual finishers stats, that include the Age Graded scores counting towards the Running Champs competition are:-

Race: Eye 10K     Date: 8/05/22   Nos of Finishers: 337
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
29 Marcela Gracova 00:39:43 77.80% 2nd FV35-39
32 Stuart Hathaway 00:39:51 76.04% 1st MV55-59
46 Neil Whitaker 00:41:17 67.66%
64 Sam Hathaway 00:43:29 N/A Debut Club 10K
92 Richard Orrell 00:46:37 69.07%
99 Heledd Marshall-Roberts 00:47:23 64.93%
110 David Newton 00:48:39 77.22% 2nd MV70-79
111 Richard Braddick 00:48:40 65.00% Debut Club 10K
114 Ruth Foster 00:48:49 77.57% 1st FV55-59
126 Simon Lumley 00:50:02 68.05%
138 Amanda Roland-Convey 00:50:52 65.83%
151 Annette Newton 00:51:54 86.58% 1st FV70-79
164 Anthony Foster 00:52:32 64.21%
193 Clive Best 00:54:29 66.35%
194 Mike Gullis 00:54:30 62.48%
209 Lisa Shacklock 00:56:02 64.22%
217 Michael Shaw 00:57:16 57.28%
283 Anna Best 01:02:42 69.51% 1st FV65-69


Oxford Town & Gown 10K – Ian Wilson was amongst the 3,544 finishers in position 646 in a time of 00:47:00. For your diary, the Cambridge Town & Gown 10k takes place on the 16th October.

Titchmarsh 10K
Among the 141 finishers in this village based event, Sue Yendley paced Fiona Greig as part of Fiona’s training towards October’s London Marathon. Sue finished in position 110, Fiona in position 111 in an identical time of 1:04:09.