BRJ Running Roadmap: The Way Back

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England Athletics published the Covid-19 Roadmap 2021 on the 24th of February. This is a four-step plan culminating in a return to “normal activities”.

As with the Government Roadmap the dates for each step are provisional and contingent upon the rates of infection, number vaccinated, the impact of variants of the virus and other factors which may present a higher risk of infection in the community.

This plan is based upon these provisional dates. The activities will require risk management with the required risk assessments and mitigation in place before they can take place. It is accepted that activities may have to be postponed or cancelled if the guidance changes.

Club Activities and Events

Senior Running

Club Runs: Commence Monday 29th March*.

Track:  Commence 31st March*

(* “Formal Organised outdoor activities” EA guidance requires licenced coach/ leader presence within a Covid secure environment” Without a coach or leader activity can take place in groups of six).

Junior Running

Junior sessions could begin on 31st March.

This is the first week of the Easter Holidays.

(No spectators. Parent / carer permitted one to one.)


Outdoor intra club competition can take place.

Final Wave series of races planned for last year could be organised.

Possible dates; 21st April: Brampton 6th June Alconbury

(No spectators)

Festival of Sport

England Athletics have awarded BRJ a grant to assist the club get back to normal activities. We plan to hold a weekend in which we celebrate our sports, reunite with current and former members, and to welcome everyone who may be interested in what we do.

Saturday will host several workshops in the Countryside Centre and activities in Hinchingbrooke Country Park.  The venue for Sunday will be the running track at St.Ives Outdoor Centre.

Provisional Date:  Weekend 7th and 8th August Possible.

Volunteers needed to help develop ideas, plan activities, and get involved on the day.

Significant dates for the running community

11th April: Junior parkrun due to start

5th June: Senior parkrun due to start

Grand Prix Series; awaiting confirmation



17th May Swim coaching in pool

Open Water swimming in 23rd / 30th April weather dependant.