Pudding Fun-draiser's a Hoot

On a very blustery Saturday morning, BRJ fielded three teams in the inaugural Christmas Pudding Race in Cambridge, in aid of Cancer Research UK. The race was more a bit of fun than the “proper” running we are used to, nonetheless we took our racing seriously and went dressed as Super Heros and the Cat in the Hat and her Things.

We had to endure obstacles including limbo under a string of balloons, climbing through a hula hoop, putting a bauble on a Christmas tree, running through a slalom course and then finally climbing through a bouncy castle tunnel which contained a high wall to get over and then a slide at the end, whilst all the time carrying a Christmas Pudding on a tray! Unfortunately the two Super Hero teams weren’t so Super on the day and missed out on a Final place, mainly due to Ironman losing his pudding in the tunnel and the girls just generally having an off day! The Cats and Things team though took it all the way to the final, but unfortunately couldn’t quite get their hands on the trophy. They did however win the team with the best costume! Well done BRJ, what a laugh!