Club charity

Every year BRJ endeavours to raise money for a chosen charity. This charity is chosen from a list submitted by our members and voted on by all members at the AGM.

Charity 2017/18

Carers Trust Cambridgeshire is a registered charity, supporting Young Carers across Huntingdonshire to get respite from their caring role. Our support includes  trips and activities during holidays and support groups during term-time.

Who are Young Carers?
A young carer is a young person, under the age of 18, who has a caring responsibility. This is usually for a family member, who has a disability, long-term illness, mental illness (including depression, anxieties) or drug/alcohol substance misuse. When young carers reach the age of 16, they can also access support through our Young Adult Carers projects.

We work in local schools and colleges as well as in the community offering support to 317 Young Carers  and their families across Huntingdonshire. All our young carers support in Huntingdonshire is made possible by the generosity of charitable funding.

We provide support through:
Term-time community groups and school groups
Holiday activities & trips
1:1 support
Online support
14-16 transition plans
We also work with young carers through the “My Life Now” individual assessment and planning tool, created by Carers Trust.

Please donate to the Carers Trust Cambridgeshire through this link:


Last year's charity was Papyrus - if you still have money to pay in please use the link below.

The chosen charity for 2016/17 was Papyrus. Papyrus exists to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives by shattering the stigma around suicide and equipping young people and their communities with the skills to recognize and respond to suicidal behaviour.

  • PAPYRUS believes that many young suicides are preventable
  • PAPYRUS believes that no young person should suffer alone with thoughts or feelings of hopelessness
  • PAPYRUS believes that no one should have to go through the heartbreak of losing a loved one to suicide  Papyrus
  • PAPYRUS believes that everyone can play a role in preventing young suicide.

Please donate on line at