Race Results 21/11/24 – Mike Gullis

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Parkrun Junior 2K
No results reported
Parkrun 5K
The weekend saw BRJ returns to Amager Strandpark (Denmark), Ferry Meadows (Marcela Gracova secured a 22 Sec Club 5K PB. This was PB #6 of 2021 making her joint leader in the Annual Women’s PB Competition alongside Felicity Baillie & Jessica Barret-Drylie), March, Oxford (Chloe Wilson completed Parkrun #200), Rising Sun (Claire Few completed Parkrun #150), Roundhay (Keelan Duffy took 1st place), Rosliston, Sheringham (Kerry Surkitt made her Club 5K debut) & Storeys Field.
BRJ tourists made debuts at Bury Field (Harrison Evans) & Wallaceneuk (Jane & Tony Farrow). There were no Club PB’s at these events.
The Huntingdon event was a BRJ “Takeover” at which Kags Alexander-Cahill completed Parkrun #50. Unluckiest athlete was Paul Treadwell who missed his current Club 5K PB time by just 2 Secs.
St Neots Junior 2K
No results reported
St Neots 1/2 Marathon
This popular local event returned after a 2 year break. The weather was a lot warmer than in most previous years, however whilst the direction of the wind assisted runners up the 2 ascents of the steep hill at Abbotsley, it turned into a strong headwind over the final 3 miles to the finish.
26 BRJ’ers made up the 1,002 finishers. Surprisingly, there were no Club 1/2 Marathon PB’s set this year although Jonathan Harding (our first  man home) & Ian Percy made their Club 1/2M marathon debuts. Jonathon’s 2021 result beat his Non-BRJ PB Marathon time by 11 secs that was also recorded at St Neots 2019. The BRJ’ers results were:-
NAME                                TIME                POSITION
Jonathan Harding              1:25:36            54 (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Paul Mitton                         1:27:40            73
Simon Moore                      1:31:42   138
Felicity Baillie                      1:38:50           261
Chris Brown                        1:41:05           299
Ulf Maske                            1:41:49           318
Alice Synge                         1:41:42           319
Nicki McMahon                    1:43:42          364
Simon Lumley                      1:43:55          373
Gilles Corby                         1:45:30          388
Ian Wilson                            1:45:30          400
Jim Hopkins                      1:46:24          408
John Parker                          1:47:17         416
Thomas Mann                      1:47:23         427
Alison Orrell                          1:47:31        431
Heledd Marshall-Roberts      1:48:26        443
Amanda Roland-Convey       1:48:18        445
Ian Wibberley                        1:51:01        489
Alice Edwards                       1:55:05        578
Thomas Brand                      1:59:07         674
Ian Percy                               2:03:52    735  (Debut Club 1/2 Marathon)
Gerard Baker                         2:09:50        807
Karen Charman                    2:12:09         839
Sue Yendley                          2:28:31        962
Melanie Gearing                    2:28:31        963
Belinda Parker                      2:28:32         964
New York City Falling Leaves 1/2 Marathon
Annette and David Newton gave up their place in the St Neots 1/2 Marathon, opting instead to visit their son in New York. Not wishing to miss a racing opportunity they all competed in a 1/2 marathon staged at Flushing Meadows (best known for the US Open Tennis Champs) in the Queens area of the city.
Of the 536 finishers, David finished in position 118 in a time of 1:46:21 & Annette in position 186 in 1:54:27. Both picked up Age Category podium places for the UK with David as 1st MV70-79 & Annette 2nd FV60-69. The family success was shared as their son secured a 1/2 Marathon PB.
None Reported