1st March


Jubilee Parkrun – Katie Lasseter completed 2K Parkrun #50. This 2K Parkrun was the “Nominated” event for February 2022 in the Junior Running Championships. The finish times & Age / Gender Graded scores achieved by our 2 Junior participants were:-
Katie Lasseter – 00:09:15 – 65.14%
Tom Sheldon – 00:09:39 – 59.86%

BRJ’ers returned to Alice Holt, Belvoir Castle, Conyngham, Hove Promenade, Lota, Sandringham & Whittlesey. No PB were secured at these venues. At Gt Denham, the in-form Felicity Baillie secured an 8 Sec Club 5K PB closing the gap to 3 Secs to BRJ’s 3rd fastest Woman over 5K, Shelley Duffy.

Going into the weekend, Marcela Gracova was already BRJ’s fastest Woman over 5K, but her time of 00:18:15 run at Storeys Field represented a significant 24 Sec Club 5K PB thus reinforcing her position as Champion,

BRJ Parkrun debuts were made at Armley (Keelan Duffy), Harleston Magpies (Alice Edwards) & Rendlesham Forest (Colin West)

At Huntingdon , William Dales took 1st overall with new 2 Club 5k PBs for Matthew Ainscow by 33 Secs & Katie Lassetter by 5 Secs. Alex Mitton secured a Course PB

This Parkrun was a “Nominated” event in the 2022 Junior Running Champs. The scores achieved by our 3 Junior participants were:-
Katie Lasseter – 00:25:32 – 66.19%
Matthew Ainscow – 00:27:14 – 48.65%
Rebecca Ainscow – 00:31:47 – 49.66%

Race day offered significantly improved running conditions from those just a few days earlier. Of the 6,570 finishers our athletes stats were:-

Ian Wilson, Position 1,356 in 1:43:26
Alan Hannibal, Position 2,765 in 1:56:53
Nigel Maggs, Position 3,336 in 2:02:09

Lisa Shacklock was the sole BRJ entry of the 999 finishers. Lisa finished in position 671 in a time of 2:01:38 & securing a 2 Min 41 Sec Club 1/2 Marathon PB over the time Lisa set at Cambridge in 2021.

The Tarpley 10M & 20M were “Nominated” events in the 2022 Senior Running Champs. There were no BRJ entrants in the 10 Mile event meaning just 4 of our athletes competed in the undulating 20 Miler which attracted 299 finishers (David Hudson a former BRJ Member is the course record holder). Thomas Brand made his Club 20M debut, with Age Category podium places for Annette Newton (1st FV65) & David Newton (2nd MV70).

The finish times & Age Graded scores counting towards the Championships achieved by our Senior participants were:-
David Newton – Position 128 – 2:45:25 – 77.84%
Amanda Roland-Convey – Position 179 – 2:57:37 – 63.38%
Annette Newton – Position 196 – 3:03:29 – 81.92%
Thomas Brand – Position 259 – 3:29:27 – 51.68%

Kerry Surkitt was the 1st home of the 4 finishers in this Trail Ultra Marathon taking place at Brandon Country Park. Kerry completed 9 laps (29.7 Miles) in a time of 6:08:35.


6th March


Katie Lasseter lead home the entire field at a muddy Jubilee Park. This fine performance will give her a confidence booster ahead of the final Junior BRJ hosted Frostbite at the same venue on 13th March.

BRJ’ers returned to muddy Ferry Meadows (Course PB for Stuart Hathaway), Henlow Lakes, Littleport, Rutland Water, Storeys Field, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Whittlesey & Wimpole. NoClub PB’s were secured at these events.

BRJ’ers made a club debut at the Dallas Burston Polo Club venue (Pat / Peter Jackson & Phil Pearson).

At Huntingdon, Ian Lasseter secured Club PB #3 of 2022 with a 33 Sec improvement & Katherine Ireson completed Parkrun #250.

As a warm up to the Cambridge 1/2 Marathon the following day, Felicity Baillie secured the runner-up position & 1st Woman in a time of 00:47:31.

