Folksworth 15

 Mel and Sue celebrate finishing the 15 miles of sun hills and ice that was the Folksworth 15 on Sunday 19th January. They are well on their way to the big fundraising race that is the London marathon. Just eleven more miles Mel! But the weather was kind to the 462 runners who completed the hilly 15 mile race at Foksworth.  David Hudson finished in second place in 1 hour 20 minutes 3 seconds. Although slightly slower that last year's winning perfromance he was pleased with his perfromance. Annette FV65; (2 hours 6minutes 2 seconds)  and David Newton MV70 ( 1 hour 56 minutes 5 seconds)   collected prizes for age category wins. Other BRJ finishers included:

Kevin Claypole (1:38:04) Neil Jarvis (1:42:0) Ian Shipley (1:53:5) Hannah Brikell (1:56:3) Melanie Whiffin (1:58:2)  John Parker (1:58:3) Anna Douglas (2:01:03) Thomas Mann (2:05:0) Alison Orrell ( (2:06:05) Jane Roberts (2:07:05) Alice Edwards (2:09:03) David Charman ( 2:11:02) Cheryl Hannibal (2:25:02) Jeremy Bottley (2:39:03) Melanie Gearing ( 2:53:01) Sue Yendley (2:53:01)