BRJ Results 21/12/14 – Mike Gullis

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Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Ashton Court, Lincoln, March & Whittlesey. There were no Club PB’s at any of these events.

At Huntingdon, 2 new Club 5K PB’s were secured for Paul Treadwell (by 18 Secs which was Road Run PB #11 of 2021) & Kerry Surkitt (by 16 Mins 7 Secs / Road Run PB #4 of 2021). Keelan Duffy completed Parkrun #250.

Milton Keynes Winter 1/2 Marathon
4 BRJ’ers participated in this local event held in unseasonably warm conditions. Annette Newton secured an Age Category podium position. The results were:-

Annette Newton 1:51:37 510 (3rd FV65+)
Yvonne Homewood. 2:03:23 797
Melanie Gearing 2:31:52 1,277
Belinda Parker 2:31:52 1,278


Frostbite Friendly League Event (#3 of 6) – Hinchingbrooke Country Park (Hosted by Hunts AC)

Hosted by Hunts AC, the course has been in use since 2008. Although the weather on the day was unseasonably warm, the rain in the proceeding days made certain parts of the course quite slippery, especially for those individuals not wearing Trail Shoes. Sadly, Senior member Neil Whitaker retired hurt as a result.

Despite the challenges, there were a total of 527 finishers across both events, 130 in the Junior & 397 in the Senior race. The next event (#4 of 6) hosted by March AC, takes place on the 16th January 2022 starting from March AC’s HQ adjacent to Whitemoor Prison.

Junior 1.5 Miles
A turnout of 11 Juniors (6 Boys & 5 Girls) were amongst the 130 finishers. Our squad finished in 6th position of the 15 teams with 229 Race Points, meaning that after 3 events are placed in 6th position overall on 31 League points, the same as Cambridge & Coleridge in 5th place who have a lower Race Points score. The Club Junior stats were:-

Christopher Scott 32 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Samuel Gibbons 33 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Freya Harris 41 (Debut at Venue, Team Scorer & 3rd Girl overall)
Henry Reeve 54 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Thomas Portieri 64 (Debut at Venue)
Leif Meyer 68 (Debut at Venue)
Katie Lasseter 69 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Ethan Ward 72 (Debut at Venue)
Iris Purser 73 (Debut at Venue)
Amy Lasseter 118 (Debut at Venue)
Nyah Scott 121 (Debut at Venue)

Senior 5 Miles
A turnout of 38 Seniors (25 Men & 13 Women) were amongst the 397 finishers. Our Senior squad finished in a 4th position of the 16 teams with 777 Race Points, their best position so far this season. After 3 events, our Seniors are now placed in 5th position overall on 34 League points, 5 points behind Yaxley. The Club Senior stats were:-

Keelan Duffy 24 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
William Dales 27 (PB at Event & Team Scorer)
Marcela Gracova 53 (Debut at Venue, Team Scorer, 3rd Female overall & New Club Female Champion for this Venue)
Sebastian Burley 74 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Paul Mitton 81 (PB at Venue & Team Scorer)
Stuart Hathaway 85 (Team Scorer)
Jonathan Harding 86 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Felicity Baillie 87 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
Alex Mitton 90 (Debut at Venue & team Scorer)
Tim Legge 109 (Debut at Venue)
Tim Phillips 135 (Debut at Venue)
Jim Hopkins 146 (PB at Venue)
Richard Orrell 155
Nicki McMahon 170 (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
David Ward 175 (Debut at Venue)
Gilles Corby 176
David Newton 191
Ian Wilson 194
Ruth Foster 211
Heledd Marshall-Roberts 216 (Debut at Venue)
Simon Lumley 219
Alison Orrell 226 (PB at Venue)
Steve Dockerill 228
Stephen Rochford 231 (Debut at Venue)
Anthony Foster 238 (Debut at Venue)
Mike Gullis 256
Alan Hannibal 257
Thomas Brand 274
Alice Edwards 286
Peter Jackson 287
Lisa Shacklock 294 (Debut at Venue)
Alexandra Smart 300 (Debut at Venue)
Clive Best 317 (PB at Venue)
Kate Ruddock 334
Michael Shaw 340
Anna Best 376
Jane Ainscow 386 (Debut at Venue)
Alice Noyes 395

The full list of results can be found at:-