UCI world amateur road race

BRJ Take on the Worlds

After qualifying in June's Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo, members Simon Moore and Richard Wareham headed to Aalborg to take part in the UCI Cycling Tour Finals. If you're not sure where Aalborg is, it's a small town in Northern Denmark. 


The road race was a gruelling 164.8km, about 100 miles. With over 1200 riders competing from 48 nations. The men went off in ten minute intervals and in five year age groups. Richard and Simon were in the 40 to 44 group. 


The race started and finished in Aalborg and was one lap through the beautiful Danish countryside. Richard described the course as, 'The Fens with hills, and even more wind' Thankfully, the rain from the day before subsided and race day was dry and sunny. 


Simon Moore  Race Number - 364  Finishing Time - 5:00:18

Richard Wareham  Race Number - 448  Finishing Time - 5:04:24

Full results are available here

Well done to both! Simon and Richard are pictured with David Watson of Coventry Road Club who finished in 4:13 in the 45 to 49 age group  


Next year's world final takes place early September in Perth, Australia. 

The 2016 Tour of Cambridgeshire is being held on 4th and 5th June 2016. Both the Tour of Cambridgeshire and the Worlds consist of a time trial and road race. Find out more about the Tour of Cambridgeshire here. 

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