The weather improved significantly for race day, although the very early start meant that time having to wait in the pre-race holding area was a tad chilly for many. The event is the “Nominated” event for March in the 2022 Senior Running Champions & the scores our finishers achieved are shown as a percentage in the list of results. If you find you are not shown in the results list you should contact our Results Officer, Mike Gullis.

There were some fantastic results across the Club squad which was led home by a stunning run by Keelan Duffy, with a PB time that promotes him to 8th fastest BRJ Man over the distance. Our lead Woman was again Marcela Gracova with yet another Club PB, #3 of 2022 so far.

There were numerous Club PB’s, which in order of merit, were Gerry Pye by 12 Mins 50 Secs, Keelan Duffy by 8 Mins 46 Secs, Danny Hawksford by 5 Mins 57 Secs, Alex Mitton by 5 Mins 18 Secs, David Barrett-Hague by 2 Mins 46 Secs, Lisa Shacklock by 2 Mins 40 Secs, Marcela Gracova by 1 Min 41 Secs & Chloe Wilson by 36 Secs.

Tim Legge made his Club 1/2 Marathon debut.

Race: Cambridge 1/2 Marathon     Date: 6/3/22   Nos of Finishers: 9,889
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
106 Keelan Duffy 01:15:50 76.99% PB & 2nd Junior Male
168 Joseph Emery 01:18:07 NA 2nd Claim
254 Danny Hawksford 01:20:25 73.80% PB
266 Kevin Claypole 01:20:37 75.56%
497 Marcela Gracova 01:25:02 78.44% PB
553 Simon Moore 01:25:46 74.66%
590 Mark Elliott 01:26:27 69.92%
693 Alex Mitton 01:27:47 66.55% PB
713 Jonathan Harding 01:27:58 70.41%
1276 Tim Legge 01:33:53 66.52% Debut Club 1/2 Marathon
1677 Adrian Beer 01:37:21 61.29%
1956 Neil Whitaker 01:39:18 60.88%
2273 Felicity Baillie 01:41:32 64.66%
2379 John Clark 01:42:12 61.88%
2550 Ian Wilson 01:43:08 62.62%
2646 David Barrett-Hague 01:43:34 65.18% PB
2848 Gerry Pye 01:44:40 65.08% PB
3376 Alison Orrell 01:47:52 75.02%
3425 Ian Wibberley 01:48:07 58.24%
3412 John Parker 01:48:03 58.77%
4113 Stephen Rochford 01:51:38 58.87%
4382 Paul Treadwell 01:53:06 62.48%
5150 Alex Howard 01:56:44 58.88%
5642 Lisa Shacklock 01:58:58 64.64% PB
5848 Francesca Lasman 01:59:56 61.23%
5891 Thomas Brand 02:00:11 57.19%
6032 Juliet Aungier 02:01:16 55.29%
7135 Dan Ainscow 02:09:12 49.56%
7203 Louise Clinton 02:09:37 57.21%
7293 Chloe Wilson 02:10:11 50.31% PB
7901 Nicki McMahon 02:15:02 48.95% Pacer
8028 Gerard Baker 02:16:18 48.21%
8571 Anna Best 02:22:12 66.42%
8918 Sue Yendley 02:27:01 54.32%
8919 Melanie Gearing 02:27:01 49.84%
9009 Alexandra Smart 02:30:09 45.55% Pacer
9328 Jane Ainscow 02:35:58 46.98%
9381 Jonathan Eason 02:37:50 38.30%
9506 Iain Drylie 02:41:55 44.91%

14th March


BRJ’ers made returns to Chilton Fields, Cormaston Lakes, Letchworth, Littleport, Storeys Field & Wimple. At Bedford, Stuart Hathaway secured a 6 Sec Club 5K PB.

BRJ debuts occurred at Alton Water (Pat/Peter Jackson & Phil Persons), Bartley Park (Tony Farrow), Bower Park (Michael Shaw) & Downham Market Academy (Melanie Gearing).

Huntingdon saw Club PB #2 in respective weeks for Gerry Pye by 14 Secs, Parkrun #50 for Joanna Watts & 250 for Paul Mitton. Unluckiest athlete was Dianne Shutt who exactly matched her existing Club 5K PB.

