Week Three Results

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Another challenging week. Plague, Floods, Ice, and bitter winds; it was hard not only to get out of the house but also find somewhere to run. The Outsiders continue to inch towards that four-hour target.  Hemchester Harriers managed to combine their runs to finish in the same time.

Well done teams, I have added the “Captain’s Log” so we can share the experience and achievements of each of the teams. As you can see, we have team members competing on wheelchair treadmills, others taking up the challenge in their new homes in Cornwall and in Cyprus.

The next stage of the challenge starts on Sunday 14th February to Saturday 27th February. This is the penultimate 10K challenge. When we hear what the plan might be for the easing of restrictions, we can plan how we can begin to run together again. Until then remember to respect the Covid guidelines, Stay Safe and Good Luck.

Alconbury Pacers: 5 hours 22 minutes (Estimated Time N/A)

Team: Tony Farrow (Non-Running Team Captain) Mel Wiffin, Jacqui Moore, Rae Maynard, Sue Ray, Andy Ellams, Ian Wilson

Captain’s Log

Good running from Jacqui Who is still recovering from injury.  Ian Wilson is continuing to run with an injury, but that is improving.  An impressive 15km run from Mel on a cold and blustery day.  Sue seems to be getting quicker as the years tick by!  And Rae is missing our Track speed sessions but still puts in sub 30 min 5kms.

Back to Asics 6 hours 36 minutes

Team: Sara Graham- Clare Team Captain, Sally Schiel, Karen Gilchrist, Jane

Ainscow, Dan Ainscow, Kelly Robinson,

Captain’s Log

  • Dan is continuing to plod through lockdown and is looking forward to enjoying great coaching at track sessions when we’re allowed to.
  • Jane is working towards that ever-elusive sub 30 5k and hoping to be able to keep up with the awesome Blue group when Junior track starts up again.
  • Kelly is steadily making a good comeback after injury last summer and is keeping busy in her voluntary role as a trustee of Norrie Disease Foundation recruiting runners for the autumn race season to raise funds to continue the charity’s research projects.
  • Karen continues to break pb’s and is easily getting good times over half marathon distances.  We don‘t know what she is on…. but we want some!!
  • It’s been a year since Sara completed the Leader in Running course.  Just in time for the first lockdown. Organising a team for each challenge along with various social/socially distanced runs has kept us all active in the slower/post injury group of runners.
  • Jane, Sally and Sara are gradually working towards regaining that sub 30 goal over 5k.


Best Team: 6 hours 12 minutes (Estimated Time 6 hours 10 minutes)

Team: Anna Best, Team Captain, Heledd Marshall-Roberts, Claire Few, Beckie Carmody, Kat Heath, Sarah Taylor Hall.

Captain’s Log

  • Everyone did really well this time doing a full 10k each rather than two shorter runs.
  • Sadly Sarah was injured but Gemma stepped in to save the day. Thank you!
  • Claire has been working hard & managed to do a sub hour 10k.
  • Heledd continues to inspire us with her super speedy running.
  • Beki is always consistent but the cold got the better of her this week & she just missed going under an hour.
  • Kat has also been running further and managed a good time for her 10k.
  • Anna also suffered from the cold but was happy to complete her first full 10k in a while.

BRJ Butterflies: 6 hours 27 minutes (Estimated Time 6 hours 30 minutes)

Team: Kim Oliver (Captain) Jeni Megginson, Jude Newham, Lou Clinton, Mia Mucha, Rachel Macfarlane

Captain’s Log

  • Rachel Macfarlane ran her first 10k for months and didn’t let the cold or frost stop her.
  • Lou Clinton went out in the pouring rain.
  • Jude Newham went out for a 10k run on frozen mud (better than the soggy stuff) with her trusty, furry running partner.
  • Jeni Megginson improved both her times this week.
  • Mia Mucha has consistently improved her times with each challenge.
  • Kim Olivier didn’t let the snow stop her and went out with her daughter for a run.

Goody Gliders: 6 hours 24 minutes (Estimated Time N/A)

Team: Alice Noyes, Team Captain, Kevin, Alice Edwards, Rich Stevens, Sophie Etheridge, Alex Smart

Captain’s Log

  • Sophie was burning rubber on her wheelchair adapted treadmill – smokin’
  • Richard managed a 5k having recovered from Covid, with hopefully no long Covid symptoms
  • Kevin, is flying as ever, a little off his estimate it was windy
  • Alex struggled in the bitter cold of last week
  • Alice has seen Godmanchester so many times she’s getting dizzy, but not far off her estimates.

Happy Hartford Rainbows: 5 hours 53 Minutes (Estimated Time 6 hours 19 minutes)

Team: Emma Figures, Team Captain, Alan Hannibal, Sam Ahern, Gilles Gorby, Sharon Saunders, Kate Ruddock

Captain’s Log

Well, everyone did great this week!

Gilles did an impressive 20k this time, Alan continued his momentum from RED January into Feb, Sam, Sharon and Kate all got out in the freezing conditions to do 10ks and Emma found new 5k routes in beautiful Cornwall. The team smashed their 60k target this week, but taking the first 60k completed, our time totalled 353:17! Great running all! I think the predicted time was 370 wasn’t it? (David: Yes, it was)


Hemchester Harriers: 4 hours 57 minutes (Estimated Time 5 hours 1 minutes)

Team: Alison Orrell, Amanda Roland-Convey, Alice Synge, David Newton, Richard Orrell, Nick Burrell

The Outsiders: 4 hours 3 minutes (Estimated Time 4 hours)

Team: William Dales, Team Captain, James Orrell, Alex Mitton, Keelan Duffy, Paul Mitton, Guy Foster

Captain’s Log

James’s quickest time yet. William’s run was just after one of the snowy/ice snaps that we had and was an out and back/ish due to floodwater and me getting lost.

Guy’s time was in the middle of a tempo session. And Paul’s was combined with his frostbite run.


Parkracers: 5 hours 12 minutes (Estimated Time:5 hours 15 minutes)

Team: Philip Graham Clare, Team Captain, Nigel Maggs, Ian Shipley, John Parker, Nicki McMahon, Steve Wood

Rebel Runners: 6 hours 6 minutes (Estimated Times 6 hours)

Team: Debbie Iley, Team Captain, Yvonne Homewood, Simon Lumley, Jonathon Housden (DNS), Rachel Dexter, Michelle Sutherland, Substitute Felicity Parker -Seale

Captain’s Log

Yvonne ran the quickest 10K so far. Simon has recovered from his fall last week but battling a cold.  Michelle, running in Cyprus, changed her route this week to tackle a long hill.  Rachel ran her fastest run so far and is getting back to her best. Felicity joined the team this week and ran 10K as part of a longer 15K run.