Latest BRJ Results

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Jubilee Park Junior 2K Parkrun – Christopher Scott was, for the 3rd week running, the lead runner of the 63 finishers.
Bedford Triathlon Series – BRJ’ers participated in 2 of the distance events . Thankfully, the weather conditions, particularly for the swim, were excellent.
Sprint (750m Swim, 21.5km Bike & 5km Run) –  David Ward finished the Sprint distance in position 26 of the 82 finishers in a time of 1 hr 22 mins & 59 secs and was 3rd in the MV40-44 category.  His stats were:-
Swim – 00:15:04
T1 – 00:02:18
Bike – 00:42:51
T2 – 00;00:46
Run – 00:22:00
Standard (1500m Swim, 40 km bike & 10km Run) –   Andrew Skea, training for the Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon in 3 weeks time, participated in the Standard distance. Andrew finished in position 37 of the 110 finishers in a time of 2 hrs 33 mins & 21 secs. His stats were:-
Swim – 00:30:31
T1 – 00:02:54
Bike – 1:14:40
T2 – 00;01:13
Run – 00:44:00
Spring Blicking 1/2 Marathon – The race took place on the final day of Meteorological Spring in sunny & warm conditions. Alison Orrell was the lead BRJ’er home of the 485 finishers in position 186 in a time of 1 hr 49 mins flat. Alison took the top place in her age category, beating the silver medalist by over 4 minutes. Richard Orrell, making his club debut over the distance, was out sprinted to the finish line by Alison finishing in position 195 in 1 hr 49 mins 59 secs.
James Orrell, also in his debut over the distance but now representing Hunts AC, finished in 4th position overall in a time just over 80 minutes.
Mike Gullis