BRJ Equinox 24 hour race

24 Hour Running People at Equinox

BRJ were well represented at the recent Equinox24 Relay event with four teams of eight entered. The teams were, BRJ Superheroes, BRJ Incredibles, BRJ Eat Sleep Run Repeat and BRJ Incredible Divas.


We pitched up on Friday and set about making sure our city of canvas was positioned with a suitable location for supporting runners from our 'disco tent'. Essential pre-run hydration was shared Friday night over a BBQ whilst teams swapped run strategies and compared fancy dress. On Saturday morning we participated in some Parkrun tourism and paid Melton Mowbary a visit where we were made to feel most welcome. Then it was back to Belvoir Castle for the main event and at midday the running commenced.


Each team had to have a runner on the course at all times and coordinate themselves to ensure everyone was in the right place at the right time. This continued throughout the night with runners grabbing sleep between laps, when they could, despite the best efforts of the rather vocal sheep, cockerels and hunting hounds!


In total, the teams accumulated 91 laps equaling 564 miles including 91 struggles up 'that hill' and an 'incredible' mass team finish for all. As always, with this type of event, the positivity and support shared both amongst the BRJ members big and small and for the other runners out on the course did BRJ proud. So if anyone fancies a fun filled weekend of camping with friends, with a little bit of running thrown in, then come join us next year, we have already got our earlybird entries in!


Find out more about the race here


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