Congratulations to our new Club champions

Well done to Roger and Annette who took the Platinum award and are now our club champions for 2012. Roger took the Tony Cotton Shield, and Annette the Esther Cotton Shield.

Ladies Club Champions

1st Annette Newton
2nd Jackie Wren
3rd Esther Cotton

Mens Club Champion

1st Roger Holliday
2nd Steve McNicoll
3rd Daniel Avondoglio

The early leaders, Sarah Hall, Sarah Louise (Lashes) Hall and Sue Yendley were overtaken by the top 3 ladies towards the later part of the year and their overall dominance was apparent.This is the very first year since I launched this competition in 2008 that any Lady has secured a Platinum award. The standard was so high this year that both the winner and runner-up achieved the 75% + level to earn this level. 
The ultimate winner of the Men's championships had been the leading contender for the majority of the year, however, the outcome of this championship was only decided at the Ely 10k on the 31st December when Darren Preston, the championship's "Back-to-Back winner in both 2010 & 2011, was unable to compete because he had other pressing family commitments. Darren therefore became 1 of the 20 members that only logged 5 qualifying events mentioned above. 
I know that that the Men's runner-up will be particularly pleased with the result given that he finished outside the medals in both 2010 & 2011, although in both years he secured an age category wins.

Others receiving medals were:
Age Category Winners
Senior   Daniel Avondoglio 367.99   Sarah Hall 323.05
35-39   N/A     Samantha Brown 292.05
40-44   Roger Holliday 386.70   Yvonne Homewood 315.55
45-49   Gilles Corby 357.59   Jackie Wren 384.88
50-54   Steve McNicoll 368.12   Alice Noyes 280.76
55-59   Nil     Annette Newton 386.23
60-64   Nil     Nil  
65-69   Nil     Esther Cotton 348.47
70-74   Tony Cotton 331.52   Nil  


Other categories:
Most prolific runner - Lady - Sue Yendley - 53 races
Most prolific runner - Man - Roger Holliday - 52 races
Most club personal bests - lady - Annette Newton
Most club personal bests - Man - Roger Holliday