Felicity Bailiie ventured to the Olympic Park for this mid-week 5K. Of the 135 finishers, Felicity secured an excellent 6th Position & 1st Woman in a time of 00:19:17, just 5 Secs shy of her current Club 5K PB.

Anthony & Ruth Foster were the sole BRJ participants in this event that links Burghley & Stamford. Of the 1,419 finishers Ruth was in position 301 in a time of 00:55:77 & Anthony in position 814 in 1:06:18.

The course comprises a single lap of an undulating course passing through some of the many pretty villages of Northamptonshire. 319 finishers overcame the strong winds & cold conditions. Despite the very tough conditions our members secured a Club PB, 2 Club Distance Debuts & 2 Age Category Gold Medals.

POS     NAME                             TIME        NOTES
31        Jonathan Harding            2:24:30    Debut Club 20M
35        Paul Mitton                      2:26:07    PB by 10 Mins 14 Secs since Oakley 2017
70        Mark Elliott                      2:36:55
111      David Newton                  2:48:21    1st MV70
161     Amanda Roland-Convey  3:00:37
172     Annette Newton                3:03:22    1st FV70
220     Paul Treadwell                  3:16:40
247     Caroline Tiller                   3:26:21     Debut Club 20M


The final event of the Frostbite season took place in conditions that were somewhat colder & windier than the Met Office had predicted. On both courses the significant rain over recent weeks made parts of the course boggy & strong headwinds appeared in whichever direction you were facing. Despite this, a good number of Venue Champions & Venue PB’s were recorded.

The staging of a number of other local running events coupled with those members undertaking Marshalling & other vital support duties for our “Home” Frostbite meant that the numbers representing BRJ were significantly reduced.

Prior to the start of the Senior event, a presentation was held to honour those members across the Frostbite community that had significantly contributed to the success of the League over the years. Deservedly, BRJ’er John O’Callaghan (aka John’O) was recognised as a “Legend of the Frostbite League”.

Lastly, many thanks go to our Frostbite Officer, Claire Few & Kate Ruddock her 2 i/c for their outstanding work during the 2021 / 2022 season. Looking forward, the League re-commences on the 9th October 2022 (1 week after London Marathon) at an event at Hinchingbrooke Country Park hosted by Hunts AC.

The results can be found on the Results tab of the Frostbite League website – www.frostbiteleague.org

The Junior squad were represented by 7 Junior Athletes (4 Boys & 3 Girls), our highest number for the season. Their race stats were:-

Henry Reeve – Debut at Venue & Team Scorer
Freya Harris – PB at Venue, Team Scorer & now Fastest BRJ Girl at this Venue
Christopher Scott – PB at Venue & Team Scorer
Thomas Portieri – Debut at Venue & Team Scorer
Leif Meyer – Team Scorer
Katie Lasseter – Debut at Venue
Nyah Scott – Debut at Venue

Our squad finished 5th on the day, meaning that they remain in 6th place overall of the 15 teams at competitions end.

The squad was represented by 22 Seniors (12 Men & 10 Women). Their race stats were:-

Keelan Duffy – PB at Venue, Team Scorer & now 2nd Fastest BRJ Man at this Venue
Harrison Evans – Team Scorer
Marcela Gracova – Debut at Venue, Team Scorer & now Fastest BRJ Woman at this Venue
Rob Farrant – Team Scorer
Neil Whitaker – PB at Venue & Team Scorer
Felicity Baillie – PB at Venue, Team Scorer & now 3rd Fastest BRJ Woman at this Venue
Tim Legge – Debut at Venue & Team Scorer
Alex Mitton – PB at Venue & Team Scorer
Ian Lasseter – Debut at Venue & Team Scorer
Richard Orrell – PB at Venue
Heledd Marshall-Roberts – Debut at Venue & Team Scorer
Ian Wilson – PB at Venue
Simon Lumley – Debut at Venue
Alexandra Smart – PB at Venue
Lisa Shacklock – Debut at Venue
Juliet Aungier – PB at Venue
Maria Meyer – Debut at Venue

Our squad finished 6th on the day, meaning that in the final standings we were demoted 1 place from Race 5 by a resurgent Riverside Runners thus finishing in 5th overall of the 16 clubs.

