5th July


Marriotts Way Trail Marathon
3 BRJ’ers participated in this “Out & Back” trail event. The “Marriotts Way” Heritage Path follows the route of 2 disused railway lines between Aylsham & Norwich and is named after William Marriott, Chief Engineer & Manager of the former Midland & Great Northern Railway. There were 76 finishers. Stats for our finishers were:-

Belinda Parker, position 63 in 5:19:13
Sue Yendley, position 64 in 5:19:13 (1st FV55-59)
Georgina Godby, postion 74 in 6:21:52

Fen Gallop 10K (Willingham)
3 BRJ’ers were among the 288 finishers that successfully completed this local race. The first club member home was Tom Brand in position 120 in a time of 00:54:07. It was great to see Alex Howard’s name re-appear in race results following a period of injury. Alex finished in position 191 in 00:59:58 with Claire Few (position 192) who had completed a full Marathon for a School charity with Kate Ruddock the previous weekend.

Holkham 10K
Rae Maynard & Kelly Robinson were among the 399 finishers. Rae finished in position 268 in a time of 1:03:52 & Kelly in position 297 in 1:06:25.

Living Sport Peterborough 10K (Ferry Meadows)
Melanie Gearing was the sole BRJ entrant of the 102 finishers finishing in position 86 in 1:10:43.

Suffolk Trailfest 10K (Thetford Forest)
Heledd Marshall-Roberts & Rebecca Carmody completed this trail race, which was over a distance slightly more than the 10K advertised. Heledd finished in position 28 of the 163 finishers in a time of 00:49:34 securing 3rd place in her Age Category. Rebecca finshed in position 82 in 1:06:16.


Discovery Open Water Kids Triathlon (Chelmsford)
Harrison Pearson completed in the Tristar 2 event, comprising a 300 Metre Swim, 5K Bike & 1.8K Run, Harrison finished 4th overall (3rd boy) of the 25 finishers in a time of 00:26:14. His individual stats were:-

Swim – 00:07:23
T1 – 00:00:26
Bike – 00:10:52
T2 – 00:01:28
Run – 00:07:09

Outlaw (Holkham Hall) 1/2 Distance Triathlon
BRJ’ers, Louise Clinton & Stuart Hathaway were 2 of the 1,407 finishers, Stuart finished in position 398 in 5:32:31 & Louise in position 1,373 in 7:55:33. Their individual stats were:-

Stuart Louise
Swim (1.9K) 00:41:13 00:49:09
T1 00:02:57 00:06:25
Bike (90K) 2:57:47 3:36:04
T2 00:01:50 00:27:16
Run (21K) 1:48:37 2:56:26

IRONMAN UK Triathlon (Bolton)
The many months of training certainly paid off for Sajan Kholsa as he successfully completed his debut club IRONMAN Triathlon. The weather conditions were not favourable as torrential downpours made the bike phase treachorous in places. Despite this additional challenge and the hilly Bike & Run courses, Sajan finshed in position 817 of the 1,092 finshers in a magnificant time of 14:49:15 & well within the 17 hour limit necessary to be classified as an “IRONMAN”. His individual stats were:-

Swim (2.4 Miles) – 1:26:44
T1 – 00:14:17
Bike (112 Miles) – 7:34:20
T2 – 00:13:58
Run (26.2 Miles) – 5:19:59

The Bastion Ironman Distance Triathlon (Hever Castle)
Simon Moore completed this Ironman distance Triathlon at the iconic Hever Castle, a former home of Anne Boleyn. Simon finished in 17th position of the 68 finishers in a time of 13:09:27. Simon secured 2nd place in his Age Category. His impressive individual stats were:-
Swim (3.8K) – 1:14:50
T1 –                 00:09:03
Bike (180K) –   6:35:09
T2 –                  00:07:09
Run (42K) –      5:03:13

