8th June

Parkrun Junior 2K
3 Junior BRJ’ers represented the Club at the aptly named Jubilee Park venue. There were no Club 2k PB’s set at this event.

Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Eglinton, Harrogate, March, Northampton & Soham Village College. There were no Club PB’s at these events. BRJ’ers made Club Debuts at Millom (Michelle Caspersz) & North Walsham (Alison & Richard Orrell).

At Huntingdon event #399, 3 BRJ’ers secured new Club 5K PB’s. They were Richard Braddick by 8 Secs (Run PB #3 of 2022), Jonathan Harding by 12 Secs (Running PB #5 of 2022 & current joint Senior Men’s competition leader with Ian Lasseter & Paul Mitton) & Heledd Marshall-Roberts by 24 Secs (PB #5 of 2022, current runner-up by 2 PB’s to Kerry Surkitt). Both Phillip Graham-Clare & Dianne Shutt completed Parkrun #100.

Jubilee Jamboree 10K

Felicity Baillie was 4th overall & 1st Female of the 27 finishers in this Hinchingbrooke Park based Multi-Terrain event. Felicity had also bettered her owns female 10K record for this course.

South Cambs 1/2 Marathon

Paul Treadwell finished this event in position 32 of the 57 finishers in 1:58:28.

Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon (Updated Club Result)

Stephen Rochford also completed this event finishing in position 4,333 in 1:58:49.


Box End (Bedford) Sprint Distance Triathlon
Fiona Russek was one of the 52 successful finishers in this event finishing in position 39 in a total time of 1:46:28.

Her stats were:-
Swim – 00:19:12
T1 – 00:03:22
Bike – 00:49:11
T2 – 00:01:12
Run – 00:33:29

Grafman Triathlon (Standard Distance)

Stuart Hathaway competed in wet & windy conditions alongside 154 other competitors. Stuart finished in position 43 in a time of 3:57:39. His stats were:-
SWIM        T1                BIKE          T2               RUN          INFO
00:43:36    00:03:39      1:32:47      00:01:46      1:35:48      3rd MV50-59

Grafman Triathlon (Athletes Choose Own Distance)

Marco Wassersleben competed against 11 other competitors in an unusual event where the athletes chose the race distance. Marco finished in 7th place in 3:14:20. His stats were:
SWIM        T1                BIKE           T2               RUN        INFO
00:47:14    00:05:02      00:40:16     00:03:17     1:38:20    2nd MV40-49

Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon (Updated Club Result)

Stephen Rochford also completed this event finishing in position 4,333 in 1:58:49.

Dorset Dirt Dash 50 50

Simon Moore took part in this off-road gravel bike packing event. The course was based around Dorset’s Isle of Purbeck covering a distance of 160KM (100 Miles) & 2,000 Mette ascent, split over 2 days, starting & finishing at the Red Lion PH, Swanage. Participants have to carry everything they require to sustain themselves over the 2 days such as food, water, tent & are also responsible for their own navigation. Simon said it was an amazing event, but as the events motto is “its not a race, don’t be a dick” there are no official results to report.

14th June


Junior Parkrun 2K
3 BRJ’ers participated at Jubilee Park where Amelie Ward earned herself Club PB #2 of 2022 by 24 Secs.

Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Banbury, Ferry Meadows, Millennium Country Park, Victoria Dock & Whittlesey. There were no Club PB’s secured at any of these venues.

BRJ’ers made Parkrun Venue Debuts at Bryn Bach (South Wales) by Claire Few, Kate Ruddock & David/Jane Thomas, Cafarella (Rome) for Kags Alexander-Cahill & at Seaton by Karen James.

Huntingdon #399 was reported as the 4th fastest Parkrun finish time in the UK. The time of 00:15:20 achieved by Jamie Hall took the Course Record bettering the time set by former BRJ member, David Hudson, by 18 Secs.

At Huntingdon #400, both Robert Farrant & Marcela Gracova secured Course PB’s & there was significant Parkrun Milestones secured by Frank Holmes (#300), Peter Jackson (#400 & 100 Huntingdon Parkruns) & #400 for Phil Pearsons.

Peterborough Midsummer 10K
11 BRJ’ers competed in this race which was the “Nominated” event for June in the 2022 Senior Running Championships. The next Senior “Nominated” Champs event is the Peterborough Grand Prix Series 5K being held on 20th July at Ferry Meadows.

Keelan Duffy, in 6th place of the 458 finishers, achieved Club PB #3 of 2022 by a margin of 13 Secs since 2018’s Peterborough NYE 10K. Nicki McMahon earned a 2 Min 59 Sec PB (#3 of 2022) when compared with her time from this race in 2021. 4 of the squad secured Age Category podium positions.

