Open water swim sessions

BRJ open water swim sessions start at 6pm until 7.30pm on  The last Friday of April and will run every Friday evening until the first Friday in September (weather permitting). Swim sessions will take place at Hinchingbrooke Park main Sports Lake next to the water sports centre.


The swim sessions are for members only, details of membership can be found on main page of BRJ website.  You will be issued with a membership card which you should take to the lake each time you want to swim.

Take your time to read the code of conduct  as it has vital information relating to the open water swim sessions to ensure that you have a safe and pleasurable experience.
The swim sessions are not coached sessions and you swim at your own risk. You must be a competent swimmer and capable of swimming 750 meters nonstop.

Wetsuits and brightly coloured swim hats are compulsory.

To make the most of your session we suggest practising some of the drills below:

Swimming in small groups and drafting, Deep water starts and mass starts.

Sighting and navigation and Fast wetsuit removal.

For directions to Hinchingbrooke Park please see website below.

For more information or questions please contact Andy on