Latest BRJ Results 5 July

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Marriotts Way Trail Marathon
3 BRJ’ers participated in this “Out & Back” trail event. The “Marriotts Way” Heritage Path follows the route of 2 disused railway lines between Aylsham & Norwich and is named after William Marriott, Chief Engineer & Manager of the former Midland & Great Northern Railway. There were 76 finishers. Stats for our finishers were:-

Belinda Parker, position 63 in 5:19:13
Sue Yendley, position 64 in 5:19:13 (1st FV55-59)
Georgina Godby, postion 74 in 6:21:52

Fen Gallop 10K (Willingham)
3 BRJ’ers were among the 288 finishers that successfully completed this local race. The first club member home was Tom Brand in position 120 in a time of 00:54:07. It was great to see Alex Howard’s name re-appear in race results following a period of injury. Alex finished in position 191 in 00:59:58 with Claire Few (position 192) who had completed a full Marathon for a School charity with Kate Ruddock the previous weekend.

Holkham 10K
Rae Maynard & Kelly Robinson were among the 399 finishers. Rae finished in position 268 in a time of 1:03:52 & Kelly in position 297 in 1:06:25.

Living Sport Peterborough 10K (Ferry Meadows)
Melanie Gearing was the sole BRJ entrant of the 102 finishers finishing in position 86 in 1:10:43.

Suffolk Trailfest 10K (Thetford Forest)
Heledd Marshall-Roberts & Rebecca Carmody completed this trail race, which was over a distance slightly more than the 10K advertised. Heledd finished in position 28 of the 163 finishers in a time of 00:49:34 securing 3rd place in her Age Category. Rebecca finshed in position 82 in 1:06:16.


Discovery Open Water Kids Triathlon (Chelmsford)
Harrison Pearson completed in the Tristar 2 event, comprising a 300 Metre Swim, 5K Bike & 1.8K Run, Harrison finished 4th overall (3rd boy) of the 25 finishers in a time of 00:26:14. His individual stats were:-

Swim – 00:07:23
T1 – 00:00:26
Bike – 00:10:52
T2 – 00:01:28
Run – 00:07:09

Outlaw (Holkham Hall) 1/2 Distance Triathlon
BRJ’ers, Louise Clinton & Stuart Hathaway were 2 of the 1,407 finishers, Stuart finished in position 398 in 5:32:31 & Louise in position 1,373 in 7:55:33. Their individual stats were:-

Stuart Louise
Swim (1.9K) 00:41:13 00:49:09
T1 00:02:57 00:06:25
Bike (90K) 2:57:47 3:36:04
T2 00:01:50 00:27:16
Run (21K) 1:48:37 2:56:26

IRONMAN UK Triathlon (Bolton)
The many months of training certainly paid off for Sajan Kholsa as he successfully completed his debut club IRONMAN Triathlon. The weather conditions were not favourable as torrential downpours made the bike phase treachorous in places. Despite this additional challenge and the hilly Bike & Run courses, Sajan finshed in position 817 of the 1,092 finshers in a magnificant time of 14:49:15 & well within the 17 hour limit necessary to be classified as an “IRONMAN”. His individual stats were:-

Swim (2.4 Miles) – 1:26:44
T1 – 00:14:17
Bike (112 Miles) – 7:34:20
T2 – 00:13:58
Run (26.2 Miles) – 5:19:59

The Bastion Ironman Distance Triathlon (Hever Castle)
Simon Moore completed this Ironman distance Triathlon at the iconic Hever Castle, a former home of Anne Boleyn. Simon finished in 17th position of the 68 finishers in a time of 13:09:27. Simon secured 2nd place in his Age Category. His impressive individual stats were:-
Swim (3.8K) – 1:14:50
T1 –                 00:09:03
Bike (180K) –   6:35:09
T2 –                  00:07:09
Run (42K) –      5:03:13