The individual stats, including the Age Graded Scores counting towards the Running Champs, are:-

Race: Peterborough Midsummer 10K    Date: 12/06/22   Nos of Finishers: 458
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
6 Keelan Duffy 00:35:35 75.08% PB & 3rd SM
58 Neil Whitaker 00:43:44 63.87%
76 Nicki McMahon 00:45:49 67.15% PB & 2nd FV35-39
114 David Newton 00:49:09 76.43% 1st MV70-74
115 Ruth Foster 00:49:12 76.96% 2nd FV55-59
147 Simon Lumley 00:52:15 65.17%
149 Annette Newton 00:52:29 85.61% 1st FV70-74
155 Anthony Foster 00:52:34 64.17%
178 Mike Gullis 00:54:06 62.94%
283 Karen Charman 01:01:04 62.01%
383 Chris Brown 01:10:39 45.18%


Nene Valley Trail 10M
Ian Wilson & Kathryn Heath were among the 103 individuals that successfully tackled this local trail event that started & finished at Fotheringhay Castle. The route included Ancient Woodlands, Fields & along the banks of the River Nene. Ian finished in position 13 in 1:33:21 & Kat in position 98 in 2:36:40.

St Albans 1/2 Marathon
An all Ladies BRJ squad were amongst the 1,600 finishers in this hilly 1/2 Marathon. Their individual results were:-

Fiona Greig 1,507 2:38:41
Melanie Gearing 1,510 2:38:44
Sue Yendley 1,511 2:38:44
Belinda Parker 1,512 2:38:44


World Triathlon Champs Series
2 BRJ’ers successfully completed in 2 different events in Leeds. Thankfully, & unlike Jonny Brownlee, both managed to stay attached to their bikes.

Junior Tristar 3 – Henry Reeve was in position 91 of the 118 finishers in a time of 00:37:47. His stats were:

Swim (0.3K) – 00:04:26
T1 – 00:06:16
Bike (5K) – 00:12:37
T2 – 00:03:00
Run (2.5K) – 00:11:30

Senior Sprint – Jess Barrett-Drylie was in position 139 of the 333 finishers in a time of 1:40:34 securing 4th in her Age Category. Her stats were:

Swim (0.75K) – 00:15:38
T1 – 00:06:56
Bike (18.4K) – 00:47:11 (Course included 11 Dead Turns)
T2 – 00:02:00
Run (5K) – 00:27:12

Royal Windsor Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
Tim Legge secured position 115 of the 1,260 finishers in a total time of 2:34:48 securing 4th in her Age Category. His stats were:

Swim (1.5K) – 00:28:59
T1 – 00:05:06
Bike (40K) – 1:13:14
T2 – 00:01:00
Run (10K) – 00: 44:53

21st June


Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Downham Market, Fell Foot (Newby Bridge), Great Yarmouth North Beach, Mount Edgcumbe, Rutland Water & Whittlesey. There were no Club PB’s a any of these venues.

At Huntingdon, both Keelan Duffy & Alex Mitton secured Course PB’s & there were significant Parkrun milestones for Jane Ainscow (#100) & Stuart Turner (#250).

Castle Cholmondeley Multi-Sport Festival 1/2 Marathon
Simon Moore was the victor in the 1/2 marathon event ahead of the other 26 opponents finishing in a time of 1:34:77.

Sandringham 1/2 Marathon
At a sunny Sandringham, Sue Ray & Jacqui Moore successfully competed the course which ran through the Queen’s estate & surrounding trails. Both finished in a time of 2:16:22 in positions 707 & 708 respectively from the 1,260 finishers

BRJ Junior 3K
35 BRJ Juniors & 1 Guest former club member participated in the BRJ 3K event in a course around Hinchingbrooke Country Park. The race was the “Nominated” event for June in the 2022 Junior Running Champs. The results, including the Age Graded Scores counting toward these champs, are shown below, For your diaries, the next Junior Running Championships “Nominated” event is the Peterborough Grand Prix Series Junior 3K taking place at 7PM at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, on 22 July.