13th July

Jubilee Junior 2K Parkrun 
After a short break, Christopher Scott returned to Jubilee Park, winning the event and also securing a 8 second club PB, his 3rd PB of 2021 to date.
London Vitality 10K 
This event is usually staged in Central London but due to Covid restrictions this “London” event was held in the grounds of Hatfield Park. A total of 1,436 finishers completed this undulating course.
Alice Edwards finished in position 421 in a time of 00:52:55 followed by Juliet Aungier in position 765 in 00:59:47, her time representing a club PB of 3 Mins 57 Secs compared to the time set at June 2021’s Peterborough Midsummer 10K, her 2nd club PB of 2021.
Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon
In their second Ultra of the year, Belinda Parker & Sue Yendley  successfully completed the Non-Stop option in the Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon. The event starts from Lewknor, nr Thame, Oxfordshire running West for 100KM (62 Miles) along The Ridgeway, Britain’s oldest path. The elevation along the route was 3,704 feet. Key waypoints include Waylands Smithy, the Uffington White Horse & Barbury Castle finishing at the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. Ot the 1,285 finishers, Belinda Parker finished in position 872 in 17:55:07 & Sue in position 873 in 17:55:11.
Stewartby Lake Standard Distance Triathlon
Tim Legge was the sole club participant finishing in position 26 of the 64 finishers in a time of 2:17:54. His stats were:-
Swim – 00:24:54
T1 – 00:00:55
Bike – 1:02:44
T2 – 00: 0:51
Run – 00:48:26

19th July


Durham City 5K
As part of his training for his debut Marathon in October’s London Marathon, William Dales participated in the Durham City 5K. The course runs through the city centre meaning it was narrow, twisty & very undulating. Despite these challenges, William finished in 7th position of the 393 finishers in a time of 00:17:35, just 5 secs shy of his current club PB that he set as a Junior member in May 2018’s Fulham Place Parkrun.

Man versus Lakes (Lake District)
On the hottest day of the year so far, a mixed BRJ team competed in this Multi-Terrain / Multi-Discipline event. The event started at Morecambe Bay with a walk (wade) across the infamous Morecambe Sands & after lots of climbing on the Fells & some Kayaking on the Lake, ended 30 Miles later at Coniston, an overall ascent of 4,200 feet.

Individual finish times were:-

Claire Few – 10:18:13
Emma Figures – 10:17:52
Jacqui Moore – 10:03:13
Sue Ray – 10:03:10
Kate Ruddock – 10:19:49
David Thomas – 10:03:15

Welsh 1000m Peaks Race
Frank Holmes participated in the Long Challenge 32KM event which includes scaling the 5 highest mountains in Wales, an overall ascent of 2,800 feet across the route. The race starts from sea level at Conwy Bay & finished 32KM later at the summit of Snowdon. Frank successfully finished in 37th position in a time of 4:23:00.

27th July

Parkrun 5K
Parkrun has finally returned and saw BRJ’ers participating across the country at Huntingdon, Loch Neaton (Watton), Ludlow & Melton Mowbray, At Huntingdon, Karen Gilchrist secured herself a 1 Min 45 Sec Club 5K PB over the time she set over the same course on 28/09/2019. Anna Best, set a course PB, just shy of her Club 5K PB set at Folkestone Parkrun in February 2018.   Finally, after a delay of 70 odd weeks, Tom Brand finally managed to complete his 300th Parkrun.
Junior Parkrun 2K
New Junior BRJ member, Katie Lasseter, finished her debut Club run in 3rd place overall of the 75 finishers in the Jubilee Parkrun.
ASICS London 10K
A great  performance from Jessica Drylie-Barrett saw her secure her first sub-50 minute 10K (00:49:51 in position 1,632 / 7,924 finishers). Jessica smashed her previous Club PB set in June 2021 at the Peterborough Midsummer 10k by 3 Mins 56 Secs., her 2nd Club PB of 202.
Bedford Running Grand Prix 10K
Of the various distances on offer (5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, 16 Miles & 20 Miles), there was only BRJ interest in the 10K event. The 4 BRJ’ers were lead home by Alex Mitton in position 27 of the 135 finishers in a time of 00:42:48, 10 Secs shy of his Club 10K PB. Alex finished 1 position & 1 sec ahead of Paul Mitton. The remaining club finishers were Richard Orrell (00:46:49 in position 42) & Alison Orrell (00:48:11 in position 49). Alison took the Gold medal in her Age Category.