2 BRJ’ers, Alice Synge & Kerry Surkitt, participated in the historic Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon. In the Women’s race, Alice Synge completed the race in 5th position of the 37 finishers in 3:43:28 (63.86% Age Grading), about 5 Mins short of her Club PB. Kerry finished in 16th position in a time of 4:21:17 (58.19% Age Grading) representing a significant 21 Min 5 Sec Club PB compared to the Huntingdon Remembrance Run of 14 November 2021.


The following report was kindly provided by Alice – It was a good run, friendly and well organised but with a small Women’s field. Great marking for such a complicated route. A lot of the route was quite exposed and a fair bit of wind on the day so that was a challenge, plus a twisty turny route with a variety of surfaces including a nasty field with a hill in mile 24 that was quite tough.  Plenty of gates and chicanes. Great aid stations.  Very satisfying to circumnavigate this local city.
Race: Cambridge Bounday Marathon (Womens Race)    Date: 13/3/22   Nos of Finishers: 37
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
5 Alice Synge 03:43:28 63.86%
16 Kerry Surkitt 04:21:17 58.19%

28th March


At Jubilee Park, Freya Harris was the sole BRJ participant & the overall race winner.

PARKRUN 5K (19 March)
There were BRJ returns to Belton House, Portobello (Edinburgh) & Stevenage. No Club PB’s were achieved at these venues.

Club PB’s were secured at Ferry Meadows (Gerry Pye by 15 Secs), Hunstanton Promenade (Stuart Hathaway by 13 Secs) & Mura di Luca (Italy) where Dianne Shutt secured a 2 Min 23 Sec PB & Anna Best completing Parkrun #150 & Sue Yendley #350.

At Huntingdon, Paul Mitton secured a course PB & Club Senior Captain, Alan Hannibal, completed his 200th Huntingdon Parkrun.

At Jubilee Park, Freya Harris was again the sole BRJ’er & took the runner-up position.

PARKRUN 5K (26 March)
There were BRJ returns to Downham Market Academy, Fulbourn Hospital, Gladstone, Great Denham, Whittlesey, Wimpole & Woodhouse Moor. No Club PB’s were secured at any of these venues.

Colin West travelled down to “The Smoke” to make a Club Debut at the Charlton Parkrun.

At Huntingdon, the unluckiest BRJ’er was Ian Drylie as he exactly matched his existing Club 5k PB set back in December 2021 at this venue.

Michael Shaw participated in this event that finished inside the grounds of Carlisle Castle in position 138 / 254 in a time of 1:01:03

Michael Shaw participated in this Cockermouth based event finishing in position 116 / 154 in 00:59:22

Bedford Autodrome Running Grand Prix
The event comprised running events from 5K to full Marathon based on routes within the confines of the former Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE). BRJ’ers successfully completed in 3 of the distances on offer.

10K – 3 BRJ’ers were among the 154 finishers. There was 1 new Club PB & all 3 secured Age Category podium positions. Their individual stats were:-

NAME                   TIME          POSITION         NOTES
Harrison Evans     00:38:26     11                      PB by 11 Secs since Grantchester 2018 & 2nd MV35
Richard Orrell        00:46:49     38                     3rd MV55
Alison Orrell           00:48:28     42                     1st FV55

20 Miles – Thomas Brand finished in 32nd position of the 38 finishers in a time of 3:31:09 taking 3rd MV55 podium place.

Marathon – Kerry Surkitt was 50th of the 99 finishers securing her 5th Club Running PB of 2022 to date. Her finish time of 3:49:17 (66.32% Age Grading) represented a 32 Min improvement based on her previous PB set at March 2022’s Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon.

4th April


A busy running weekend, with much improved weather which saw individual successes in the Thorney 10K & 2 members joining the 132 Men & 107 Women that are members of the “BRJ Marathon Club”.