Name Time Pos Age Grading
Ellis McDonald 11.57 1 69.00%
Christopher Scott 12.02 2 72.26%
Henry Reeve   13.26 3 66.81%
Braiden Hinson 13.28 4 64.57%
Tom Sheldon 13.32 5 66.32%
Theo Wrathall 13.38 6 62.00%
Isaac Friswell 14.09 7 68.08%
Erin Illman 14.57 8 64.73%
Poppy Leigh-Brown 15.23 9 58.62%
Ethan Ward 15.23 10 60.46%
Lianna Ellington 15.30 11 63.92%
Iris Purser 15.57 12 N/A – GUEST
Mason Rogers 16.51 13 55.19%
Jacob Wrench 16.54 14 53.11%
Eliza  Woodcock 16.55 15 56.95%
Nyah Scott 17.04 16 58.06%
Oliver Carmody 17.19 17 53.71%
Joseph Carmody 17.22 18 51.68%
Joshua Dawe 17.27 19 49.83%
Emily Volp 17.38 20 54.63%
Amelie Ward 17.41 21 59.94%
Dylan Peacock 17.55 22 50.09%
Jack Reeve 17.55 23 50.09%
Mia Evans 18.00 24 51.07%
Isla Evans 18.07 25 53.17%
Holly Talbot 18.08 26 53.13%
Rebecca Ainscow 18.22 27 48.30%
Harry Cattermole 19.25 28 49.84%
Darcey Hiron 19.29 29 52.52%
Dixie Swales 19.35 30 50.60%
Emily Marshall-Roberts 21.01 31 45.84%
Leilani Burrell 21.27 32 44.91%
Sophie Marshall-Roberts 21.51 33 46.83%
Lily Walsby 22.09 34 46.20%
Lia McMahon 22.10 35 44.70%
Khushee Khosla 22.15 36 44.53%


Centurion South Downs Way 100 Miles
Although publicly admitting this was a massive endurance challenge, Kerry Surkiitt successfully completed another 100 Mile Trail Ultra Run. This event started in Winchester (Hampshire) & finished in Eastbourne (East Sussex) along the complete 100 Mile distance of the South Downs Way.

Individuals must qualify for this event by having recently successfully completed the minimum of a 50 Mile Ultra. The South Downs course includes 15% road & 85% trail with an overall elevation of 3,800 metres. The field is limited to 500 entrants.

The weather on the day was “ideal” & Kerry finished in a time of 29 Hrs 55 Mins 32 Secs in position 300. Over 100 competitors failed to complete the distance. Kerry recognised that running a 100 mile run just 3 weeks after another race of the same distance was probably not such a good idea. In view of this, Kerry has decided to wait 3 weeks before competing in her next Ultra event of a mere 36 Miles!


Rod McClean Cambridgeshire Junior Tri
Fresh from his recent success at the Leeds Tri, Henry Reeve was 29th from 49 in the Tristar 3 category in s time of 00:35:54. His stats were:-
Swim – 00:04:28
T1 – 00:01:24
Bike – 00:17:45
T2 – 00:00:41
Run – 00:11:34

North Norfolk Triathlon (Wells-Next-The-Sea)
Stuart Hathaway finished in 30th position of the 217 finishers in a time of 2:26:53. His stats were:-
Sea Swim (1.5K) – 00:31:15
T1 – 00:01:32
Bike (40K) – 1:11:08
T2 – 00:00:50
Run (10K) – 00:42:12

Castle Cholmondeley Multi-Sport Festival 1/2 Ironman Triathlon
Caroline Tiller finished in 57th position in a time of 8:11:10. Her stats were:-
Swim (1.9K) – 00:59:42
T1 – 00:04:32
Bike (90K) – 2:51:16
T2 – 00:01:30
Run (1/2 Marathon) – 2:44:46

Celtman Scottish Extreme Triathlon
The 10th running of this extreme distance Tri saw an event debut by Alec Hirst & a return visit by Andrew Skea (running 15:55:32 in 2021) . Typical Scottish Weather of heavy rain & strong winds greeted the competitors. The 3.4K swim took place in a cold Sea Loch infested with Jellyfish, the 200K bike course involved an overall ascent of 2,200 Metres & the Full Marathon distance run had a 1,600 Metre ascent. The event included various checkpoints and your finish position is determined by the time you reach a specific checkpoint thus you could be either a Blue or White course finisher. The incredible results from our club members were:-

Andrew Skea – Blue Course Position 66 / 88 in a time of 14:04:34 – PB by 1:50:58
Alec Hirst – White Course Position 21 / 54 in 15:06:47

Tour of Cambridgeshire Bike Festival
Simon Moore, competing in the Road Race 100 Mile event, finished in position 210 / 323 in a time of 4:22:12 & Gilles Corby completed the Grand Fondo 100 in position 350 / 419 in 5:40:50.

