Our Junior Triathlon Champions

BRJ's junior triathletes had an outstanding weekend at the Duston triathlon in Northampton. Our juniors were competing against more than 350 young triathletes from all over the Eastern region and beyond. Your juniors got 5 top three places out of just 10 entrants with an amazing two juniors winning their age triathlon Championships.


Dominic Pauley and Jodie Elliott were both crowned Duston 2014 Triathlon Tri Start champions comfortably winning their age/gender categories. Dominic even said just moments after finishing “That was great, can I do another lap?” such was his enthusiasm for the event. Incredibly, both were competing in their first triathlons.


The three other podium performances were from Oliver Wood who again in his first Triathlon finished second against far more experienced triathletes. Speaking to him afterwards he said he thought he had more in the tank. As it was his first triathlon he wasn't sure how he would feel and so saved himself in the earlier stages and could of gone faster. Next time Oliver. Madeleine Todd and Lauren Elliott both finished third in their age categories.


There were also top 10 finishes for Beatrice Pauley (4th place), Daniel Moore (7th Place) and Emily Wake-Primett (8th place), Isabelle Moore finished 11th and Ed Cochrane came 25th rounding out a truly memorable day for the Huntingdon club. Bea just missed the third place spot by 4 seconds.


These fantastic results are all the more remarkable when you consider the junior running section has been running properly for less than a year and the junior triathlon section is even younger.


Our Juniors Coach Andy said “for me yesterday is why I coach. It was great to see them all doing so well and enjoying it.” One of the key things for the BRJ juniors is the great team spirit, with juniors cheering and encourage their team mates both before and after their own runs.


BRJ's triathlon future looks to be bright with such a good crop of young athletes both enjoying the event and performing so well.