Jubilee Park Junior 2K Parkrun
Christopher Scott led home the 85 participants, his finish time of 00:07:39 represents a new club 2k PB by 9 secs. Christopher’s 2nd PB of 2021.
Peterborough Midsummer 10K (Ferry Meadows)
On the hottest day so far in 2021, 892 runners including a large group of BRJ’ers, finished this race which circulated the lakes at Ferry Meadows, but finish in a different location from the start to comply with COVID regulations.
The BRJ squad was led home by the in-form Keelan Duffy, just shy of his current club PB. Our leading lady was Alice Synge,
5 BRJ’ers, all relatively new members, made their club 10K debuts (Juliet Aungier, Jessica Barrett-Drylie, Rebecca Carmody, Jonathan Eason & Kevin Ryan).
Despite the hot conditions, 3 BRJ’ers managed to secure club PB’s:-
Heledd Marshall-Roberts – by 16 Mins 26 Secs since September 2020’s Duxford Dash
Nicki McMahon – by 3 Mins 15 Secs since December 2019’s Grafham 10K
Anna Best – by 30 Secs since the December 2018’s Grafham 10K
Additionally, Anna Best, Heledd Marshall-Roberts, Annette Newton, David Newton & Alison Orrell all secured Age Category podium positions.
Race: Peterborough Midsummer 10K     Date: 13/06/21   Nos of Finishers: 892
Position Name Time Age-Grade % Notes
54 Keelan Duffy 00:39:50 N/A
161 Alex Mitton 00:45:37 N/A
190 Alice Synge 00:46:37 N/A
195 Jim Hopkins 00:46:44 N/A
232 David Newton 00:48:17 N/A 2nd MV70-74
234 Heledd Marshall-Roberts 00:48:20 N/A PB & 3rd FV35-39
244 Richard Orrell 00:48:43 N/A
252 Nicki McMahon 00:48:47 N/A PB & 3rd FV35-39
292 Paul Mitton 00:50:22 N/A
302 Alison Orrell 00:50:43 N/A 3rd FV55-59
362 Annette Newton 00:52:30 N/A 1st FV65-69
390 Tom Brand 00:53:25 N/A
403 Jessica Barrett-Drylie 00:53:47 N/A Debut Club 10k
426 Kevin Ryan 00:54:20 N/A Debut Club 10k
486 Simon Lumley 00:56:04 N/A
578 Gerard Baker 00:59:26 N/A
602 Richard Stevens 01:00:38 N/A
631 Anna Best 01:02:08 N/A PB & 3rd FV65-69
669 Juliet Aungier 01:03:44 N/A Debut Club 10k
713 Rebecca Carmody 01:06:25 N/A Debut Club 10k
767 Melanie Gearing 01:09:29 N/A
795 Jonathan Eason 01:11:34 N/A Debut Club 10k
800 Katherine Ireson 01:11:58 N/A
Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon
Andrew Skea set himself a massive personal challenge by competing in this extreme Triathon based in & around the Lochs & Mountains of Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands. The 3 events cover an ascent of 4,000 metres overall.
The Triathlon starts with a 3.4K swim in Loch Sheildog. The race distance used to be 3.8K but even with the affects of Climate Change / Global Warming the temperature of this Loch was becoming increasingly cold so the decision was taken a few years ago to slightly reduce the race distance.
The bike phase constitutes a distance of 202K including an overall ascent of 2,000 metres over 2 of the 282 Scottish Mountains known as the “Munro’s” i.e. over 3,000 feet (915 metres) in height. The run phase is the traditional full marathon distance of 42K.
Andrew finished in position 62 of the 104 finishers in an overall time of 15:55:32. His individual stats were:-
Swim – 00:59:40
T1 – 00:11:17
Bike – 6:54:16
T2 – 00:11:34
Run – 7:38.45
A fantastic achievement!

19th-21st June

Jubilee Park Junior 2K Parkrun
For the 6th time in 8 weeks Christopher Scott led home the field, missing his club  PB by 9 secs.
Sandringham 1/2 Marathon
3 BRJ’ers (Clare Few, Kate Ruddock & Alexandra Smart) were among the 901 runners that completed this twisty course through the grounds of Sandringham Estate.
Their finishing positions / times were:-
534 – Alexandra Smart, 534, 2:10:08
713 – Kate Ruddock – 2:24:47
714 –  Clare Few – 2:24:47
Former BRJ member, David Hudson, took the overall race win and received his prize from Prince William, no less.
“Run to the King” Ultra Marathon
In her debut Ultra, Felicity Baillie successfully completed the “Run to the King” Ultra Marathon. The race was run over a distance of 53 miles starting in Arundel running Westwards along the South Downs, finishing at Winchester Cathedral. The overall ascent was 5,015 feet. Felicity completed the event in position 178 / 394 (15th Female) in a time of 11 Hrs 3 Mins & 28 Secs equalling a 12 Min / Mile pace.
“The Wall” Ultra Marathon
Simon Lumley, Annette Newton & David Newton successfully completed this Ultra Marathon. The event was run over a distance of 70 miles starting at Carlisle Castle & heading Eastwards along Hadrian’s Wall to Gateshead (Baltic Square) in sight of the iconic Tyne Bridge. The nature of the terrain & the potential weather conditions meant that each participant had to carry essential personal survival equipment, food & water.
Their finish time was 18 Hrs 12 Mins. For those interested, the winner completed the 70 miles in 9 Hrs 59 Mins & 32 Secs with the last finishers time being 25 Hrs


Box End Standard Distance Triathlon (Bedford)
David Ward was the sole BRJ’er competitor finishing in position 34 / 121 in an overall  time of 2 Hrs 37 Mins & 46 Secs
David’s individual stats were:-
Swim – 00:28:54
T1 – 00:01:38
Bike – 01:15:58
T2 – 00:00:58
Run – 00:50:20
Box End 1500M Swim
Colin West & Linda Crook competed in the 1500M swim, the recent heavy rainfall meaning that the current in the River Great Ouse was much stronger than normal. Despite this handicap, they finished in times of 53 Mins 2 Secs & 1 Hr 1 Min & 32 Secs respectively, both securing top spot in their Age Category.

21st – 28th

Flaming June 1/2 Marathon
Paul Treadwell finished in position 84 of the 184 finishers. His time of 1:50:00 represented a new club PB by 6 Mins 29 Secs compared with his time from the Hertfordshire 1/2 Marathon of 6 June.

Milton Keynes 1/2 Marathon
Gerard Baker finished in a time of 2:14:39 in position 761 of the 1,072 finishers.

Race to the Castle Ultra Marathon
John Parker was the sole BRJ participant in this trail Ultra which was 100K (62 Mile) in length starting in Kirkharle (Newcastle) & finishing 100k (62 Miles) later at the iconic Bamburgh Castle on the Northumbrian coast. The course had an overall ascent of 2,280 feet. John elected to run the Non-Stop, instead of the 2 day event, successfully finishing in position 193 / 568 in a time of 14 Hrs 50 Mins & 59 Secs.

Marriotts Way Trail Marathon
Georgina Godby, Belinda Parker & Sue Yendley finished this trail marathon. Results awaited.