27th June


Parkrun 5K
The weekend saw BRJ’ers return to Ferry Meadows, Pocket, Storeys Field (Course PB for Keelan Duffy), University Park, Whitstable, Whittlesey & York. No Club PB’s were secured at these venues.

At Huntingdon, Time Legge achieved a new Club 5K PB by 9 Secs (PB# 4 of 2022).

Peterborough Grand Prix Series Senior 5K (Race 1 of 5)
The welcome return of the Peterborough Grand Prix Series after an enforced 2 year break saw 324 finishers complete the out & back course around the village of Eye in very hot & balmy conditions.

In Race 1, the BRJ squad of 16 runners were led home by Keelan Duffy for the Men in 8th place & Marcela Gracova, 3rd Woman, in 37th place.

Despite the warm conditions, 2 new Club 5K PB’s were achieved, these being for the in-form Paul Mitton by 3 Secs (PB #6 of 2022) & Chloe Wilson by 6 Secs (PB #2 of 2022). Despite the official results showing that both Ruth & Tony Foster were competing in wildly incorrect Age Categories, 4 Age Category podium positions were actually secured. The results for our squad are:-

Race: Peterborough Grand Prix Series 5K (Rce 1 – Eye)     Date: 22/06/22   Nos of Finishers: 324
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
6 Keelan Duffy 00:16:29 N/A 3rd MU20
37 Marcela Gracova 00:18″39 N/A 3rd Woman & 1st FV35-39
54 Paul Mitton 00:19:25 N/A PB
72 Neil Whitaker 00:20:06 N/A
134 Richard Orrell 00:22:58 N/A
139 Ian Wilson 00:23:12 N/A
149 Ruth Foster 00:23:41 N/A 3rd FV55-59
162 Alison Orrell 00:24:15 N/A
179 Anthony Foster 00:24:58 N/A
185 Mike Gullis 00:25:19 N/A
204 Annette Newton 00:26:08 N/A 1st FV65-69
210 Claire Ashton 00:26:16 N/A
229 Chloe Wilson 00:26:57 N/A PB
244 Michael Shaw 00:27:43 N/A
248 Kate Ruddock 00:27:55 N/A
250 Juliet Aungier 00:27:58 N/A


Race #2 of the 2022 Grand Prix Series takes place on Wednesday 6 July at Stamford Rugby Club (Hambleton Road). The Junior 3K starts at 19:00 Hours & the Senior 5K at 19:30 Hours. Online entry is currently available.

Ramsey Abbey Junior 2.4K
Tom Sheldon, in his Club Debut 2.4K, was among the 36 finishers in a time of 00:10:45. Tom’s time (PB #3 of 2022) bettered the previous record of 00:12:40 set by Martin Brown at the same venue back in 2006 & so Tom becomes the new Club Boys Champion for this Distance.

Ramsey Abbey 10K
Hot & windy conditions met the 10 strong BRJ squad amongst the 188 finishers. The course was slightly changed as the usual start / finish area now forms part of a Tennis Court. The wind direction & strength varied considerably throughout the course meaning that on what should have been the fastest sections, the competitors were running into strong headwinds. Marcela Gracova was our top runner finishing in 6th position overall & 1st Woman. Marcela was closely followed by Felicity Baillie (4th Woman) & Neil Whitaker (1st BRJ Man). Gerry Pye & new member Nina Gays made their Club 10K debuts & 4 BRJ’ers secured Age Category podium positions. Individual stats were:-

Ramsey Abbey 10K
Marcela Gracova 00:38:47 6 1st Woman & 1st FV35-39
Felicity Baillie 00:41:02 16 2nd F20-34
Neil Whitaker 00:43:12 25
David Newton 00:47:50 47 1st MV70+
Gerry Pye 00:49:59 66 Debut Club 10K & PB #4 of 2022
Mike Gullis 00:52:25 84
Annette Newton 00:53:03 87 1st FV65+
Mike Shaw 00:57:57 127
Tom Brand 00:57:59 128
Nina Gays 1:00:27 137 Debut Club 10K


Flaming June 10k (Impington)
Phil Pearsons was the sole BRJ’er amongst the 148 finishers. Phil finished in position 128 in a time of 1:11:08.

