Jackie and Martin: Hunting the dragon

Jackie and Martin Wren completed the Dragon Seeker 60K (37 mile) Ultra run.  This forms the final stage of a longer run from Twickenham, London to Cardiff which is held over two days with over 40 teams competing. Running alongside this is The Dragon Seeker 60K which only had 28 entrants (19 finishers) - so not many!

The 28 entrants were ferried by coach from Cardiff to the old Severn Bridge and then had to navigate back to Cardiff using the maps provided.  Competitors had to carry various supplies and there were 7 checkpoints on the way which all had a tasty range of food/drinks and much needed cheers from marshals and supporters.  The terrain was fairly flat (given that it was in Wales) but it was mainly off road on fields/paths/bridleways only running on roads on the approach to Cardiff.   

Jackie says, “At mile 18 the reality that we weren’t even half way really hit us and that was mentally hard to overcome.” However, they pushed on and managed to complete the event comfortably within the 10 hours cut off time. Their overall time was 9 hrs 11 minutes with an actual running time of 8 hrs 22 minutes. The final runner came in at 9:25 with an untimed runner after that.

For Martin who is relatively new to running this is the biggest running challenge he has completed. He wonders “Did we enjoy it? – well I’m not sure enjoy is the right word but we are both very pleased to have ticked that off the list of things to do.

Asked if they would do another one they said, “At the moment our answer would be no…………………but never say never!!”

Their verdict  “Overall this is a lovely low key event with good organisation, a lovely medal and a hoodie for all finishers so if anyone is looking for an ultra then we would definitely recommend it.”