3rd August

Parkrun Junior 2K

3 BRJ’ers were among the 82 finishers in the Jubilee Parkrun. Freya Harris, finishing in 5th position, secured herself an 8 Sec Club 2K PB over the time she set at this course in October 2017. New member, Amy Lasseter, made her club 2K debut.
Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Parkruns at Harwich, Holkham, Keswick, Sheringham, Whittlesey & Wimpole Estate. No Club 5K PB’s were secured at these events. For the remaining Parkruns, the following club achievements were recorded:-
Braunstone  –  Christopher Scott achieved a 1 Min 6 Sec Club PB, his 4th of 2021
Huntingdon –  New members Kim Olivier, Claire Pearce & Kirsten Smith all made their club 5K debuts, with William Dales & Keelan Duffy, both training hard for their debut Marathons in London, secured course PB’s
South Manchester –  Rebecca Ainscow achieved a 2 Min 37 Sec Club PB whilst brother Matthew, secured a course PB
Storey’s Field (Madingley, Cambridge)  –  In this inaugural Parkrun, Stuart Ainsworth achieved a 27 Sec Club PB
London Landmarks 1/2 Marathon
Rae Maynard & Melanie Gearing were amongst the 11,005 finishers in this race which started in The Strand & then circulated around Westminster & the City of London taking in iconic landmarks such as the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral & the Tower of London. The race ended near Downing Street with Rae finishing in position 6,407 in a time of 2:23:48, just outside her current Club 1/2 Marathon PB, & Melanie in position 8,222 (2:38:55).
London Landmarks 1/2 Marathon
Rae Maynard & Melanie Gearing were amongst the 11,005 finishers in this race which started in The Strand & then circulated around Westminster & the City of London taking in iconic landmarks such as the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral & the Tower of London. The race ended near Downing Street with Rae finishing in position 6,407 in a time of 2:23:48, just outside her current Club 1/2 Marathon PB, & Melanie in position 8,222 (2:38:55).
Alongside Rae Maynard & Melanie Gearing, Paul Treadwell also completed the event finishing in position 2,042 in a time of 1:51:07, just over 1 Min outside his current Club 1/2 Marathon PB.
Conquer the (Rockingham) Castle Relay
The event is based around the number of undulating 5K laps of the grounds of Rockingham Castle, built on the orders of William the Conqueror, that an individual (Solo), or relay team of up to 4 persons, could complete within 6 hours. In the relay event, there were 3 teams comprising a mix of BRJ / Non-BRJ Members, entitled Karen Ives, Chloe Wilson & Ian Wilson.
  • Team Ian Wilson, comprising Marc Cattrall, Nicki McMahon & Ian were the top dogs finishing in 1st position overall of the team finishers in a time of 6:14:38 having completing 14 laps. The remaining teams were:-
  • Team Chloe Wilson (Jessica Barrett-Drylie, Tony Farrow, Rob Murray & Chloe) – Completed 12 laps in 5:59:21 finishing in 7th position.
  • Team Karen Ives (Amy Dixon, Dan Dixon, Neville Dixon & Karen) – Completed 12 laps in 6:26::51 finishing in 12th position.
In the solo event, Melanie Wiffin was the outstanding performer completing 11 laps in a time of 6:28:57 finishing in 1st solo place of the 22 competitors. Melanie finished 1 lap ahead of the leading Male runner & 2 laps ahead of the runner-up Female.