Flaming June 1/2 Marathon
The heat combined with the windy conditions, especially in the more open parts of the course, made it unlikely that PB’s could be achieved. Despite these challenges, great individual performances saw Keelan Duffy secure the Runners-Up position & Nicki McMahon was 3rd Woman. 3 of the squad secured Age Category podium positions. The squad stats were:-

Flaming June 1/2 Marathon
Keelan Duffy 1:20:46 2 1st M18-39
Paul Mitton 1:31:51 13 3rd MV40-44
Alex Mitton 1:36:34 19
Nicki McMahon 1:43:07 28 3rd Woman & 1st F18-39
Ian Wilson 1:47:54 40
Paul Treadwell 2:05:58 84 84


West Suffolk Junior Tri
Junior Henry Reeve raced in the Tristar 3 event amongst 35 finishers, Despite the personal on the day challenges, namely a bad toothache & completing 1 additional lap on the bike phase, Henry finished in position 27 in a time of 00:31:25. His stats were:-

00:05:35 00:00:37 00:14:55 00:00:27 00:09:49


Rutland Dambuster Tri
2 BRJ’ers were among the 390 finishers in the Standard Distance event. The strong winds made the 1.5k Swim in Rutland Water similar to a Washing Machine & no doubt also affected the times on the Bike & Run phases. David Ward led home the BRJ Triathletes in position 84 in 2:37:45 very closely followed by Sajan Khosla in position 96 / 2:40:14. Their stats were:-

NAME SWIM (1,5K) T1 BIKE (40K) T2 RUN (10K)
David Ward 00:29:06 00:01:52 1:20:35 00:01:13 00:44:59
Sajan Khosla 00:29:57 00:04:21 1:21:07 00:02:12 00:42:37


Stewartby Lakes Tri
BRJ’ers competed in both the Sprint & Standard distances. Their respective stats were:-

SPRINT – Heledd Marshall-Roberts finished in position 35 of the 63 competitors in 1:26:24.

00:15:21 00:02:07 00:43:12 00:01:14 00:24:27 3rd F30-39

STANDARD – Gilles Corby finished in position 18 of the 41 participants in 2:30:21.

00:29:14 00:01:31 01:09:35 00:01:12 00:48:37


5th July


Cambridgeshire AAA Road Run League 2022 – Latest Standings
The latest League results have just been released that include the scores achieved at May’s Eye 10K, alongside the Thorney & Cambourne 10K’s. Sadly, the planned Thorney 5M & Nene Valley 5K events have just been cancelled meaning that the final 2 events in the 2022 competition are the Sawtry 10M (4th September) & Fenland 10M (30th October).

BRJ’ers feature in the top echelon of the 2022 competition, as follows:-

Men’s Team – 4th position (1 point behind Bushfield Joggers)
Women’s Team – 2nd place (7 points behind March AC)

Women’s 35-44 – 4th place, Heledd Marshall-Roberts
Men’s 50-59 – 1st place, Stuart Hathaway
Women 55-59 – 4th place, Ruth Foster & 5th place , Alison Orrell

Most Road Running Club PB’s in 2022 Competition
Having now reached the mid-way point in this competition, Results Officer, Mike Gullis, has summarised below the current standings in the 4 categories (at 4 July 2022). This competition concludes on 31st December. If you should have any questions about this competition or wish to know your current scores, you should contact Mike via his club e-mail address (email hidden; JavaScript is required).


1. Sam Hathaway & Tom Sheldon (3)
2. Matthew Ainscow, Braiden Hinson & Ethan Ward (2)
3. Henry & Jack Reeve (1)

1. Katie Lasseter (5)
2. Amy Lasseter & Amelie Ward (2)
3. Emily & Sophie Marshall-Roberts (1)


1. Jonathan Harding & Paul Mitton (6)
2. Ian Lasseter (5)
3. Stuart Hathaway, Tim Legge & Gerry Pye (4)

1. Kerry Surkitt (7)
2. Heledd Marshall-Roberts (5)
3. Marcela Gracova, Nicki McMahon, Lisa Shacklock, Dianne Shutt & Caroline Tiller (3)

Parkrun Junior 2K
Ethan Ward was the overall winner at Jubilee Park in a time of 00:08:50 & securing a new Club 2K PB by a 13 Sec margin, Club PB #3 of 2022.

Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Delamere, Ferry Meadows, Great Denham (Felicity Baillie completed Parkrun #175), Storeys Field, University Parks & Whinlatter Forest. No Club PB’s were secured at these venues.

Keen Parkrun tourist, Mark Jackman, made a BRJ Debut at Mildenhall Hub, whilst nearer to home at Huntingdon, which saw a return to the Summer Course, Jonathan Harding secured a 15 Sec Club 5K PB (00:19:28), his 6th PB of 2022.

Fen Gallop 10K
In his Debut Club Run, Terry Hill was the sole BRJ’er among the 212 finishers in position 43 in a time of 00:46:16.


