Fell Foot parkrun #135

Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 09:00

Fell Foot parkrun

Fell Foot Park
Newby Bridge
Windermere, Cumbria LA12 8NN
United Kingdom
5 Km

Fell Foot parkrun is an undulating multi surface figure of 8 with the top loop again to finish. Starting off on grass just below the main car park you set off and at the crossroads turn sharp right to head towards the lake and then sharp left at the foot of the hill to head out towards the meadow. Keep left on the way out to the meadow to avoid those who may be leaving. Once through the manned gate you turn right and follow the mown path round the perimeter of the wild flower meadow. Back out through the gate and keeping left until you reach the shore of Lake Windermere and onto gravel paths and heading towards the shop and cafe. Once past these you bear right and head up on tarmac to the top road, then turn right You now continue along until you meet a signposted fork which will send you back down onto the gravel path and out for you final loop of the meadow. You’ll come along the shore of the Lake Windermere with the stunning views but this time come off onto the right for a grass finish.