11th August

Parkrun Junior 2K
BRJ Juniors were only in action at Jubilee Park with Amy Lasseter completing 2K Parkrun #25 & Freya Harris #75.
Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Ferry Meadows & Storeys Field. At Huntingdon, Claire Pearce secured herself a 42 second Club 5K & making their Club 5K debuts were Kags Alexander-Cahill, Jessica Barrett-Drylie, Debbie Simcock, Paul Treadwell & Chloe Wilson.
Paul Treadwell & Felicity Baillie both reached Parkrun milestones by completing Parkruns #100 & #150 respectively. Our unluckiest athlete was Karen Gilchrist who exactly matched her current BRJ 5K PB.
There were 3 BRJ Parkrun debuts, these being at Bolberry Down, Marlborough (Alice Noyes), Ford, nr Ulverston (Claire Ashton) & St Mary’s, Bridport by Anna & Clive Best/
Bedford Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
There were 2 BRJ participants in this rain affected event. Christopher Osborne ran a superb race to take the runner-up position, just under 2 minutes behind the overall winner. Christopher finished in a time of 2:12:26 in position 2 of the 113 finishers & 1st in his age category. Stuart Hathaway finished in 2:42:47 in position 41.
London Triathlon (Standard Distance)
David Ward successfully completed the Standard distance event, the course stating & finishing in the Docklands and then comprising a sight-seeing tour of London. The event was well organised, but was very crowded. For all 3 phases, they were undertaken in wet & windy conditions & apparently the water in the Docklands was none too tasty! David finished in a time of 2:27:04 in position 195 of the 429 finishers.
St Neots Triathlon Series (Race 1)
The Race comprised 3 different distances, Super Sprint, Sprint & Standard. 6 BRJ’ers tackled these events in wet and windy condition & a river temperature of 19 degrees.
Super Sprint   –  Paulus Maukonen narrowly missed a bronze medal podium place. Despite the handicap of wearing a trisuit held together by a safety pin when the zip busted open before the start (too many pies…. his own words!), he was first out after the swim phase and held off his pursuers until the bike dismount line, but conceded 3 places on the run to finish 4th overall of the 24 competitors and top of his Age Category. Jessica Barrett-Drylie, finished just 1 position ahead of Kags Alexander-Cahill with both taking a top 10 finish. Kim Olivier successfully completed her debut Triathlon, a great achievement considering her initial reluctance to participate in the BRJ’s Open Water swimming.  Our Sprint results were:-
4.   Paulus Maukonen         00:38:34   1st in Age Category
9.   Jessica Barrett-Drylie    00:43:44.  1st in Age Category
10.  Kags Alexander-Cahill  00:45:28   2nd in Age Category
24.  Kim Olivier                    1:25:21.    1st in Age Category

Sprint – Rachel Hodge finished in a time of 2:20:26 in position 88 of the 90 competitors and 2nd in her Age Category.

Standard –  Gilles Corby, finally back in action after a lengthy period of injury, completed the distance in a time of 2:51:51 in position 45 of the 85 finishers.

Rutland Water Open Water Swim
Linda Crook successfully completed the 2K event from Whitewell to Normanton, the strong winds making the swim challenging at times. Linda finished in position 149 of the 209 finishers in a time of 1:03:44.

16th August


Junior Parkrun 2K
Katie Lasseter was the sole BRJ participant completing in a Junior Parkrun (Jubilee Park), finishing just shy of her current Club 2K PB.
Parkrun 5k
There were BRJ returns to Parkrun’s at Ferry Meadows, Paris (Bois De Boulogne), Whittlesey & Wimpole Estate. No Club 5K PB’s were secured.
At Millennium Country Parkrun (Forest of Marston Vale), Claire Pearce secured a 9 Sec Club PB, her 3rd in consecutive weeks,
At Huntingdon, runner-up William Dales secured a 23 Sec Club PB which represented further evidence that training for his Marathon debut in October’s London Marathon is going to plan. William’s new time (00:17:07) puts him in 6th place in the “All Time Fastest BRJ Senior Men over 5K”, just 12 Secs behind 5th place Alan Hannibal’s time of 00:16:55 set back in 1994 at the Oundle Classic.
Also PB’ing was Jessica Barrett-Drylie with a 4 Min 16 Sec improvement. Junior member Amy Lasseter made her Club 5k debut.
Finally, there were BRJ Parkrun debuts at Bournemouth (Kags Alexander-Cahill securing a 1 Min 12 Sec Club 5k PB), Dishley, nr Loughborough (an 18 Sec 5K PB for Chloe Wilson) & Sheffield Castle (Nicki McMahon was 1st Female finisher in her Club 5K debut).
Kimbolton Castle 1/2 Marathon
3 BRJ’ers successfully completed the race held over an undulating course in warm & windy conditions. Nicki McMahon lead home the “BRJ 3” in position 74 of the 350 finishers in a time of 1:44:15, a couple of minutes off her current Club PB time. Heledd Marshall-Roberts, in her debut Club 1/2 Marathon & utilising the event as preparation for the London Marathon, finished in a time of 1:46:42 in position 83. Sue Yendley finished in 2:16:05 in position 266.