Sadly, because of potential inclement weather, the BRJ Junior Track 1M planned for 30th March that was the “nominated” event in the 2022 Junior Running Championships was cancelled. To event is to be re-scheduled to a date yet to be agreed by the Club Committee.

Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Burgess, Castle Park, Colney Lane, Ferry Meadows, Fountains Abbey, Linford Wood, Pocket, Somerdale Pavilion, Storeys Field (Willian Dales exactly matched his current Club 5K PB), Whittlesey, Wimpole & Woodhouse Moor. No Club PB’s were secured at these venues.

At Huntingdon, Marco Wassersleben completed Parkrun #350 & Pat Jackson #400.

Keith Hall Memorial Thorney 10K

The event was held for the first time since 2019 and was recently re-named in memory of the late Keith Hall who was the Chairman of Thorney Running Club & for many years the Head Referee of the Frostbite Friendly League. This 10K was the “Nominated” event for April in the BRJ Senior Running Championship & the results show the Age Graded scores that count towards the Champs.

The weather was more favourable than in previous days, but the wind direction was variable meaning that the expected tail winds on the return journey to the finish line turned out to be a headwind. Despite these challenges, the 13 BRJ participants among the 277 finishers secured 4 new Club 10K PB’s, 1 Debut Club 10K (Lisa Shacklock), 2 Age Category Podium Places (Anna Best & Heledd Marshall-Roberts) & 1 Sub-60 minute Debut for the distance (Anna Best). The PB’ers, in order of merit were:-

Kerry Surkitt (by 5 Mins 26 Secs since the 2021 Peterborough NYE event), Anna Best (by 2 Mins 27 Secs since June 2021’s Peterborough Midsummer 10K), Heledd Marshall-Roberts (by 2 Mins 7 Secs since the same Peterborough Midsummer event) & Stuart Hathaway (by 1 Min 52 Sec since Thorney 2017).

Race: Thorney 10K     Date: 3/4/22   Nos of Finishers: 277
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
49 Stuart Hathway 00:39:48 76.13% PB
69 Neil Whitaker 00:41:34 67.20%
106 Richard Orrell 00:46:00 70.00%
110 Heledd Marshall-Roberts 00:46:13 66.57% PB & 2nd FV35-39
118 Melanie Wiffin 00:46:38 67.41%
134 Kerry Surkitt 00:48:11 70.29% PB
138 Alison Orrell 00:48:43 76.74%
140 Ruth Foster 00:49:14 76.91%
170 Lisa Shacklock 00:53:04 66.96% Debut Club 10k
171 Mike Gullis 00:53:12 64.00%
174 Clive Best 00:53:19 67.08%
193 Anthony Foster 00:56:37 59.02%
215 Anna Best 00:59:41 73.02% PB & 3rd FV65+


Looking forward, the next “Nominated” event in the Senior Running Champs is the flat & fast Eye 10K being held on Sunday 8th May 2022.

London Landmarks 1/2 Marathon
Melanie Gearing & Chloe Wilson joined 11,615 runners in a tour of many of the major historical landmarks of Central London. Chloe finished in position 5,569 in a time of 2:10:23. Melanie, running Half Marathon #46 of a challenge to complete 50 halves, finished in position 8,147 in 2:26:36.

Rutland Water 1/2 Marathon
Tom Brand & Kevin Ryan were amongst the 526 finishers in this local 1/2 Marathon. Kevin finished in position 264 in 2:03:55 & Tom in 266 in 2:04:06. Both finished just outside their existing Club 1/2 Marathon PB’s.

Essex Marathon (RAF Debden)
Jonathan Harding participated in his Debut Club Marathon over a course based at ex-US Air Force Base Debden, finishing in 7th position of the 41 competitors in a time of 3:03:43. An Age Graded score of 70.99% counts towards the 2022 Running Championships. Jonathan secured the bronze medal in his Age Category.

Manchester Marathon
As part of a campaign to raise funds for 2 Animal Rescue charities, Chloe Barker-Rudd successfully completed her Debut Club Marathon in a sunny Manchester. Chloe finished in position 12,651 out of 14,170 in a time of 5:18:04 (Age Grading 42.57%).






