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Junior Success at Brackley Triathlon

Our Juniors had a brilliant race at Brackley Junior Triathlon on Sunday 13th September. This triathlon was a longer distance than standard junior triathlons. The Tristar 2 race was a 200m swim, 4km bike and 1.8km run. In contrastthis is longer than a Just Racing Tristar 3 race and significantly longer than their Tristar 2 races which are only 150m, 2.4km bike and 1.2km run.

Beatrice Pauley was first girl overall in Tristar 2, Lucia Mosca was fifth girl and Lilly O'Dell seventh girl in the same race. Edward Cochrane was fifth boy in Tristar 2 and fifth overall. Livio Mosca had a great race in Tristar 1 and was sixth boy and sixth overall. They all performed exceptionally well and again, did the club proud.

Results are here.

Further information about the triathlon is here.



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