Three Generations Open Water Swim at Hinchingbrooke Country Park

Three generations of the same family took to the waters of Hinchingbrooke Country Park Lake the other week confirming the popularity of triathlons and open water swimming to all ages.


I spoke with Adam Boon and his son George about their open water swimming and the previous week when they had been joined by Adam's father Tim Boon, as they all swam together at the BRJ Run and Tri Open water training session in the main lake at Hinchingbrooke Country Park. Showing that open water swimming which is part of the clubs triathlon training session has a multi-generational appeal. Indeed it was typical of the BRJ group as a whole, as young and old shared the pleasure of open water swimming. Tim Boon was unable to make the swim when I visited but should be back in the coming weeks.


Last week was George's first open water swim. "It was harder this week" said 11 year old George, but he still enjoyed it. "It was choppy this week" added Adam. Last week when all three swam together it was calm and still and though it was about 13C both weeks in the water, 11 year old George felt it was colder last week.


Adam said they are hoping to all enter the Henley Mile event. "They have a junior half mile swim, and it would be great if we could all swim it together" said Adam " I have two brothers, it would be good to rope them in too. A big family swim."


For Adam it is the swimming that interests him the most and the chance to swim in open water in such a beautiful setting is quite rare. He did once swim the water leg of a triathlon as part of the team, but has no plans to compete in a triathlon whereas young George said he would really like to do a triathlon. I watched as they were out in the water for sometime swimming the clockwise course marked by red buoys. It was quite windy creating the choppy waves, and not making it the easiest swim ever. So, George certainly has the swim leg of any triathlon under his control.


Swimming is actually not permitted in the lake but BRJ Run and Tri have special permission to swim in the lake on Friday evenings throughout the summer months and as Adam said "it is all very professional, it's really well run."


Jackie Wren who is the Triathlon coordinator at BRJ said "We have a very good relationship with the Park Ranger and also with the Huntingdon Canoe Club, who give up their free time every Friday as an extra safety measure at our swim sessions."


"We would like to promote the fact that swimming and triathlon has no age barrier - young or old and would like to encourage some more veterans to join as well as a few more juniors." Said Jackie.


All three generations of the Boon family plan to be back again in future weeks to swim together again. Let hope the water warms up a bit though.


Nick Bradford