Race Results 21/10/26 – Mike Gullis

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Junior Parkrun 2K
New Junior members Amelie & Ethan Ward made their Club 2K Debuts at the Jubilee Park venue.

Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Blicking, Chester, Clapham Common, Dalby Forest, Hastings, March & Storeys Field. There were no Club PB’s achieved at any of these venues. At Huntingdon, Junior Ethan Ward made his Club 5K debut & Richard Orrell completed Parkrun #200 (& also #150 over the Huntingdon course)

Willen (Milton Keynes) 5K
Keelan Duffy finished in 8th position of the 408 finishers in a time of 00:17:02. This represents a 3 Sec Club PB, #7 of 2021. Keelan secured the 3rd Senior Male podium place.

Tough Runner Bucks Epic 10K
Paul Treadwell completed this tough trail event staged at Wendover Woods (adjacent to RAF Halton), the course having a 239 meter elevation gain. Paul finished in a time of 1:03:01 in position 118 of the 334 finishers. Apparently it was fun!

Liverpool Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon
Ruth & Anthony Foster were amongst the 4,774 finishers. Their results were position 1,057 in 1:51:27 for Ruth & 1,741 in 1:59:40 for Anthony.

Beachy Head Marathon
Formerly known as the 7 Sisters Marathon, the course starts at the Western edge of Eastbourne with an immediate 45 degree / 200 metre climb up to the South Downs Way with the course heading west & finally dropping South to Cuckmere Haven & then joining the iconic 7 Sisters range of chalk cliffs at Birling Gap. The route then heads Eastwards passing the redundant Belle Tout Lighthouse & its more modern replacement (built 1902) at Beachy Head, before returning to the very welcome steep drop to the finish line an overall course ascent of 1,318 feet. The course record times are 2:40:09 (Men) & 2:49:59 (Women).

Unfortunately, just a few days before the race, extensive rainfall caused flooding & landslides meaning that the route had to be revised, or the event cancelled, As the Half Marathon had been staged 1 week earlier the decision was taken to change the Marathon route to 2 laps of the Half Marathon. Sadly, this decision denied the runners some of the spectacular views of the landscape & picturesque villages, but did thankfully include the section along the 7 Sisters / Beachy Head. Each lap of the revised course covered a 1,591 foot ascent so was just as challenging. 2 BRJ’ers were amongst the 1.560 finishers that successfully took on this challenge, namely Kathryn Heath (who described the course as “Brutal”) & Gemma Palmer-Dighton. Their respective results were:-

Kathryn Heath – Position 1,399 in 6:48:28
Gemma Palmer-Dighton – Position 1,439 in 7:03:55

Liverpool Rock N’ Roll Marathon
Frank Holmes was the sole BRJ’er participating in the 7th & final Liverpool Rock N’ Roll event which had to re-scheduled from its usual May date. Despite still nursing a slight calf injury, Frank successfully completed the event in a time of 3:46:15 in position 483 of the 2,107 finishers.


Aberdeen Uni Kings Duathlon
Jessica Barrett-Drylie took part in the Open / Novice event, comprising a 400 metre pool swim followed by a beachfront 5K run.
Jessica’s finished in position 13 out of 52 in a time of 00:33:02. Her individual stats were:-

Swim (400M) – 00:07:34
T1 – 00:00:51
Run (5K) – 00:24:37


Frostbite Friendly League Event (#1of 6)- Priory Park, St Neots (Hosted by Riverside Runners)

After a 18 month enforced break, the Frostbite Friendly League is finally back! Riverside Runners again hosted the Junior (1.5M) & Senior (5M) events at Priory Park but instead of the usual weather conditions of fog, frost, ice, rain or very heavy rain, blue skies were very much in evidence with just a slight headwind towards the finish line.

Junior 1.5 Mile – A club turnout of 7 boy & 6 girls were amongst the 142 finishers. The squad finished with 285 Position Points which places BRJ in 6th position out of the 15 teams going into round 2 on the 7th November. The Club Junior stats for event #1 are:-

38 Christopher Scott (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
49 Samuel Gibbons( Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
54 Thomas Portieri (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
56 Josh Spavins (Debut at Venue)
57 Freya Harris (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
68 Dhruv Makwane (Debut at Venue)
70 Henry Reeve (Debut at Venue)
87 Iris Purser (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
89. Katie Lassester (Debut at Venue)
116 Rebecca Ainscow (Debut at Venue)
117 Amy Lasseter (Debut at Venue)
119 Jack Reeve (Debut at Venue)
132 Nyah Scott (Debut at Venue)

Senior 5 Mile – A club turnout of 17 Men & 8 Women were amongst the 381 finishers. The squad finished with 1,157 Position Points which places BRJ in 7th position out of the 16 teams. The Club Senior stats for event #1 are:-

11 Keelan Duffy (PB at Debut & Team Scorer)
75 Marco Wasserleben (Team Scorer)
83 Paul Mitton (PB at Venue & Team Scorer)
90 David Ward (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
91 Alex Mitton (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
104 Felicity Baillie (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
113 Neil Whitaker (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
119 Tim Legge (Debut at Venue & Team Scorer)
130 Jim Hopkins
132 Harrison Evans
152 David Charman (PB at Venue)
162 Chris Brown (Debut at Venue)
171 Richard Orrell
192 Gilles Corby
206 Ian Wilson
215 Alison Orrell (Team Scorer)
228 Mike Gullis
231 Tom Brand (PB at Venue)
256 Alice Edwards (Team Scorer)
273 Karen Gilchrist (Debut at Venue)
282 Alexandra Smart (PB at Venue)
301 Karen Charman (PB at Venue)
318 Juliet Aungier
322 Dan Ainscow
370 Jane Ainscow

The full list of results can be found on the league website (www.frostbiteleague.org.uk)

LOOK FORWARD – The next Frostbite Friendly League Event (#2 of 6) – 7th November 2021 (Nene Park, Peterborough hosted by Bushfield Joggers)