25th July


3rd September

Junior 2K Parkrun
Harrison Pearson & Jack Parker finished in positions 3 & 7 respectively at Jubilee Park. Both athletes secured new Club 2K PB’s, Harrison by 31 Secs & Jack by 29 Secs.
Parkrun 5K
The weekend saw returns to Parkruns at Ferry Meadows, Kettering, Severn Bridge & Sheringham. No PB’s were secured.
At Storeys Field, Paul Mitton secured a 5 Sec Club PB whilst in-form Keelan Duffy earned a 16 Sec PB. The latter represents a 4th Running PB of 2021, making Keelan a leading contender, alongside Paul Treadwell, in the Senior Men’s “Most Run PB’s of 2021” competition.
At Huntingdon, Felicity Baillie secured herself a 56 Sec Club PB, whilst Kevin Ryan  & new member Lisa Johnson both made their Club 5K debuts.
Finally, BRJ’ers made Parkrun debuts at Great Yarmouth North Beach (Harrison Evans) & Stretford Manchester (Russell Tuit).
Spitfire 10K London (RAF Hendon)
Paul Treadwell & Stuart Ainsworth were the sole BRJ competitors in this event that was staged from the RAF Museum, the site of the former RAF Hendon. Paul, who is training for the Berlin Marathon (26th September), finished his debut club 10K in position 39 of the 292 finishers in a time of 00:48:28. Stuart Ainsworth finished in position 162 in a time of 1:01:12, which was a Club 10K PB by 43 Secs over the time he set at Duxford 1 year ago. It is interesting to note that both Stuart’s 10K PBs were secured at former RAF airfields. On this basis, Stuart should consider signing up for the (RAF) Bassingbourne 10 Miler being held on the 28th November.
Lake Windermere Out & Back Swim
Despite very significant challenges & disruptions to her training programme, Sophie Etheridge successfully completed the Lake Windermere Out & Back swim. The event in Lake Windermere, the longest lake in the UK, covered a total distance of 22 Miles, a similar distance to a cross Chanel swim. Sophie completed the first 11 Miles in around 6 hours, however, on the return leg the wind had increased significantly creating choppy water conditions. Despite all of these factors, Sophie finished the event in 16 hours 41 minutes. A remarkable performance!

7th September


Parkrun Junior 2K
Jack Parker was the only Junior BRJ Parkrunner in action on Sunday, securing a 3 Sec Club PB at Jubilee Park.

BRJ’ers made returns to Braunstone, Felixstowe, Lands End, March, Salcey Forest, Salisbury, St Mary’s & Whittlesey. No PB’s were secured at these
venues. However, Club 5K PB’s were secured at Ferry Meadows (Kim Olivier by 3 mins 10 Secs) & Storeys Field (Chloe Wilson by 21 Secs).

Harrison Evans made a BRJ debut Wendover Woods.

At Huntingdon, 4 new PB’s were achieved which in order of merit were for Kevin Ryan (by 2 Mins 6 Secs), Paul Treadwell (by 2 Mins 2 Secs), Stuart Ainsworth (by 25 Secs) & Kags Alexander-Cahill (by 19 Secs).

London Summer Run 10K
Kelly Robinson braved the very hot & humid conditions in the “Smoke” & a lack of Water Stations. The race started in Trafalgar Square heading east through Central London and the City then heading back to the finish in Whitehall. Kelly finished in a time of 1:08:11 in position 3,307 of the 5,013 finishers.

Northstowe 10K
5 BRJ’ers competed in this inaugural local event run in hot conditions which had 213 finishers. The BRJ squad was led home by Alex Mitton in 19th position in 00:42:17, a new Club PB by 21 Secs. Alex finished just 1 place & 11 Secs ahead of Paul Mitton, but who secured the sliver medal in his age category. The remaining finishers were Richard Stevens (position 105 in 00:59:11), Claire Few (position 154 in 1:05:45) & Kate Ruddock (position 155 in 1:05:49).

Bedford Festival of Running
The Festival comprised a mix of distance events staged over 2 days. The races that featured a BRJ’ers were:-

Bedford Twilight 10K
Felicity Baillie, continued her current run of form by finishing as 2nd woman in 15th position of the 676 finishers in a time of 00:41:57. This was a new Club PB by 30 Secs, her 3rd of 2021, compared with the time set at Oundle in April 2020. Felicity’s new time makes her the 4th fastest Senior Woman in the Club’s “All Time Greats” list just 32 Secs behind former member Marcela Gracova.

