Race Week One Sunday 24th May- Saturday 30th May

The BRJ Lockdown Relay

We're off on the Lockdown Relay. 

As you can see we have had a fantastic response from everyone in the club. I hope everyone enjoys the chance to run together while staying apart. Eleven teams have entered. They are: 

Goddy Gliders ( Team Captain Alice Noyes)

Best Team ( Club Captain Anna Best)

Alconbury Pacers ( Team Captain Tony Farrow)

RAAAAY's Rockets ( Team Captain Alison Orrell)

Happy Hartford Rainbows ( Team Captain Emma Figures)

Rookie Runners( Team Captian Michelle Sutherland)

Park Racers ( Team Captain Philip Graham Clare)

The Outsiders ( Team Captain William Dales)

Thomas Terriers ( Team Captain David Thomas)

Long Path Lopers ( Team Captian Paulus Maukonen)

The In Betweeners ( Team Captain Sara Graham Clare)

Runners need to complete the first of the 5K races along the race route set by the team captain before the end of the race week ( Saturday 30th May). Send your race time to the team captain who will collate them and send them on to the Race Director. The results will be sendt to all particpants and posted here and on Facebook.

Run well stay safe Good Luck

David Newton


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