Negative Split: “Band on the Run?”

There had been some talk for some time during club runs and social bike rides about having a jamming session between guitarists (there are always more guitarists than actually needed in a band).
But things only started getting serious when Bren Vaughan and Maureen Wickson took matters into their hands and quickly a group of BRJ’rs was assembled in Bren’s study room one weekend in November 2014 as the running season was winding down. Ideas were exchanged, killer riffs were skilfully delivered and a preliminary song list was agreed.

The first rehearsal took place in Bren’s lounge on December 7th with Maureen, Bren, Nick Bradford, Jez Bottley, Martin Wren, Ant Richardson and Gilles Corby and soon Negative Split was born, with its distinctive sound taking shape. The objective was simple: provide musical entertainment for BRJ events and it appeared logical that the Negative Split could become the musical arm of BRJ’s charity initiatives. Sadly Ant had to pursue other priorities but the rest soldiered on from rehearsal to rehearsal.

Hence 6 months later Maureen on bass, Jez on drums, Gilles, martin & Bren on guitar (what did I tell you about always finding more guitarists than actually needed?) and Nick on Vocals took the stage of Ellington Village Fair by storm, effectively stopping the rain with a sensational set list mixing songs from the last 3 decades.

After this baptism of fire, Negative Splits are ready to turn it up to eleven and collect more money for BRJ’s designated charity.

Below are some early rehearsal pics!

Early rehearsals

Early rehearsals