Multi Sport Championships

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Multi Sport Championship Rules

The Format

Multi-sport events cannot use the same schema as the running championship without becoming incredibly complex and very difficult to manage.

• A simplified points-based method will be used that captures the athlete’s performance in the context of the event.
• Standard gender/age grouping will be used
• Separate triathlon and duathlon championships will held.
• A set of prescribed events, representing a mixture of triathlon (or duathlon) distances will be used for the championship.
• Like the running championship, the BRJ athlete must participate in a prescribed minimum number of events and the overall championship will use the 3 best scores over the season

• Scoring will be based on the athlete’s performance in the event in their given age/gender category.
• Points will be awarded based on whole numbers and the percentile in which they finish. 
• The championship will be based on the three best scores achieved over the season.
• Scoring is as follows:

Top 20 Percentile of your age/gender group = 10 points
Second 20 Pct = 8 points
Third 20 Pct = 6 points
Fourth 20 Pct = 4 points
Fifth 20 Pct = 2 points
2 bonus points are awarded if the BRJ member wins the age/ gender group for the event
1 bonus point will be awarded to the top BRJ member in the age/gender group


  • Compete in four races of either Triathlon or Duathlon ( you cant mix and match but you can do both ie 8 races)
  • That a minimum of two races must be from the specified club championship list - attached
  • You can do all four races from the specified list or any combination as long as the minimum two is achieved to qualify
  • Any races outside of the specified club championship list must have independent verifiable results. ie website

Triathlon Championship Races

Date Event Distance Pool/Lake? Manager Qualifier Location
23-Apr Duston Triathlon  Sprint Pool Just Racing    northampton
7 May Pitsford Triathlon  sprint Pool     Brixworth, Northants
7-May St Neots Triathlon Event 1 Std, Spr, SupSpr River Nicetri ITU and Tri England  St Neots
14-May Monster Mojito Standard /Middle Lake     Grafham
21 May Grafman Middle Distance Middle Lake Nicetri   Perry
11-Jun Peterborough City Triathlons Sprint / Std       Peterborough
25-Jun St Neots Event 2  Std, Spr, SupSpr River Nicetri   St Neots
02 Jul Bedford Super Sprint 2 Super Sprint Pool     Bedford
16-Jul Pitsford Tri         Brixworth
23-Jul Kimbolton Castle Pool Triathlon sprint Pool Nicetri  Champ and League Kimbolton 
30 Jul Cambridge Standard Distance Tri Standard      league Cambridge
6 Augl anglian Water Standard Tri Std  Lake    Champ and league Perry
20-Aug Monster Middle and Standard Mid + Std River Monster racing  League Ely 
03-Sep St Neots Race 3 Std, Spr, SupSpr River Nicetri  league St Neots
17-Sep Newmarket Autumn Supersprint Tri  super Sprint       league newmarket
24 Sep Bedford Tri 3 supersprint Pool Galeforce   Bedford 
19-Feb Anglian Water Duathlon Event 1 Std + Spr   Nicetri   Perry
26 Feb Monster Duathlon sprint   Monster Racing   Ely
12 Mar Mud and Mayhem Duathlon         Thetford
2 Apr PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon          Castor, Peterborough
09-Apr Bedford Autodrome Duathlon 2017 British Duathlon Championships         Bedford
15 Oct Bedford Autodrome Duathlon 2018 ETU Duathlon Championships         Bedford
21 OCt BRJ Sprint, Standard and Junior Sprint + Std + Junior  To be confirmed Chip timining   Alconbury