60K Challenge – Week 1

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Congratulations to the Outsiders for the fastest run over 60K. I wonder if William’s team can get under 4 hours next time. The Happy Hartford Rainbows must be over the moon for running60K in exactly their estimated time. Hemchester Harriers came just over one minute faster than they had guessed.

Well done teams, you manged to run faster than estimated so next time revise those time and let me know what you plan to do next time.

The next stage of the challenge starts on Sunday 17th January to Saturday 30th January. Remember to respect the Covid guidelines, Stay Safe and Good Luck.

 Goody Gliders: 6 hours 25 minutes (Estimated Time N/A)

Team: Alice Noyes, Team Captain, Kevin, Alice Edwards, Rich Stevens, Sophie Etheridge, Alex Smart

Best Team: 5 hours 52 minutes (Estimated Time 5 hours 57 minutes)

Team: Anna Best, Team Captain, Heledd Marshall-Roberts, Claire Few, Beckie Carmody, Kat Heath, Sarah Taylor Hall.

Hemchester Harriers: 5 hours 4 minutes (Estimated Time 5 hours 5 minutes)

Team: Alison Orrell, Amanda Roland-Convey, Alice Synge, David Newton, Richard Orrell, Nick Burrell

Happy Hartford Rainbows: 6hours 21Minutes (Estimated Time 6 hours 21 minutes)

Team: Emma Figures, Team Captain, Alan Hannibal, Sam Ahern, Gilles Gorby, Sharon Saunders, Kate Ruddock

Parkracers: 5 hours 4 minutes (Estimated Time:5 hours 15 minutes)

Team: Philip Graham Clare, Team Captain, Nigel Maggs, Ian Shipley, John Parker, Nicki McMahon, Steve Wood

The Outsiders: 4 hours 6 minutes (Estimated Time N/A)

Team: William Dales, Team Captain, James Orrell, Alex Mitton, Keelan Duffy, Paul Mitton, Geof Newnham

BRJ Butterflies: 6 hours 25 minutes (Estimated Time N/A)

Team: Jeni Team Captain, Jude, Kim, Lou, Mia, Rachel

Rebel Runners: 6 hours 15 minutes (Estimated Times 6 hours 24 minutes)

Team: Michelle Sutherland, Team Captain, Yvonne Homewood, Simon Lumley, Jonathon Housden, Rachel Dexter, Debbie Iley

Back to Asics Time: 6 hours 54 minutes (Estimated Time N/A)

Team: Sara Graham Clare, Sally Schiel, Karen Gilchrist, Jane Ainscow, Dan Ainscow, Kelly Robinson