Chelmsford Junior Discovery Triathlon (Tristar 3)
Henry Reeve successfully completed his 3rd Triathlon of the season finishing in 19th position of the 30 entrants in an overall time of 00:39:14. His individual stats were:-

Swim – 00:08:25
T1 – 00:00:37
Bike – 00:16:39
T2 – 00:00:47
Run – 00:12:47

Sywell Triathlon (Sprint)
Heledd Marshall-Roberts finished another Sprint Distance Tri, this time in 48th position of the 87 entrants in an overall time of 1:26:25. Her individual stats were:-

Swim – 00:16:49
T1 – 00:02:08
Bike – 00:44:56
T2 – 00:00:50
Run – 00:21:44

Outlaw 1/2 Ironman Triathlon (Holkham)
Stuart Hathaway finished in 158th position of the 853 entrants in an overall time of 5:19:29. His individual stats were:-

Swim (1.2M) – 00:42:08
T1 – 00:02:20
Bike (56M) – 2:48:58
T2 – 00:01:27
Run (13.1M) – 1:44:36

Monster Triathlon (UK)
Ricardo Miller & both Simon Moore demonstrated outstanding performances across all Triathlon disciplines by successfully completing this ultra extreme distance event. The Triathlon was staged across 7 consecutive days over a total distance of 1,055K i.e. a massive 683 miles. Day 1 started with a 5K swim in Loch Ness followed on Day 2 by the bike phase consisting of a total distance of 1,000K over 5 days from its start from Loch Ness to Windsor (Berkshire). The final phase was an Ultra Distance run from Windsor to Richmond (Surrey) along the Thames Tow Path, a distance of 50K. This was not a race, so there were no finish times to publish.

22nd July


Junior Parkrun 2K
Amelie Ward was the sole BRJ Junior in action at any Junior 2K (Jubilee Park)

Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers retuned to Castle Park, Gadebridge, Heaton (Club 5K debut for Kelsey Crickmore) & Whittlesey. At Edinburgh, Jess Barrett-Drylie secured a new Club 5K PB by 2 Secs.

Melanie Gearing made a Club debut at Hastings High School although the venue was located in Hinckley & not Hastings!

At Huntingdon, Jonathan Harding secured his 2nd Club 5K, PB & #7 of 2022, in consecutive weekends by a margin of 15 Secs, whilst Paul Treadwell PB’d by 25 Secs (PB #2 of 2022). Alexandra Smart completed Parkrun #250 & Keith Simmons #350.

Whitemoor Darren’s Dash 1.5K
Tom Sheldon, in his Club Debut 1.5K, finished 9th of the 56 competitors in a time of 00:09:47 & 1st Boy U11. This was his 4th Club PB of 2022.

Peterborough Grand Prix Series 5K Race 2
Race 2 of the 5 race Grand Prix Series took place at Stamford Rugby Club. Sadly, no BRJ Juniors participated in the 3K, but in the 5K, 6 BRJ’ers were among the 219 finishers. Keelan Duffy & Claire Ashton fresh from a exhausting overseas Business trip, were our leading Men / Women.

Harriet Dolby made her Club debut securing the 3rd FU17 award.

Race 3 in the 2022 Grand Prix Series take place at Ferry Meadows on 20th July. The Junior 3K starts at 7PM & the Senior 5K at 7:30PM. Both events count towards the 2022 Club Running Championships. The individual stats were:-

NAME                     TIME           POSITION      INFO
Keelan Duffy           00:17:15      9                     2nd MU20
Ian Wilson               00:23:40      99
Michael Shaw         00:26:48      145
Claire Ashton          00:26:58      148
Harriet Dolby           00:27:14      158                3rd FU17
Juliet Aungier          00:27:26      161

Bedford AAA 10K
Kerry Surkitt  finishing in 74th position from 96 in a time of 00:52:02. Kerry secured 3rd FV45-49.


Leighton Buzzard Junior Triathlon
Henry Reeve finished the Tristar 3 event in 7th place of the 40 competitors in a time of 00:30:47. Henry’s stats were:-

Swim – 00:04:54
T1 – 00:00:42
Bike. – 00:14:07
T2 – 00:00:25
Run – 00:10:38


18th July


BRJ’ers made returns to Edinburgh, Ferry Meadows, Pocket & Sheringham. No Club PB’s were secured at these venues, However, at Storeys Field Kelsey Crickmore secured Club PB #3 of 2022 by a 54 Sec margin and at Leicester Victoria, Iain Drylie achieved a 11 Sec Club PB.