Bedford Half Marathon
Alexandra Smart & Melanie Gearing were among the 698 finishers. Alexandra finished in position 339 in 2:11:17 & Mel position 590 in 2:43:43

Bedford Spring Half Marathon
Heledd Marshall-Roberts, in training for the London Marathon, led home the club contingent in position 86 of the 387 finishers securing a bronze age category medal. Joy Pollock, in her debut club run, finished in position 293 in 2:24:20. Unluckiest athlete, in her debut club 1/2 Marathon, was Rebecca Carmody. Sadly she was mis-directed by a Marshall about 2 miles from the finish meaning that she ran an additional 2 kilometres, finally finishing in position 352 in 2:43:44.

Milton Keynes (MK) Festival of Running
Like Bedford, the Milton Keynes Running Festival included a mix of distances, but all held on the same day. The races that featured a BRJ presence were:-

MK 10K
Anna Best finished in position 314 of the 537 finishers in 1:03:25 also securing the runner-up position in her age category.

MK Half Marathon
Keelan Duffy & Rob Farrant were the sole BRJ participants. Despite a long lay-off from competitive racing, Rob finished in 12th position of the 557 finishers in a time of 1:20:53 and was runner-up in his age category. Keelan Duffy, using the event as a further test ahead of his debut Marathon (London) finished in 20th position in 1:25:19 just shy of his current Club 1/2 marathon PB.

MK 20 Miles
John Parker completed his debut Club 20 miler in position 141 of the 338 finishers in 3:12:16.


Box End Standard Distance Triathlon
As part of his continued comeback following injury, Gilles Corby completed in this Bedford based Standard distance Euro qualifying event. Gilles finished in position 209 of the 316 finishers in 2:56:40.

13th September

Parkrun Junior 2K
Amy & Katie Lasseter were the sole BRJ’ers in Junior Parkrun action, both at Jubilee Park. Amy’s time of 00:10:01 represented a 16 Sec club 2K PB. This was Amy’s 3rd Running PB of 2021, placing her in joint 1st place alongside both Freya Harris & Katie Lasseter in the “Most Run PB’s of 2021” competition that concludes on the 31st December.
Parkrun 5K
BRJ’ers made returns to Parkrun’s at Alice Holt, Bideford, Ferry Meadows, Gorleston Cliff’s, Holkham, Irchester Country, Jesmond Dene, March, Sizewell, Wimpole Estate & Worsley Woods. No PB’s were secured at these venues.
At the flat Storeys Field venue, Chloe Wilson secured her 5th club Run PB of 2021, this time by a 14 Sec margin. This latest PB places Chloe as joint 1st placed Senior Woman alongside Jessica Barrett-Drylie in the “Most Run PB’s of 2021” competition. At Great Notley, Harrison Evans completed Parkrun #250.
Locally at Huntingdon, 3 new club 5K PB’s were secured which belong to Kevin Ryan (by 2 Mins 16 Secs & his 5th PB of 2021), Paul Treadwell (by 58 Secs & his 7th PB of 2021) & Sebastion Burley (by 17 Secs). Junior, Katie Lasseter made her Club 5K debut. Unluckiest athlete was Felicity Baillie who exactly matched her current Club 5K PB.
Heritage Centre 10K
The event took place within the grounds of the Shuttleworth Estate with 167 finishers. The BRJ’ers were lead home by Tom Brand in position 45 in 00:53:26 & Richard Stevens in position 78 in 00:59:19.
Great North Run (GNR)
To comply with the current COVID regulations the course for the 40th edition of the GNR was changed so rather than finishing on the seafront in South Shields it was, for 2021 only, a twisty, turny & more hilly “Out & Back” format, but traversing the iconic Tyne Bridge twice & finishing close to the start in Central Newcastle. The route for the Junior 4K was unchanged
Junior GNR 4K
Jack Parker, in his debit Club 4K finished in position 152 / 469 in the Boys 9-10 Wave in a time of 00:22:17.
GNR 1/2 Marathon
Six BRJ’ers were amongst the 30,947 finishers. The squad was lead home by Simon Moore, a frequent participant in the GNR, in position 1,078 in 1:32:49. The remainingg club finshers were:-
NAME                       TIME                POSITION
Kate Ruddock           2:13:26             15,544
Sue Yendley              2:13:26             15,547
Belinda Parker.         2:13:26              15,552
Juliet Aungier            2:14:52              16,152
The star club performer was Kelly Robinson whose finish time of 2:26:02, in position 20,330, was a club distance PB by 7 Mins 40 Secs.
MK Twin Lakes 20 Miles
Keelan Duffy, in his debut club 20, put in a spectacular performance to finish in 10th place of the 373 finishers in a time of 2:15:44. Keelan was runner-up in his age category. This result should give him great confidence ahead of his forthcoming debut over the Marathon distance in London.
Keelan’s 20 Mile time places him as the 8th fastest Senior Man in the BRJ “All Time Greats” list just 2 Mins 11 Secs behind the time set by Tony Cotton back in 1991 at Bury. However, given that Tony is now in his 80’s, I suspect that Keelan will surpass Tony’s PB at some time in the future. It was also Keelan’s 5th PB of 2021 putting him in joint 2nd place alongside Kevin Ryan in the PB’s competition, just 2 PB’s behind current Men’s leader, Paul Treadwell.
St Neots Triathlon (Race 2)
BRJ’ers were in action in the Super Sprint & Sprint distances.
Kags Alexander-Cahill completed the race n 7th position of the 27 finishers in a time of 00:42:39 & 2nd in his Age Category.
David Ward was 17th of the 104 finishers in 1:25:37

