Great Notley parkrun #105

Saturday, June 11, 2016 - 09:00

Great Notley parkrun

Great Notley Country Park Braintree, Essex CM77 7FS
United Kingdom
5 Km

This is a two lap, anti-clockwise, course made up of mostly gravel tracks and grassy sections. Whilst the course is predominantly flat, there is a hill at the start of the second lap. The course starts near the café and the water play area and takes you North towards the Flitch Way, then follows the path around the back of the hill then leaves this outer path and takes you down the main path through the middle of the park.

At the end of this main path turn left, continuing to follow the signs will take you over the double back “lakes” bridge and then you’ll need to cross a grassy section and onto a track that will take you around the picturesque fishing lakes at the southernmost reaches of the park. Turning right at the top of the lakes will take you on a track back up to the central field running around the edge will lead you back to the start area (through the narrow “bridge sections” runners must run in single file and wherever possible keep to the left and/or avoid other park users).
The second lap starts with a run over the top of our hill with a great view of the park and surrounding area, then back down and south again through the middle of the park. The atmospheric finish funnel lies under the watchful eye of the café amongst some conveniently placed picnic benches where scanning takes place.

It’s worth noting that the park itself has a large selection of outdoor play equipment, activities and climbing areas scattered throughout and whilst the runners won’t have time to be playing with this on their run it’s well worth going for a bit of an explore with the family afterwards!
During our wetter months the park can get particularly wet and muddy in sections and runners are advised to dress appropriately. You should only run in these conditions if you are experienced and are able to do so. This course is not appropriate for push chairs or wheel chairs.