Parkrun tourists Peter Jackson & Phil Pearsons made a Club Debut at The Cinder Track (Whitby).

At Huntingdon, Tim Legge achieved a 39 Sec Club PB, #5 of 2022. Unluckiest athlete was in-form Ruth Foster who exactly matched her existing Club 5K PB. Richard Stevens completed Parkrun #125.

Durham City Run 5K
William Dales made a return to this City Centre course around the hilly streets of historic Durham. Wiliam completed the race in 15th position from the 554 finishers in a time of 00:18:29.

Eye Charity 5M
In humid conditions a small but select trio of BRJ’ers were amongst the 117 finishers in this annual event organised by Eye Community Runners to raise funds for their Club’s nominated charity. Jonathan Harding, in his Debut Club 5M, led home the squad in 7th place in a time of 00:31:59.
Mike Gullis secured 52nd position (00:41:47) & Michael Shaw position 63 in 00:43:17. Both Jonathan & Mike secured Age Category podium positions, 2nd MV40-44 & 3rd MV60-64 respectively. A total of £900 was raised.

Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog 5M
The event is based in Thetford Forest & had 275 finishers. 4 BRJ’ers participated & their individual stats were:

NAME                TIME          POSITION 
David Thomas    00:52:01     99
Jane Thomas      00:54:15    123
Claire Few          1:01:32       190
Kate Ruddock     1:01:32       191


Harry Hawkes Summer Raceway 10M
Despite advice to avoid excessive exercise in the warm conditions, Felicity Baillie headed to Thames Ditton alongside 165 other participants, to run her Club 10 Mile debut. Felicity finished in 34th position in a time of 1:11:25, placing her as 5th Fastest BRJ Lady over the distance & just 12 Secs behind 4th placed Treena Gilbert.


29th July



5K – There were BRJ returns to Ferry Meadows, Rosliston & Sheringham (Richard Orrell completed Parkrun #225). At Whittlesey, Junior Tom Sheldon made his Club 5K debut. Stephen Rochford made a BRJ Debut at the Sandhurst Memorial Parkrun.

At Huntingdon, there were new Club PB’s for Kerry Surkitt by 13 Secs & Ian Lasseter by 33 Secs. Ian Wilson completed Parkrun #225 & Alice Edwards #250.

Peterborough Grand Prix Series Race #3 (Ferry Meadows)
Race 3 of this 5 Race Series was hosted by PANVAC at Ferry Meadows. As was the case with both Races 1 & 2, there was no BRJ Junior presence in the 3K. In the 5K, there was 1 Junior & 14 Senior participants amongst the 283 finishers.

The good running conditions enabled 5 members to achieve new Club 5K PB’s, but sadly this did not include Paul Mitton as he exactly matched his existing Club 5K PB time. The 5 PB’ers were:-

Marcela Gracova by 1 Sec (Reinforcing her dominance as Senior Lady 5K Distance Champion)
Rob Farrant by 5 Secs
Alex Mitton by 11 Secs
Chloe Wilson & Junior Harriet Dolby by 23 Secs

Sadly, a failure with the timing equipment meant that all finishers after position 213 did not receive finish time, thus affecting 3 of our members.

The complete set of club results, including Age Graded Scores counting towards the Senior Running Champs, were;

Race: Peterborough Grand Prix Series 5K (Race 3 – Ferry Meadows)     Date: 20/07/22   Nos of Finishers: 283
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
12 Keelan Duffy 00:16:36 78.21% 2nd MU20
18 Robert Farrant 00:16:48 87.10% PB
36 Marcela Gracova 00:18:14 82.72% PB, 2nd Woman & 1st FV35-39
52 Alex Mitton 00:19:03 68.15% PB
62 Paul Mitton 00:19:25 75.36%
65 Jonathan Harding 00:19:32 72.18%
138 Ian Wilson 00:23:12 63.58%
166 Alison Orrell 00:24:53 71.87% 2nd FV55-59
185 Michael Shaw 00:25:45 62.52%
202 Chloe Wilson 00:26:34 55.71% PB
209 Clive Best 00:26:44 65.34%
210 Harriet Dolby 00:26:51 N/A PB
228 Kate Ruddock *
252 Anna Best * 3rd FV65-69
260 Karen James *
*NOTE:  No Race Finish Time Available. Equipment Technical Issue

*NOTE: No Race Finish Time Available. Equipment Technical Issue

A reminder that Race 4 takes place on the 3 August at Werrington Sports Centre & that the next “Nominated” event in the Junior & Senior Club Running Championships is the Huntingdon 5K Parkrun on the 13 August.