21st September

Junior Parkrun 2K
At Jubilee Parkrun, Freya Harris took the overall win 1 place ahead of runner-up Katie Lasseter. Katie secured a 5 Sec Club 2K PB.
A  late result from the previous weekend. The day after his debut run in the Great North Run Junior 4K, Jack Parker competed in the Prudhoe Riverside Junior Parkrun 2K. His time of 00:08:57 was a new Club 2K PB by a margin of 25 Secs. This was Jack’s 4th Run PB of 2021 making him joint Junior Boys leader, alongside Christopher Scott, in the “Most Run PB’s of 2021” competition.
Parkrun 5K
Alice Noyes made a Club debut at the Ross-on-Wye Parkrun.
There were BRJ returns to Dalby Forest, Ferry Meadows, Soham Village College, Whittlesey & Woodhouse Moor. No Club 5K PB’s were secured at these venues.
Club 5K PB’s were secured at Holkham (David Charman by 7 Secs) & Rob Farrant at Storeys Field (by 23 Secs). Rob’s first sub-17 Min 5K, puts him in 5th position in the BRJ Senior Men’s “All Time Greats” list over 5K, some 16 Secs behind 4th placed Darren Preston.
At Huntingdon, Sara Graham-Clare missed a Club PB by just 3 Secs & Jane Ainscow completed Parkrun #75.
Rutland Water 1/2 Marathon
Following the sudden cancellation of a 20 Mile event intended to form part of their training for October’s York Marathon, Annette & David Newton, along with Amanda Roland-Convey, completed this local event run over an undulating trail route which had 320 finishers. Both Annette & David secured Gold Medals in their respective Age Category.
The individual results were:-
61 –   David Newton – 1:45:49
91 –   Amanda Roland-Convey – 1:51:35
100 – Annette Newton – 1:52:08
2 late results from new member, Stephen Rochford: –
London Big 1/2 Marathon (22 August 2021) – Position 3,876 / 9,745 in 1:52:54 (Debut Club Run)
Bedford 1/2 Marathon (5 September 2021) – Position 148 / 702 in 1:54:20
Box End Spring Triathlon
A late result from 4 September, where Stuart Hathaway finished in position 107 of the 207 finishers in 1:22:34.
Grafham Water Standard Distance Triathlon
2 BRJ’ers were among the 45 finishers. Lead club member was Stuart Hathaway in 9th position in 2:24:40. Joanna Watts, in her debut Triathlon, finished in 40th position in 3:05:38. Her finish time would have been sub-3 but came to the aid of a fellow competitor that had sustained an injury during the bike phase. Both Stuart & Joanne secured podium Age Group positions, which were 3rd & 1st places respectively.
Weymouth 1/2 (70.3) Ironman 
Because of the limited opportunities to compete during COVID, this event was only open to Age Group entrants. Fran Francis, in her debut 1/2 Ironman, successfully completed  the 70.3 distance in position 939 of the 1,472 finishers in a time of 6:25:25.
Fran’s stats were:-
Swim – 00:44:05
T1. –  00:06:58
Bike. –  3:06:07
T2. –  00:03:11
Run. –  2:25:06
Grafham Water 3K Swim
Sophie Etheridge completed the 3K in 6th position in a time of 00:53:56. This represented a 17 Min PB compared to her last race over this distance in 2019. Sophie was 1st in her Age Group.
London Swim Serpentine (2 Miles)
Linda Crook & Colin West completed the 2M swim in Hyde Park’s  Serpentine Lake.. Of the 1,608 finishers, Colin was in position 1,244 in 1:32:51 & Linda 1,570 in 2:12:47.
Wild River Wye 7K Swim
Alice Noyes successfully complete this 7KM swim along the River Wye, starting at Kerne Bridge & finishing at Huntsham near Symonds Yat. The event was not officially timed.