13th April 2022


BRJ’ers returned to Erddig, Holkham, Kettering (Keelan Duffy took 1st place), March, Market Rasen Racecourse, Salcey Forest, Sandringham, Swaffham & Wimpole. No PB’s were secured at these venues. At Stratford-upon-Avon, Richard Orrell continued his new found run of form in 2022 with a 7 Sec Club 5K PB, his 3rd PB of the year so far.

At Huntingdon, which was celebrating its 9th anniversary, Ian Percy made his Club 5K Debut & Kathryn Middlehurst completed Parkrun #250.

Cambourne Junior 1 Mile
Making their Club 1M debuts, Katie & Amy Lasseter were among the 59 finishers. Katie finished in 7th position (2nd Girl U13) in a time of 00:07:10 & Amy in position 22 in 00:08:58.

Cambourne 10K
Keelan Duffy finished in 3rd position (1st MU20) of the 328 finishers missing his current Club 10K PB by just 2 seconds when compared with December 2021’s Peterborough NYE 10K. Harrison Evans, in training for October 2022’s London Marathon, secured a top 10 finish. A summary of the BRJ results is:-

NAME                      TIME                     POSITION        NOTES
Keelan Duffy            00:35:49                3                      1st MU20
Harrison Evans        00:39:32               10
Dan Ainscow            00:59:45               211
Jane Ainscow           1:12:06                 300

Brighton Marathon
Near perfect weather conditions greeted the 5 BRJ participants of the 8,290 finishers, which saw 2 Club Marathon PB’s & 2 individuals joining the “BRJ Marathon Club”. Simon Moore led home the BRJ squad followed by Nicki McMahon with a new Club PB by 6 Mins 46 Secs compared to her run at London in October 2021. Nicki is now the 10th fastest BRJ lady over the Marathon distance just 3 Mins 12 Secs behind Alice Synge in 9th place.

Despite some recent injury “niggles”, Paul Treadwell also secured a Club PB by a significant margin of 14 Mins 17 Secs over September 2021’s unseasonably hot Berlin Marathon.

Both Karen Gilchrist & Caroline Tiller successfully made their Club Marathon Debuts. The results summary is:-

NAME                  TIME         POSITION     NOTES
Simon Moore       3:27:59      886                 Age Grading Score 64.84%
Nicki McMahon    3:39:19      1,381              PB & Age Grading Score 62.66%
Paul Treadwell     4:15:08      3,716              PB & Age Grading Score 58.34%
Caroline Tiller       4:29:20      4,668              Debut Club Marathon & Age Grading Score 55.12%
Karen Gilchrist     4:36:58      5,127               Debut Club Marathon & Age Grading Score 57.01%

Great Welsh Marathon
As training for Septembers Berlin Marathon, Annette & David Newton were part of the 424 finishers. The coastal course, although scenic, was undulating & windy in places. David finished in 115th position in a time of 3:42:46 (jut 5 Mins shy of his current Club PB) & 3rd in the MV65+ Age Category (77.30% Age Grading score counting towards the Senior Running Championships) & Annette in position 193 (1st in the FV60+ Age Category) just dipping under 4 hours in 3:59:40 (Age Grading of 85.66%).

Rose of the Shires Ultra
A weekend break from running over the Marathon distance saw Kerry Surkitt participate in this Northamptonshire based 54 Mile Ultra event. The course was 28% road & 72% trail starting & finishing in Brixworth Country Park with an overall elevation of 3,794 feet. Kerry ran with a chest infection thus the second half of the event was a mix of run / walking, but despite the health challenges she successfully completed the event in position 74 from the 80 finishers in a time of 13 Hrs 4 Mins 36 Secs.

18th April


Junior Parkrun 2K – Amy & Katie Lasseter attending Jubilee Park were the sole Junior BRJ’ers in action in a Junior Parkrun on Easter Sunday..