Schools Out Run Marathon
A day after securing a 5K PB at Parkrun, Kerry Surkitt braved very hot conditions to complete another full marathon. Just 15 athletes braved the brutal conditions with Kerry finishing in a time of 6:10:30. An Age Grading score of 41.04% counted towards the 2022 Senior Running Championships.

Martin Doig Junior & Senior Guesstimates
This annual club competition started back in 2011 in honour of former BRJ member Martin Doig. The participants predict their likely finish time and run a course announced on the night without the benefit of a time piece. The route for Junior members was approx 1.5K & for Seniors 5K around Hinchingbrooke Country Park. The individuals finishing closest to their predicted times are declared the winners. For 2022, the participants included Martin’s son, Tom, himself a former club member The ultimate best predictors on the night were Junior Tom Sheldon finishing within 4 secs of his predicted time & Senior Clive Best just 2 Secs. A total of £167 was raised towards the Club Charity.

Mike Gullis is arranging for the trophies to be engraved. Results for all of the participants are:-

Martin Doig Guesstimate – 2022 (JUNIOR)
Predicted Time Actual Time Time Difference Name
(a) (b) (c) (d)
00:09:40 00:09:44 00:00:04 Tom Sheldon
00:12:37 00:12:28 00:00:09 Jack Reeve
00:11:33 00:11:45 00:00:12 Mason Rogers
00:11:24 00:11:42 00:00:18 Oliver Carmody
00:14:42 00:14:20 00:00:22 Emily Marshall-Roberts
00:19:00 00:18:24 00:00:36 Khushee Khosla
00:10:58 00:09:40 00:01:18 Henry Reeve
00:16:30 00:17:54 00:01:24 Sophie Marshall-Roberts
00:12:36 00:14:00 00:01:24 Dixie Swales
00:24:00 00:22:18 00:01:42 Leif Meyer
00:14:15 00:11:58 00:02:17 Joseph Carmody
00:13:42 00:16:30 00:02:48 Lia McMahon


Martin Doig Guesstimate – 2022 (SENIOR)
Predicted Time Actual Time Time Difference Name
(a) (b) (c) (d)
00:27:41 00:27:39 00:00:02 Clive Best
00:31:20 00:31:31 00:00:11 Natalie Smith
00:19:53 00:19:28 00:00:25 William Dales
00:24:38 00:24:06 00:00:32 Gilles Corby
00:27:00 00:26:28 00:00:32 Alexandra Smart
00:26:13 00:25:39 00:00:34 Heledd Marshall-Roberts
00:29:13 00:29:48 00:00:35 Kate Ruddock
00:21:22 00:20:44 00:00:38 Paul Mitton
00:20:09 00:19:30 00:00:39 Alex Mitton
00:27:48 00:27:09 00:00:39 Juliet Aungier
00:24:18 00:25:00 00:00:42 David Newton
00:29:00 00:29:47 00:00:47 Claire Ashton
00:23:00 00:22:13 00:00:47 Tom Doig
00:31:23 00:32:12 00:00:49 Anna Best
00:25:14 00:24:17 00:00:57 Richard Braddick
00:27:17 00:26:16 00:01:01 Paul Treadwell
00:25:45 00:24:41 00:01:04 Phillip Graham-Clare
00:26:00 00:24:06 00:01:54 Jessicca Barrett-Drylie
00:24:30 00:22:07 00:02:23 Richard Orrell
00:31:33 00:28:51 00:02:42 Phil Pearsons
00:24:37 00:21:26 00:03:11 Felicity Baillie



Castle Howard Junior Triathlon
Henry Reeve travelled to this iconic Yorkshire location for another Junior Tri event. His race in the Tristar 3 category was again not without incident as this was his first event using Bike Cleats but a puncture at the 5K stage of the bike phase meant Henry had to run with his bike the remaining 1k of the bike course. At the end of the swim phase, Henry was in 3rd position of the 61 finishers, but the mechanical issues meant his final finish position was 27th in a time of 00:45:42.

Outlaw Triathlon
John Clark returned to Nottingham to secure a 50 Minute improvement when compared to his finish time in the 2021 event. In addition to the hot & humid conditions, the headwinds in the latter stages of the 112 Mile bike phase was challenging. John completed the race in a time of 12:55:42 in position 377 of the 701 finishers.

John’s detailed stats were:
Swim (2.4M) – 1:21:57
T1 – 00:08:50
Bike (112M) – 6:14:35
T2 – 00:05:34
Run (26.2M) – 5:04:46