Lockdown Relay: Race Three Results

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Temperatures soared in the third week of the BRJ Lockdown Relay. Runners struggled to maintain the improvement in their times from Race Two but the energy and commitment showed by all eleven teams are impressive.

The teams securing the top spaces this week are:

The Fastest

All woman’s team is: RAAAAY’s Rockets, Average time: 24 minutes 47 seconds (Age Grade: 68.91%)

All male team is: The Outsiders, Average Time: 18 minutes 31 seconds (Age Grade :72.41%)

The mixed team: Park Racers Average Time 25 minutes (Age Grade: 63.2%)

These teams also hold the best age grade averages in their categories.

The Most Improved Performance: MIP. Award

The award for the Team with the Most Improved Average Time goes to The Best Team who found a way to reduce the average time by 50 seconds.

Match My Time Award

(Based on Last week’s times possible times for the average time for Race Two were chosen at random. These included faster and slower times for each team + – 2 minutes. One was selected at random. This became the team’s target time. This is known only to the race director, so it serves as part guesstimate part spot award.)

It is astonishing that by random selection Goddy Gliders were within 10 seconds of the Matched Times edging out The Inbetweeners who were within 11 seconds of this most coveted award.