Parkrun 5K – The sunny weather saw BRJ returns to Parkruns at Belvoir Castle, Downham Market Academy, Faelledparken (Copenhagen, Denmark), Holkham, March, Market Rasen Racecourse, Shipley County, Southwark, Thetford & Wimpole. There were no Club PB’s at these venues. At Pocket (St Neots), Sam Hathaway made his Club 5K debut.

BRJ’ers made Club Parkrun Debuts at the beach based Hafan Pwllheli (Wales) for Ruth & Tony Foster & at Ziegelweise (Leipzig, Germany) for Marco Wassersleben who secured the runner-up spot

At a very sunny Huntingdon, Felicity Baillie led home the BRJ contingent in a personal Course Record time, whilst 2 BRJ’ers secured new Club 5K PB’s, namely Ian Lasseter by 24 Secs (PB #4 of 2022) & Kevin Ryan by 44 Secs.

Easter Challenge Ultra
In preparation for May’s Edinburgh Marathon, Tom Brand successfully completed the “Easter Challenge Ultra” based around 5K laps of Hinchingbrooke Country Park. Having started a new Lap before the 6 Hour mark, Tom completed 9 laps totalling a distance of 45K (28 Miles) finishing in 10th position in a time of 6 Hrs 30 Secs 59 Secs.

22nd April

Parkrun Junior 2K – At Jubilee Park, Ethan Ward earned himself a 36 Sec Club 2K PB against his time set on the same course on 7 November 2021. Emily Marshall-Roberts made her Club 2K Debut.

Parkrun 5K – BRJ’ers made returns to Alton Water, Bury St Edmunds, Eglington, Scotland (Course PB for Maureen Wickson), Faelled (Copenhagen, Denmark), Great Denham (Course PB for Marcela Gracova), Haverhill, Moors Valley, Roundhay (1st place & Course PB for Keelan Duffy), Sheringham, Storeys Field, Whittlesey & Wimpole. At Littleport, John Clark secured a 35 Sec Club 5K PB when compared to the Great City event on 17 July 2018.

At a sunny Huntingdon, 3 members achieved new Club PB’s. These were, Kerry Surkitt (by 1 Min 20 Secs since the Belvoir Parkrun of 29 January 2022 & Running PB #7 of 2022), Heledd Marshall-Roberts (by 1 Min 5 Secs since Huntingdon 22 January 2022, PB #4 of 2022 & first lady finisher) & Ian Lasseter (by 37 Secs since Huntingdon 16 April 2022).

New Junior Member, Sam Hathaway, secured a Course PB & Paul Treadwell completed Parkrun #125. Unluckiest Club athlete was Tim Legge, missing a new Club 5K PB by just 3 Secs.

Fen Drayton 10K
7 BRJ’ers were among the 178 finishers securing 1 Club Debut 10K & 2 Age Category podium positions. The individual stats were:-

NAME                    TIME                    POSITION      INFO
Eugene Gill            00:53:05               68
Matthew Ainscow   00:59:17              119                 Debut Club 10K & 1st MU17
Dan Ainscow          00:59:21              121
Claire Few              00:59:36              122                 1st FV55-59
Kate Ruddock        1:00:08                 126
Jane Ainscow         1:12:20                169
Melody Gill              1:16:05                172

Vitality London 10K
Paul Treadwell was the sole BRJ’er amongst the 13,533 finishers. He completed the course, which passed a number of London’s major historic landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral & Big Ben, in a time of 00:49:20 in position 3,306 about 1 Min outside his Club PB.

Milton Keynes 1/2 Marathon
A total of 1,557 competitors successfully completed this 1/2 Marathon which was run in hot conditions. Gez Baker, hampered by tight Hamstrings over the final 4 miles, led home the BRJ squad in position 1,106 in 2:16:19. He was followed home by Melanie Gearing (position 1,300 in 2:32:47) & Anna Best (1,384 in 2:39:12).

Milton Keynes Marathon
John Parker was the sole representative of the Club of the 1,350 finishers in position 672 in a time of 4:09:02. John’s Club Marathon PB was set over the same course back in May 2018 & despite the hot conditions on the day, John secured a new Club Marathon PB by a margin of 8 Secs. His Age Graded Score counting towards the 2022 Running Championships was 53.69%.