BRJ Lockdown Relay Final Race

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BRJ Lockdown Relay

Race Five

Thanks again to the Team Captains for sending me the results for Race Five of the BRJ Lockdown Relay. The final race of the series. Well done to everyone involved, to those who completed all five races and to those who stepped in for absent friends.  The first race took place when lockdown was at its most restrictive.  You have raced through changing times. I hope as restrictions have eased, running on your own, or with others, you have felt part of your team and your club: having fun, accepting a challenge, being together while staying apart. We will get through this together.

Here are the results of Race Five.

The Fastest

All woman’s team is: RAAAAY’s Rockets, Average time: 24 minutes 21 seconds (Age Grade: 67.82%)

All male team is: The Outsiders, Average Time: 18 minutes 56 seconds (Age Grade :71.51%)

The mixed team: Park Racers Average Time 24minutes 12 seconds minutes (Age Grade: 61.75%)

The teams with the Best Age Grade Average were RAAAAY’s Rockets (All Women’s Team) The Outsiders (All Male Team) and overtaking The Park Racers again with an Age Grade Average of 68.11% are the Alconbury Pacers

The Most Improved Performance: MIP. Award

The award for the Team with the Most Improved Average Time goes to Thomas Terriers.  They managed to reduce their time by 46 seconds from their Race Four time.  (* Teams with a significant change in runners have been excluded)   

Match My Time Award

(Based on Last week’s times possible times for the average time for Race Two were chosen at random. These included faster and slower times for each team + – 2 minutes. One was selected at random. This became the team’s target time. This is known only to the race director, so it serves as one-part guesstimate one- part spot award.)

This award based on random selection throws up some interesting results. This week the award goes to Long Path Lopers who were only 13 seconds from the time they had to match.

Good Luck Everyone

That concludes our race series devised and conducted with enthusiasm and great spirit during very difficult times. As the restrictions are gradually lifted it will be great to run together again. Stay well and stay safe.

David Newton

Race Director