BRJ Results 22/01/03 – Mike Gullis

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Parkrun Junior 2k
Freya Harris was the sole Junior BRJ’er attending a 2K Parkrun, winning the Jubilee Park event.
Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Buckingham, Dunstable Downs (where Colin West completed Parkrun #300), Ferry Meadows, Hereford, March, Northampton, Pocket, South Manchester, Whittlesey & Wimpole (Kerry Surkitt secured a Course PB). No PB’s were secured at these events.
At Great Denham, Keelan Duffy got his 2022 running campaign off to a cracking start by securing a second Club PB in 2 days by 10 Secs (down to 00:16:25). Keelan remains as the 4th fastest BRJ Man over 10K, but now just 21 Secs behind 3rd place John Uff. At a muddy Huntingdon, William Dales took the overall win, Heledd Marshall-Roberts made her Club 5K debut & Kevin Ryan completed Parkrun #50.
Peterborough New Years Eve 10K
As was the case in both 2019 & 2020, COVID saw the cancellation of the traditional Ely NYE event. Thankfully, the Peterborough event avoided cancellation despite the rapidly increasing infection rates. There was a very early start & the heavy downpour before race start made the off road section of the course somewhat muddy.  Despite these challenges, the BRJ squad delivered outstanding individual performances, several Debut Club 10K runs, Age Category podium positions & success in all 3 team prize categories.
From the 875 finishers, the increasingly speedy Keelan Duffy secured a top 10 position, representing a 54 Sec Club 10K PB  & moving him into 10th place in the list of Fastest BRJ Men over the distance. Equally quick Marcela Gracova was 3rd Woman home overall finishing just outside her Club PB. Unluckiest BRJ’er was Paul Mitton who finished 4th in his age category, but did enough to feature in 2 of the 3 Team prize categories. The detailed stats are:
NAME                               TIME              POSITION
Keelan Duffy                     00:35:48         10 (PB – #9 of 2021)
Marcela Gracova              00:39:44          38 (3rd Woman & 1st FV35-39)
Paul Mitton                        00:41:19         56
Jonathan Harding              00:42:08         68( Debut Club 10k)
Alex Mitton                         00:43:34         85
Felicity Baillie                    00:44:40          109
Richard Orrell                    00:47:59         170
Sebastian Burley               00:48:04         175 (Debut Club 10k)
Gilles Corby                       00:48:22         183
David Newton                    00:48:49          196 (2nd MV70-74)
Heledd Marshall-Roberts   00:49:56          222
Ian Wilson                          00:50:37          233
Annette Newton                 00:51:41          274 (1st FV65-69)
Alison Orrell                       00:53:06          306 (2nd FV55-59)
Kerry Surkitt                       00:53:37          322 (Debut Club 10K)
Paul Treadwell                   00:53:41          327
Stephen Rochford              00:53:58          336
Gerard Baker                      00:58:52         482
Clive Best                           00:58:56          484
Kevin Ryan                         00:59:03          490
Richard Stevens                 1:00:02            514
Rae Maynard                      1:02:48            589
Tom Brand                           1:03:12           603
Colin West                           1:04:39           642
Anna Best                            1:04:47           649 (3rd FV65-69)
Samantha Healey                1:11:12           748
Michelle Caspersz               1:14:05           802
Rebecca Carmody               1:14:06           803
TEAM                   POSITION           TEAM MEMBERS
Women’s               2nd                      Marcela Gracova, Felicity Baillie & Heledd Marshall-Roberts
Men                       3rd                       Keelan Duffy, Paul Mitton & Jonathan Harding
Overall (Mixed)      3rd                       Keelan Duffy, Marcela Gracova & Paul Mitton