Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon (USA)

The 126th edition of America’s oldest Marathon, included as part of the 24,819 successful finishers, 2 BRJ’ers (Rob Farrant & Marcela Gracova) that had met the strict entry qualifying times. The course is known for the tough Newton Hills section, which starts at Mile 16 & concludes at the summit of the aptly named Heartbreak Hill at Mile 21. Thankfully the course slightly declines over the final 5 miles to the finish. The weather for the 2022 event was good for distance running, but with a slight headwind.

Rob, the BRJ’s 4th fastest Men’s Marathoneer with a PB of 2:46:21 (London 2021) finished in a time of 3:04:00 in position 4,023. An Age Grading score of 73.92% counts towards the 2022 Senior Running Championships. Rob had suffered a number of injuries in the vital months preceding this event so did well to record such a good result at this notoriously tough course based on minimal training.

Marcela, BRJ’s 3rd fastest Woman over the Marathon distance at 3:18:16 (London 2021), finished in a time of 3:36:41 in position 12,199 with a 63.72% Age Grading. As a representative of Slovakia, Marcela was their 3rd Lady finisher

Mike Gullis