28th September

Junior Parkrun 2K
Katie Lasseter was the only BRJ Junior in action across all Junior Parkrun events. Katie competed at Juliee Park finishing just outside her current Club 2K PB.
Parkrun 5K
There were BRJ returns to Irchester Country, Pocket, Sixfields Upton & Woodhouse Moor, No PB’s were secured at these events. At Mura di Luca (Italy), Anna Best secured a 10 Sec Club 5K PB. Much nearer to home, Stuart Ainsworth earned a 1 Min 14 Sec Club PB at Storeys Field, his 4th of 2021.
Ainslie & Tracey Bousfield made a BRJ debut at the Maldon (Essex) Prom Parkrun. Finally at Huntingdon, Kags Alexander-Cahill earned a 41 Sec Club PB (#4 of 2021) & Alex Mitton completed his first event as a Senior member.
Cambourne 10k
5 BRJ’ers successfully completed the event, usually held in April. There were 273 finishers. Alison Orrell secured the silverAge Category position, whilst Ian Smurthwaite made his Club 10k debut. The individual results were:-
Name                           Time          Position  
Mark Elliott                  00:42:00.       26
Richard Orrell              00:49:40.       82
Alison Orrell                 00:51:08.       93
Caroline Smurthwaite  00:57:58.       165
Ian Smurthwaite           00:58:02.      166
Grantchester 10k
Ruth Foster completed this charity event in a time of 00:48:20 in 44th position  (4th female finisher).
Northampton 1/2 Marathon
As part of a personal challenge to run 50 1/2 marathons, Melanie Gearing run this local race. Mel completed the race in a time of 2:32:03 in position 456 of the 488 finishers.
Robin Hood 1/2 Marathon
The long established Nottingham 1/2 & full Marathon both disappeared from the Road Running fixture list back in 2019, but the 1/2 was resurrected in 2021. Kathryn Heath was the sole BRJ entrant of the 3,867 finishers in a time of 2:39:25 in position 3,367.
Berlin Marathon
The runners would not have not expected a Europe wide heatwave & having to endure temperatures of around 26 degrees. Even the elite field was affected by these conditions, with the overall winner only securing a pedestrian 2:05 finish. The course record of 2:01:39 was set here in 2018.
Sadly, the German COVID regulations saw charity places being cancelled meaning that Nicki McMahon had to defer her entry to 2022, leaving just 2 BRJ’ers in the field of 16,731 finishers.
Marco Wassersleben is a regular competitor in the event. position 9,335 in a time of 4:12:58. Paul Treadwell, in his club debut marathon, finished in position 11,322 in 4:29:25. It was worthy to note that even in these difficult conditions his time to complete the second half was only marginally slower than the first.
Great Yarmouth Sprint Triathlon
Paulus Maukonen took part in the Great Yarmouth Sprint Triathlon. The swim was over in record time thanks to a strong tide; but it was followed by a long sandy run to transition. Paulus set a very competitive cycle pace, but found himself wondering where the other sprint distance competitors were, and why he still wasn’t back in Great Yarmouth after 32KM – turns out he missed a turn and ended up cycling the standard distance route! He finished the event in 1:42:44 in position 60, but sadly about half an hour later than expected. Oh well, it must have been nice to be beside the seaside.
Great Yarmouth Standard Distance Triathlon
Thankfully, in the Standard distance event Stuart Hathaway did not encounter directional issues. Stuart completed the event in position 14 of the 48 finishers in a time of 2:07:30 taking the silver medal in his Age Group.